Books on history of mathematics, science and technology

Burckhardt, J. J.; Fellmann, W. & Habicht, W. Leonhard Euler Beiträge zu Leben und Werk. Gedenkband des Kantons Basel-Stadt. Birkhäuser, 1983, HB.

Burgess, Barbara. Adding an Historical Perspective to 'A' Level Mathematics. Belfast Teachers' Centre at Queen's University, Belfast, nd [c1990?].

Bürgi, Joost (or Jost) (1552 1632) – see: Schroeter;

Buridan, John – see: Dales;

Burke, James. Connections. The Book of the BBC Television Series. Macmillan, (1978), PB, 1981.

Burstall, Aubrey F. A History of Mechanical Engineering. Technology Today and Tomorrow. Faber, 1963, HB.

Burton, Anthony. Remains of a Revolution. Photos by Clive Coote. (Deutsch, 1974); Cardinal (Sphere), 1975.

Burton, Richard Francis (1821 1890) – see: de Iongh & Troughton;

Busbridge, Ida W. Oxford Mathematics and Mathematicians. Oxford Math. Soc., 1974.

Butler, Stella V. F.

Science and Technology Museums. Leicester Museum Studies Series, Leicester University Press, Leicester, 1992, HB.

Atoms, Energy and Industry: Two Centuries of Manchester Science. For the 30th Congress of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemists, Manchester, 1985, 28pp + covers.

Butler, Stella & Divall, Colin. Walks around Manchester's Industrial, Technological & Scientific Past. Greater Manchester Museum of Science and Industry, nd [c1990?].

No. 1: University/Business School – Castlefield – St. Peter's Square. 12pp + covers.

No. 2: St. Peter's Square – Albert Square – St. Ann's Square – Victoria Station – Shude Hill. 8pp + covers.

No. 3: Oldham Road – Rochdale Canal – UMISTYLE="– Business School. 8pp + covers.

No. 4: Manchester University, Its Scientific and Technological Past. 12pp + covers.

Butler, William. Arithmetical Questions, on a New Plan; intended to answer the double purpose of Arithmetical Instruction and Miscellaneous Information. Designed for the Use of Young Ladies. By the late William Butler. Edited by his son-in-law, Thomas Bourn. The Twelfth Edition, with Additions By George Frost, Teacher of Writing, Arithmetic, and Geography. For the Proprietors, London, 1838, HB.

Butterfield, Herbert. The Origins of Modern Science 1300-1800. G. Bell, (1949), 2nd ptg, 1950, HB. Revised and enlarged, (1957), 2nd ptg, 1958, HB.

Buttmann, Günther. The Shadow of the Telescope. A Biography of John Herschel. (1970); trans. by B. E. J. Pagel, ed. by David S. Evans, Lutterworth Press, Guildford, 1974, HB.

Butzer, Paul L.; Jongen, H. Th. & Oberschelp, Walter, eds. Charlemagne and his Heritage 1200 Years of Civilization and Science in Europe: Vol. 2 Mathematical Arts; Brepols, Turnhout, 1998, HB. (Proceedings of: Colloquium Carolus Magnus - 1200 Jahre Wissenschaft in Zentral-Europa, Aachen, Mar 1995.)

Buxton, Harry Wilmot. Memoir of the Life and Labours of the Late Charles Babbage Esq. F.R.S. Edited from the MSS and annotated by Anthony Hyman. Charles Babbage Institute Reprint Series for the History of Computing, Vol. 13. MIT Press and Tomash Publishers, Los Angeles, 1988, HB.

Buys Ballot, C. H. D. – see: Bottema et al.

Byers, Anthony. Centenary of Service A History of Electricity in the Home. Electricity Council, 1981.

Cabot, John & Sebastian – see: Foot;

Caisse nationale des monuments historiques et de sites / Éditions du patrimonie.

Postcard of Marie Curie in her laboratory, photo by Henri Manuel, c1920. 1995.

Postcard of Pierre and Marie Curie. PAN 0006. 1996.

Postcard of Foucault's pendulum in the Panthéon in c1997. PAN 0001. 1997.

Postcard of Paul Langevin. PAN 0011. 1996.

Postcard of Jean Perrin. PAN 0010. 1996.

Postcard of Voltaire's tomb in the Panthéon with statue attrib. to Houdon. 75-005-126.

Caius, John (1510 1573) – see: O'Malley;

Cajori, Florian (1859-1930).

A History of Elementary Mathematics. Macmillan, (1896); revised and enlarged 2nd ed, (1917), 2nd? ptg, 1927, HB.

A History of Mathematical Notations.

Vol. I Notations in Elementary Mathematics. Open Court, (1928); PB ed, 1974.

Vol. II Notations Mainly in Higher Mathematics. Open Court, (1929), 3rd ptg, 1952, HB.

A History of Mathematics. (©1893; Macmillan, NY, 1895; 2nd ed, 1919); 3rd ed, slightly revised, Chelsea, 1980, HB.

A History of Physics. (1898); revised and enlarged, (Macmillan, 1929); Dover, 1962.

A History of the Logarithmic Slide Rule. (Engineering News Publishing Co.) IN: W. W. R. Ball et al.; String Figures and Other Monographs; Chelsea, (1960 – BNC69), 1969, HB.

Calandri, Filippo.

Aritmetica. From Codex 2669, Biblioteca Riccardiana di Firenze. (c1500). Edited by Gino Arrighi. 2 vols.: colour facsimile, HB; transcription of the text, PB; in a card box. Edizioni Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, Florence, 1969. (The given name is sometimes spelled Philippo.) Also: another working copy of the text volume; present from G. Manco. (Copies of the text volume which are not part of the 2 volume set have 8 colour pages inserted, but the copy that came in the set does not have these pages.)

Una Raccolta di Ragioni dal Codice L. VI. 45 della Biblioteca Comunale di Siena. c1500. Ed. by D. Santini. Quaderni del Centro Studi della Matematica Medioevale, No. 4, Univ. di Siena, 1982.

Calandri, Pier Maria. Tractato d'Abbacho dal Codice Acq. e doni 154 (sec. XV) della Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana di Firenze. c1480. Edited by Gino Arrighi. Testimonianze di Storia della Scienza, No. 7. Domus Galilaeana, Pisa, 1974. Present from Domus Galilaena via C. Viola.

Calder, Nigel. The World in 1984. [A series published in New Scientist, 1964.] 2 vols, Penguin, 1985. [Contributors include: B. V. Bowden; W. M. M. von Braun; A. Briggs; N. Calder; J. D. Cockcroft; C. S. Cockerell; A. C. Hardy; H. Hartley; F. Hoyle; D. G. King-Hele; J. Lederberg; M. J. Lighthill; E. A. Link; J. Littlewood; R. Maheu; H. S. W. Massey; A. McLaren; N. A. Mitchison; A. Oppenheim; F. Press; C. Price; I. I. Rabi; H. Read; R. Revelle; J. Rotblat; A. Salam; A. L. Samuel; B. F. Skinner; O. G. Sutton; G. P. Thomson; A. R. Todd; C. H. Waddington; N. Wiener; M. V. Wilkes; J. Yudkin; V. Zworykin.]

Calder, Ritchie.

The Life Savers. Pan, 1961.

Science in Our Lives. (1954); Signet, 1955.

Calinger, Ronald, ed.

Classics of Mathematics. (Moore Publishing, 1982); P-H, 1995.

Vita Mathematica Historical Research and Integration with Teaching. MAA Notes and Reports Series 40, 1996. Present from CUP for refereeing a MS.

Calvert, H. R. Astronomy 1: Globes, Orreries and Other Models. Science Museum Illustrated Booklet. HMSO for Science Museum, 1967.

Cameron, Hector Charles. Sir Joseph Banks. Angus and Robertson, Sydney et al., (1952), 2nd ptg, 1966, HB.

de Camp, Lyon Sprague (1907-2000). The Ancient Engineers. (1963??); PB ed., MIT Press, 1970.

Campbell, Norman. What is Science? (Methuen, 1921.) Dover, 1953.

Canby, Courtlandt.

A History of Flight. New Illustrated Library of Science and Invention, No. 2, Leisure Arts Ltd, London, 2nd British ed., 1965, HB.

A History of Rockets and Space. New Illustrated Library of Science and Invention, No. 1, Leisure Arts Ltd, London, 1964, HB.

A History of Ships and Seafaring. New Illustrated Library of Science and Invention, No. 3, Leisure Arts Ltd, London, 3rd British ed., nd [c1966?], HB.

Canby, Edward Tatnall. A History of Electricity. New Illustrated Library of Science and Invention, No. 6, Leisure Arts Ltd, London, 1964, HB.

Cane, Philip. Giants of Science. Ill. by Samuel Nisenson. (Grosset & Dunlap, 1959); Pyramid Books, NY, 1961.

Canfora, Luciano. The Vanished Library. (Sellerio, Palermo, 1987.) Translated by Martin Ryle. Hutchinson, (1989), Vintage edition, 1991.

Cannell, (Doris) Mary (1913-2000).

George Green Miller and Mathematician 1793-1841. City of Nottingham Arts Department, Nottingham, 1988.

George Green Mathematician and Physicist 1793-1841 The Background to His Life and Work. Athlone Press, London, 1993, HB.

Canon Inc. Canon F-602 [pocket calculator] Instructions [in five languages]. Canon, 1990.

Cantor, Georg (1845-1918) – see: Ashurst; Kertész.

Cantor, Moritz.

Mathematische Beiträge zum Kulturleben des Völker. (H. W. Schmidt, Halle, 1863); reprinted by Olms, 1964, HB.

Vorlesungen über Geschichte der Mathematik. Teubner, uniformly bound, HB. Dates taken from Vorworts. I: 4th ed., 1906, reprinted, 1922; II: 2nd ed., 1899, reprinted, 1913; III: (1898); 2nd ed., 1901; IV: 1908.

Cantù, M. C. & Bonelli, Maria Luisa Righini. Gli Strumenti Antichi al Museo di Storia della Scienza di Firenze. Arnaud, Florence, 1974.

Cardano, Girolamo = Cardanus, Hieronymus = Cardan, Jerome (1501-1576).

(De Vita Propria Liber. Completed 1575. Paris, 1643; Amsterdam, 1654; Lyons, 1663.) Translated by Jean Stoner as: The Book of My Life. Dent, 1931, HB.

The Book on Games of Chance. See: Ore.

The Great Art or The Rules of Algebra. (Originally: Artis Magnae sive de Regulis Algebraicis Liber Unus; Joh. Petreium, Nuremberg, 1545; with additions from the 1570 and 1663 editions.) Translated and edited by T. Richard Witmer. Foreword by Oystein Ore. MIT Press, 1968.

SEE ALSO: Bortolotti; Fierz; Ore; Wykes.

Cardwell, D. S. L. The Organisation of Science in England. Heinemann, 1957, HB.

Carey, John, ed. The Faber Book of Science. Faber, 1995.

Carlyle, Thomas – see: Legendre;

Carnot, Lazare Nicolas Marguerite (1753-1823) – see Arago;

Carothers, Wallace – see: Plastics and Rubber Institute;

Carrington, Hereward. Astronomy for Beginners. Little Blue Book No. 895. Haldeman-Julius, Girard, Kansas, 1925.

"CARROLL, LEWIS" [pseud. of Charles L. Dodgson] (1832-1898).

The Diaries of Lewis Carroll. Edited by Roger Lancelyn Green. (OUP, 1954); 2 vols, Greenwood Publishers, Westport, Connecticut, 1971, HB.

The Letters of Lewis Carroll. Edited by Morton N. Cohen with the assistance of Roger Lancelyn Green. Volume One ca.1837 - 1885; Volume Two 1886 - 1898. Macmillan London, 1979, HB.

The Lewis Carroll Picture Book. Ed. by Stuart Dodgson Collingwood. (T. Fisher Unwin, London, 1899); Collins, London, nd [c1900], HB. Lacking pp. 231-232. (Retitled: Diversions and Digressions of Lewis Carroll, Dover, 1961). Retitled: The Unknown Lewis Carroll, Dover, nd [1970s?].

Lewis Carroll – Victorian Photographer. Introduction by Helmut Gernsheim. T&H, 1980.

Lewis Carroll's Diaries The private journals of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) The first complete version of the nine surviving volumes with notes and annotations by Edward Wakeling. Introduction by Roger Lancelyn-Green. The Lewis Carroll Society, Publications Unit, Luton, Bedfordshire, HB. [There were 13 journals, but 4 are lost.]

Vol. 1. Journal 2, Jan-Sep 1855. 1993, 158pp.

Vol. 2. Journal 4, Jan-Dec 1856. 1994, 158pp.

Vol. 3. Journal 5, Jan 1857 - Apr 1858. 1995, 199pp.

Vol. 4. Journal 8, May 1862 - Sep 1864 and a reconstruction of the four missing years,

1858-1862. 1997, 399pp.

Vol. 5. Journal 9, Sep 1864 - Jan 1868, including the Russian Journal. 1999, 416pp.

Vol. 6. Journal 10, Apr 1868 - Dec 1876. 2001, 552pp.

Vol. 7. Journal 11, Jan 1877 - Jun 1883. 2003, 606pp.

The Selected Letters of Lewis Carroll. Ed. by Morton N. Cohen. Papermac (Macmillan), 1982.

SEE ALSO: Collingwood; Corke; Judges; Manley; M. O'Neill; Pudney; Scientific American;

Carruccio, Ettore. Mathematics and Logic in History and in Contemporary Thought. Translated by Isabel Quigly. Faber, 1964.

Carslaw, Horatio Scott. Non-Euclidean Plane Geometry and Trigonometry. (Longmans, Green & Co.) IN: W. W. R. Ball et al.; String Figures and Other Monographs; Chelsea, (1960 – BNC69), 1969, HB.

Carter, D. C. & Wain, G. T. References of Use to Teachers of Mathematics. Centre for Studies in Science Education, Univ. of Leeds, Leeds, 1974. (There was a Supplement No. 1, 1978.)

Carter, John & Muir, Percy H. Printing and the Mind of Man. Originally the catalogues listed under anonymous, then separated and expanded by Carter & Muir in 1967. Second Edition, with a new Introduction by Muir, additional bibliographies by Peter Amelung and a revised Index. Karl Pressler, München, 1983. 424 items, 58 + 280 pp, HB in card case.

Cartwright, Edmund (1743-1823) – see: IME;

Casey, John (1820-1891) – see: Houston;

Caskie, Jaquelin Ambler. Life and Letters of Matthew Fontaine Maury. Richmond Press, Inc., Richmond, Virginia, 1928, HB.

Caspar, Max. Kepler. Translated by C. Doris Hellman. Abelard-Schuman, NY, 1959, HB.

Cassels, J. W. S. Louis Joel Mordell 1888-1972 Elected F.R.S. 1924 [cover has 1934, corrected to 1924 by hand]. Biog. Memoirs of Fellows of the Roy. Soc. 19 (Dec 1973) portrait facing p. 493 & pp. 493-520. Separately reprinted with covers. With photocopy of Times obituary of 14 Mar 1972 inserted. Probably a present from Cassels.

Cassini, Jean-Dominique (= Gian-Domenico) – see: de Fontenelle.

Caunter, C. F. The History and Development of Cycles as illustrated by the collection of cycles in the Science Museum. HMSO for Science Museum, (1955); updated by P. L. Sumner, 1972.

Caveing, Maurice – see: Noël.

Cavendish, Henry (1731-1810). Experiments on Air. Papers published in the Philosophical Transactions by the Hon. Henry Cavendish, F.R.S. (1784-1785). Alembic Club Reprints – No. 3. The Alembic Club, Edinburgh, 1899, HB.

SEE ALSO: A. J. Berry; Brougham; A. B. Griffiths; Olby;

Cavendish, William, 7th Duke of Devonshire (1808-1891) – see: Crowther; E. Larsen; A. Wood;

Cayley, Arthur (1821-1895) – see: Ashurst; Harré; MacFarlane;

Cayley, George – see: Fairlie & Cayley; Rivett & Matthew;

Ceram, C. W. [pseud. of C. W. Marek?]. Archaeology of the Cinema. T&H, TP lacking, so date unknown [c1960?], HB.

Ceruzzi, Paul E. A History of Modern Computing. MIT Press, (1998), 3rd ptg, 1999, HB.

Chabert, Jean-Luc, ed. A History of Algorithms From the Pebble to the Microchip. (As: Histoire d'Algorithmes. Du caillou à la puce; Éditions Belin, Paris, 1994.) Translated by Chris Weeks. Springer, 1999. [Authors include: Évelyne Barbin; Jean-Luc Chabert; Jean-Claude Martzloff.]

Chace, Arnold Buffum, ed. The Rhind Mathematical Papyrus Free Translation and Commentary with Selected Photographs Transcriptions, Transliterations and Literal Translations. (MAA, 1927 29); revised, Classics in Mathematics Education series, no. 8; National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Reston, Virginia, 1978, HB.

Chadwick, Edwin – see: M. Brown, Shearman & Gill; Meneces;

Chalmers, Alan F. (1939- ). What is This Thing Called Science? An assessment of the nature and status of science and its methods. (University of Queensland Press, 1976); Open University Press, Milton Keynes, 1978, boarded, possibly by a library.

Chalmers, T. W. Historic Researches Chapters in the History of Physical and Chemical Discovery. (Originally a series of 38 articles in The Engineer, 1944-1948.) Morgan Brothers, London, 1949, HB. Signature of T. A. Chalmers on flyleaf.

Chaloner, W. H. & Musson, A. E. Industry & Technology. A Visual History of Modern Britain. Vista Books, London, 1983, HB.

[Chambers, Robert]. Arithmetic. Theoretical and Practical. New Edition. Part of: Chambers's Educational Course – edited by W. & R. Chambers. William and Robert Chambers, London and Edinburgh, nd, [1870 written on fep], HB. [Though there is no author given, Wallis 242 CHA is the same item, attributed to Robert Chambers, with 1866 on the fly-leaf.]

Chancellor, John. Charles Darwin. (Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1973); Taplinger Publishing Co., NY, 1976, HB.

Chant, Colin, ed. Sources for the Study of Science, Technology and Everyday Life 1870-1950. Volume 2: A Secondary Reader. H&S in cooperation with the Open Univ., 1988. SEE G. K. Roberts for vol. 1.

di Chapelani, Piero Jachomo (di Antonio). Libro del Arixmetricha e Zemetria. 1464. MS 1612 in Biblioteca Universitaria at Bologna. See: Uri.

Chaplin, Maud H.; Webster, Eleanor R. & Widmayer, Dorothea J. A Viewer's Guide to The Ascent of Man Written and Narrated by Dr. Jacob Bronowski. Wellesley College, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 1975. FILED at Bronowski.

An Introduction. Revised ed.

Program Four: The Hidden Structure.

Program Nine: The Ladder of Creation.

Program Ten: World within World.

Program Eleven: Knowledge or Certainty.

Program Twelve: Generation upon Generation.

Chapman, Colin R. How Heavy, How Much and How Long? Weights, Money and Other Measures Used by Our Ancestors. Lochin Publishing, Dursley, Gloucestershire, (1995), slightly revised, 1996.

Chappell, Metius. British Engineers. Britain in Pictures Series. Collins, 1942, HB.

Charles II – see: H. Hartley;

Chase, Gene B. & Jongsma, Calvin. Bibliography of Christianity and Mathematics: 1910-1983. Dordt College Press, Sioux Center, Iowa, 1983, 73pp.

du Châtelet, Emilie de Breteuil, Marquise (1706-1749) – see: Osen;

Chattopadhyaya, Debiprasad P. & Kumar, Ravinder. Mathematics, Astronomy and Biology in Indian Tradition Some Conceptual Preliminaries. Vol. 3 of: PHISPC Monograph Series: History of Philosophy, Science and Culture in India. Project of History of Indian Science, Philosophy and Culture, New Delhi, 1995, HB. Contains the following.

Chattopadhyaya; D. P. Science, Technology and Their Human Roots.

Bhargava, Pushpa M. & Chakrabarti, Chandana. The Scientific Temper and the Scientific Method in

Science in India through History, with Special Reference to Biology.

Raju, C. K. Time in Indian and Western Traditions and Time in Physics.

Sinha, D. K. Ethnomathematics: A Philosophical and Historical Critique.

Bag, A. K. Mathematical and Astronomical Heritage of India.

The Chemical Society.

The Jubilee of The Chemical Society of London 1891. Record of the Proceedings together with an account of The History and Development of the Society, 1841-1891. The Society, London, 1896, HB.

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    The Commission met in Room 236, Russell Senate Office Building, Washington, DC at 9:02 a.m.,Chairman Carolyn Bartholomew, Vice Chairman Larry M. Wortzel, and Commissioners Patrick A.
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    The Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects (“the Standards”) are the culmination of an extended, broad-based effort to fulfill the charge issued by
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    These are the books in my collection. I have included a Supplement of my old books, generally on algebra and arithmetic. Many of these are of some minor recreational interest, but not enough to be considered in the main list.
  7. On behalf of the Government and citizens of the Republic of Ghana, I welcome you all to this Conference on Environmental Research, Technology and Policy. We ar

    On behalf of the Government and citizens of the Republic of Ghana, I welcome you all to this Conference on Environmental Research, Technology and Policy.
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    This case has been referred to the Superior Court by a single justice of the Supreme Judicial Court (Greaney, J.). While it now has a Superior Court docket number from 2002, it is in fact the remedy phase of two cases that respectively
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