Books on history of mathematics, science and technology

Bortolotti, Ettore. La Storia della Matematica nella Università di Bologna. Nicola Zanichelli Editore, Bologna, 1947. P. H. Nidditch's copy, with his signature inside the cover. [Special coverage of: Bombelli, Cardano, Ferrari, Pacioli, Tartaglia, Torricelli.]

Bos, Henk J. M. Descriptive Catalogue Mechanical Instruments in the Utrecht University Museum. Utrecht University Museum, 1968.

Bossut, Charles (1730-1814). A General History of Mathematics From the Earliest Times, to the Middle of the Eighteenth Century. Translated from the French of John [sic] Bossut, .... To Which is Affixed, A Chronological Table of the Most Eminent Mathematicians. J. Johnson, London, 1803, HB. Turner H3.12.

Bottema, O.; Braaksma, B. L. J & Monna, A. F. Chapters in the Recent History of Mathematics. [= Special issue of Nieuw Archief voor Wiskunde (3) 26 (1978).] On the occasion of the bicentennial celebration of the Wiskundig Genootschap 1778-1978. Mathematisch Centrum, Amsterdam, 1978. Includes biographical articles on Bierens de Haan*, Buys Ballot*, Mannoury, Schouten; Stieltjes*. (Starred individuals have had cross references inserted in this list.)

Boucher, Cyril T. G. John Rennie 1761-1821 The Life and Work of a Great Engineer. Manchester Univ. Press, 1963, HB.

Boulton, Matthew (1728-1809) – see: S. Smiles;

Bourbaki, Nicholas.

Elements of the History of Mathematics. (As: Eléments d'histoire des mathématiques; Masson Editeur, Paris, 1984.) Translated by John Meldrum. Springer, 1994, HB.

SEE ALSO: Ashurst; Chouchan;

Bourdon, M. [Pierre-Louis-Marie] (1779-1854). Élémens d'Algèbre. (1817; 6th ed., 1831); 7th ed., Bachelier, Paris, 1834, HB. Signed by author and publisher on back of TP. [Lao Genevra Simons; The influence of French mathematicians at the end of the eighteenth century upon the teaching of mathematics in American colleges; IN: Fabre and Mathematics and Other Essays; Scripta Mathematica, 1939, pp. 44-70, esp. pp. 60 65] says this book 'was remarkable for its clarity' and was very popular in American versions. I have also seen that De Morgan translated part of it.] [There was a version, ed. by M. F. Dubois, Brussells, 1840.]

Bourdon, M. [Pierre-Louis-Marie] (1779-1854). Élémens d'Arithmétique. 3rd ed., Bachelier (successeur de Mme Ve Courcier), Paris, 1825, HB. Pp. 29-34 are lacking and have been replaced by handwritten copies. The spine has a shelf label: Schloss Dyck Naturw. V. 1. [6th ed. was 1837; there were 21 editions, the last being 1846.]

Bourne, William. A Treatise on the purposes and qualities of glasses for optical purposes, according to the making, polishing, and grinding of them. IN: James Orchard Halliwell; Rara Mathematica, qv.

Bova, Ben, ed. Analog Science Fact Reader. [12 essays from Analog Science Fiction – Science Fact, 1961-1974.] Millington, London, 1974, HB.

Bowden, Bertram Vivian (Lord), ed. Faster Than Thought – A Symposium on Digital Computing Machines. Pitman, London, 1953.

Bowers, Brian.

R. E. B. Crompton Pioneer Electrical Engineer. A Science Museum Booklet. HMSO for Science Museum, 1969.

Michael Faraday and the Modern World. E P A Press, Wendens Ambo, 1991.

Sir Charles Wheatstone FRS 1802-1875. HMSO for Science Museum, 1975.

X-Rays. A Science Museum Booklet. HMSO for the Science Museum, 1970.

Bowley, Pam. A Little Guide to St. Martin's Church East Horsley Surrey. East Horsley Parochial Council, 1986, 16pp + covers..

Bowman, Margaret E. Romance in Arithmetic. Univ. of London Press, London, (1950); 3rd ed, 1961, HB. [I have seen a 1st ed. and could find no changes, so there must be only minor corrections.]

Boxer, Mark & Osman, Tony, eds. Eureka! The Sunday Times Magazine History of Inventions. Reprinted or collected from Sunday Times Magazine (21 Jun - 23 Aug 1970), in special binder. SEE ALSO: de Bono.

Boyer, Carl B.

History of Analytic Geometry. Scripta Mathematica Studies 6 & 7. Scripta Mathematica, NY, 1956, HB.

The History of Calculus and Its Conceptual Development (The Concepts of the Calculus). (As: The Concepts of the Calculus, A Critical and Historical Discussion of the Derivative and the Integral; Hafner, 1949.) Dover, 1959.

A History of Mathematics. Wiley, New York, 1966. 2nd ed., revised by Uta C. Merzbach; Wiley, 1989.

SEE ALSO: Dales;

Boyle, Robert (1627-1691).

The Sceptical Chymist. (1661?); Dent, London & Dutton, NY, nd [1930s?], HB.

SEE ALSO: Crowther; M. B. Hall; H. Hartley; Hutchings; Pilkington.

Boynton, Holmes, ed. The Beginnings of Modern Science Scientific Writings of the 16th, 17th and 18th Centuries. Walter J. Black, Roslyn, NY, for the Classics Club, 1948, HB.

Bracegirdle, Brian. The Wellcome Museum of the History of Medicine A part of the Science Museum. Science Museum, 1981, 32pp + covers.

Bracegirdle, Brian & Miles, Patricia H. Thomas Telford. Great Engineers and Their Works. David & Charles, 1973, HB.

Bradley, Ian. A History of Machine Tools. Model and Allied Publications, Hemel Hempstead, 1972, HB.

Bradley, James (1693?-1762) – see: Paul.

Bradwardine, Thomas of – see: Thomas of Bradwardine.

Bragg, William Henry (1862-1942), ed. Science Lifts the Veil A Series of Broadcast Talks on the Conquest of the Sub-visible Universe. Science in Britain. Longmans, Green for the British Council, (1942); 2nd ed., (1946), 2nd ptg, 1948.

Bragg, (William) Lawrence (1890-1971). Electricity. Bell, (1936), 4th ptg, 1943, HB.

Brahe, Tycho (1546-1601) – see: Anon: Brahe; Crowther; Dreyer; Gingerich; Horský et al; Meisen;

Brahmagupta. Brahma sphuta siddhanta. 628. See: Colebrooke.

Braille, Louis (1809-1852) – see: Wymer;

Brain, Robert. Going to the Fair Readings in the Culture of Nineteenth-Century Exhibitions. Whipple Museum of the History of Science, Cambridge, 1993, ring bound.

Braithwaite, Richard Bevan. Scientific Explanation. A Study of the Function of Theory, Probability and Law in Science. Based upon the Tanner Lectures, 1946. CUP, (1953); PB, 1968.

Bramah, Joseph (1749-1814) – see: IME; I. McNeil.

Brasch, N. E. Birthplaces of European Science. United Technologies Corporation, 1981, HB. [Ampère; Bernard; Curies; C. Darwin; Einstein; Faraday; Galileo; Huygens; Kepler; Lavoisier; Newton; Pasteur; da Vinci; Volta.]

Brassine, Émile. Précis des Œuvres Mathématiques de Pierre Fermat, et de l'Arithmétique de Diophante. Extrait des Mémoires de l'Académie Impériale des Sciences, Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres de Toulouse 13 (1853). Separately printed by Imprimerie de Jean-Matthieu Douladoure, Toulouse, (1853); facsimile by Éditions Jacques Gabay, Paris, 1989.

Brauer, Richard. Emil Artin. Offprint from Bull AMS 73:1 (Jan 1967) 27-43 & plate opp. p. 27. May go into Reprint files.

Breame, L. A. How to Make a Twin-elliptic Harmonograph. 4pp leaflet, HMSO for Science Museum, 1975.

Brecht, Bertolt. Life of Galileo. (As: Leben des Galilei, ©1940.) Trans. by John Willett. (Methuen, 1980.) Slightly revised and with commentary and notes by Hugh Rorrison. Methuen Student Editions, (1986), 2nd ptg 1988.

Brewer, The Rev. Dr. [Ebenezer Cobham] (1810-1897). A Guide to the Scientific Knowledge of Things Familiar. (1848; 7th ed, 1852); 9th ed., Jarrold and Sons, London, 1854. HB. [11th ed, 1857.]

Brewster, David (1781-1868). The Life of Sir Isaac Newton. (1831; in two vols, 1855); revised one vol. edition, edited by W. T. Lynn, Gall & Inglis, London, nd [refers to Brewster's death in 1868; ownership signature on flyleaf dated 1889], HB.

SEE ALSO: Legendre; Morrison Low & Christie;

Bridges, T. C. & Tiltman, H. Hessell. Master Minds of Modern Science. Harrap, 1930, HB.

Briggs, Asa.

Iron Bridge to Crystal Palace. Impact and Images of the Industrial Revolution. T&H, 1979.

Victorian Things. (Batsford, 1988); Penguin, 190, 2nd ptg.

Bright, Pamela. Dr Richard Bright 1789-1858. Bodley Head, 1983, HB.

Bright, Richard (1789-1858) – see P. Bright.

Bright, Timothie (1550-1615) – see: Keynes.

Brindley, James (1716-1772) – see: Bode; Derbyshire Countryside; Halward; Porteous; S. Smiles;

Brinkmann, Jens-Uwe. Carl Friedrich Gauss 1777-1855. Ausstellung zum 200. Geburtstag. Catalogue for an exhibition in Göttingen, Braunschweig and Duisberg. City of Göttingen, 1977.

British Association for the Advancement of Science (BAAS).

Edinburgh's Place in Scientific Progress. Prepared for the Edinburgh Meeting ... by the Local Editorial Committee. Chambers, 1921, HB.

London and the Advancement of Science. Issued for the centenary meeting in London, 1931. BAAS, London, 1931, HB.

Report of the Centenary Meeting London – 1931. The Association, 1932. With compliments slip from the Secretary and with bookplate of Surrey Archaeological Society, saying it was a bequest of M. M. StJ. Hope in 1964. I bought it in 1978.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

The Dream Machine. A series of five programmes on BBC2, 1991. Two videotapes with four of the


First tape: Prog. 1: 28:38-1:17:30. Prog. 2: 1:18:50-2:05:25. [Tape starts with The Vernacular

Tradition, OU course MA290, Topics in the History of Mathematics, with Graham Flegg,

0:00-24:45. At the end is Harry Eng's appearance on Jonathan Ross, 2:05:30-2:09:45.]

Second tape: Prog. 3 (apparently started late): 0:00-39:38. Prog. 5: 39:38-1:28:24.

See also: Palfreman & Swade.

Horizon: No Ordinary Genius. [On Richard Feynman.] Videotape of two programmes, 25 Jan & 1 Feb 1993. 0:00-48:51 & 50:44-1:40:15.

Horizon: The Strange Life and Death of Dr Turing. Videotape of broadcast on BBC2, 9 Mar 1992, 0:00 49:02. With Andrew Hodges (qv) as consultant and major contributor. PLUS Transcript, BBC, 1992, 24pp + covers.

Newsnight: The Millennium Problems. Presented by Sue Nelson, with Johnny Ball and Simon Singh. Videotape from a Newsnight broadcast, 18:00 - 28:09 min from start.

QED: The True Story of Joseph Merrick 'The Elephant Man'. Narrated by John Hurt. Videotape from broadcast on BBC1, 22 May 1999. 00:28-50:06.

See also: Anon: The History of Science; Bronowski;

British Council. Scientific and Learned Societies of Great Britain. Allen & Unwin for British Council: 57th ed., 1951; 60th ed., 1962; 61st ed., 1964, HB. (Previously Year-book of Scientific and Learned Societies, issued by Griffin, qv, which ceased in 1939 after 56 editions.)

British Gas (initialled DRB). Gas Chronology: The Development of the British Gas Industry. British Gas, 1980.

British Medical Association. The Book of Oxford, printed for the 104th Meeting of the British Medical Association, 1936. Includes: Robert T. Gunther; Oxford Colleges and Their Men of Science Through the Centuries; pp. 25 129.

British Museum. A Guide to the Exhibition in the King's Library Illustrating the History of Printing, Music-Printing and Bookbinding. The Trustees of the British Museum, 1939, boarded.

British Museum (Natural History): Department of Public Services and Department of Palaeontology. The Feathers Fly! Is archaeopteryx a Fake? Prepared for an exhibition in 1987. 16pp + covers.

Britwell Postcard. Caroline Herschel, age 92.

Broad, William & Wade, Nicholas. Betrayers of the Truth. [Cover adds: Fraud and Deceit in Science.] (S&S, 1982; Century, London, 1983); OUP, 1985.

Brockman, John. The Greatest Inventions of the Past 2,000 Years. Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2000, HB, gift from Peter Tallack.

Brodetsky, S.

The Meaning of Mathematics. Benn's Sixpenny Library, No. 84. Benn, London, 1929.

Sir Isaac Newton A Brief Account of his Life and Work. Methuen, 1927, HB.

Brody, Judit. A Catalogue of Books Printed Before 1641 in the Science Museum Library. With Subject Index compiled by Judith Field and Judit Brody. Science Museum Library Occasional Publications 1. Science Museum, 1979.

Brönner, Manfred, ed. Science and Technology in 19th Century Germany An Exhibition of the Deutsches Museum Munich and the Goethe-Institut London & Manchester 1982/83. Translated by Eileen Martin and Ruth Ziegler. Goethe-Institut London and Deutsches Museum, 1982.

Bronowski, Jacob (1908-1974).

The Ascent of Man. (Based on a series of 13 BBC TV programs, 1973.) (BBC, 1974?); BCA, 1977, HB.

The Majestic Clockwork [about Newton and Einstein], videotape, 38½ min, made from a broadcast in


SEE ALSO: Chaplin, Webster & Widmayer.

The Common Sense of Science. Heinemann, 1951, HB.

Insight. Macdonald, 1964, HB.

Magic, Science, and Civilization. Bampton Lectures in America, No. 20, delivered at Columbia University. Columbia University Press, NY, 1978, HB.

Brooks, Edward. The Normal Mental Arithmetic A Thorough and Complete Course, by Analysis and Induction. Revised Edition, with a Treatise on Mental Algebra. Sower, Potts & Co, Philadelphia, (1858), 1863 [ownership inscription dated 1882 on flyleaf], HB.

Brooks, Edward. The New Normal Mental Arithmetic: A Thorough and Complete Course, by Analysis and Induction. Sower, Potts & Co., Philadelphia, 1873, HB.

Brougham, Lord Henry. Lives of the Philosophers of the Time of George III. Richard Griffin and Co, London & Glasgow, 1855, HB. [Apparently a combination of two earlier volumes.] [Banks, Black, H. Cavendish, D'Alembert, H. Davy, Lavoisier, Priestley, Robert Simson, Adam Smith, Watt.]

SEE ALSO: Crowther;

Brouncker, William, Viscount (c1620-1684) – see: H. Hartley;

Browder, Felix. Mathematical Developments Arising from Hilbert Problems. Proc. Symp. Pure Math. 28, AMS, 1976, HB.

Browder, Felix; Spanier, Edwin H.  &  Gerstenhaber, Murray. Norbert Wiener 1894-1964. Special issue of BAMS 72:1, part II (1966?), separately published by the AMS, 1966, HB.

Brown, Frank. William Herschel. Musician & Composer. William Herschel Society, Bath, 1990.

Brown, Henry T. Manual of Mechanical Movements. 507 diagrams and explanations. Originally appeared in American Artisan, edited by Brown and published in book form in 1868. Compiled and sold in connection with the exhibiting of "Mechanical Wonderland", a collection of over two hundred moving models made by W. M. Clark and exhibited at the Century of Progress International Exposition, Chicago, 1933, and elsewhere. W. M. Clark, South Orange, New Jersey, 1933, HB.

Brown, Maisie; Shearman, Henry F. & Gill, Raymond, C. A Scientific Triad. Combination of three papers: Sir Edwin Chadwick; The life and times of Sir Richard Owen KCB, DCL, FRS, etc. 1804-1892; Sir Benjamin Ward Richardson. Barnes and Mortlake History Society, Occasional Papers No. 5, 1990.

Brown, Robert, ed. Science for All. Cassell and Company, nd [c1896], 5 vols, HB.

Brown, Roland Wilber. Composition of Scientific Words. (As: Materials for Word-Study, 1927), reprinted (1956, 1978), Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington, DC, 1979, HB.

Brown, Sanborn C. Count Rumford – Physicist Extraordinary. (Educational Services Inc., 1962??); Science Study Series No. 26, Heinemann, 1964. With P. H. Nidditch's ownership signature.

Browne, Douglas G. & Tullett, E. V. (Tom). Bernard Spilsbury. His Life and Cases. Harrap, (1951), 6th ptg, 1952, HB.

Browne, George. Arithmetica Infinita or the Accurate Accomptant's Best Companion Contriv'd and Calculated By the Reverend George Browne AM and Printed for the Author Anno 17 17/18. HB. [The Introduction is signed Geo. Brown.] Turner 3.32. Present from Bill Kalush. Basically a multiplication table for amounts in shillings and pence (including quarter pences) times 1, ..., 9 and 365, giving answers and decimals of a pound, with some extra interest tables, etc. Hill's Catalogue of the Turner Collection says this: Lacks pp. (vi) with engraved portrait & letterpress leaf of commendation by John Keill.

Bruce, Alexander – see: H. Hartley;

Bruins, Evert M. Interpretation of Cuneiform Mathematics. Offprint from Physis 4:4 (1962) 277-341, with covers and typed index inserted.

Brunel, Isambard Kingdom (1806 1859) – see: Adams & Elkin; Dugan; Foot; P. Hay; IME; Pudney; Rolt; Tames;

Brunel, Marc (1769 1849) – see: Clements; Mathewson & Laval; Overman;

Brüning, Jochen; Ferus, Dick & Siegmund-Schultze, Reinhard. Terror and Exile Persecution and Expulsion of Mathematicians from Berlin between 1933 and 1945 An Exhibition on the Occasion of the International Congress of Mathematicians Technische Universität Berlin August 19 to 27, 1998. Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung, 1998.

Bryden, David J.

Napier's Bones. A History and Instruction Manual. Harriet Wynter, London, 1992.

Selected Exhibits in the Whipple Museum of the History of Science [University of Cambridge]. The Whipple Museum, 1978, 16pp + covers.

Buchanan, R. A. Industrial Archaeology in Britain. Penguin, (1972), 2nd ptg, 1974.

Buckland, Francis Trevelyan (Frank) (1826 1880).

Curiosities of Natural History. First Series. Richard Bentley and Son, London, Preface of 1st ed dated 1857, 5th ed, with 31pp Appendix and 10pp Index, Preface dated 1860, The Popular Edition, 1893, HB.

Curiosities of Natural History. Second Series. Richard Bentley and Son, London, Preface dated 1866, with 24pp Appendix, The Popular Edition, 1893, HB. [This must be 2nd ed., (1863).]

Curiosities of Natural History. Third Series. Richard Bentley and Son, London, (1865), Preface says 2nd ed and is dated 1867, with 17pp Appendix, (labelled for Vol. I, but for this Series), The Popular Edition, 9th ptg, 1891, with 6 illustrations, HB. (I have seen a 2nd ed, 1868.)

Macmillan, 11th ptg, 1900, with 9 illustrations, HB.

Curiosities of Natural History. Fourth Series [= Third Series, vol. 2]. Richard Bentley and Son, London, with 23pp Appendix, (labelled for Vol. II, but for this Series), The Popular Edition, 1891, HB.

[The above set have labels saying Blackie & Son Limited Private Library and were largely uncut when purchased in 2000!]

Buckle, Richard, director. The Institution of Civil Engineers Presents a Bicentenary Exhibition in Honour of its First President Thomas Telford Fellow of the Royal Society 1757-1834. Institution of Civil Engineers, nd [1957].

Buckley, H. A Short History of Physics. Methuen, 1927, HB.

Bud, Robert (& Warner, Deborah). Instruments of Science An Historical Encyclopedia. Leaflet advertising the book by Garland, 1998.

Buffon – see: A. B. Griffiths;

Bühler, Walter Kaufmann. Gauss A Biographical Study. Springer, 1981, HB.

Bullough, Vern L., ed. The Scientific Revolution. European Problem Studies. HR&W, 1970.

Bunch, Bryan & Hellemans, Alexander. The Timetables of Technology A Chronology of the Most Important People and Events in the History of Technology. Touchstone (S&S), 1994.

Bunt, Lucas N. H.; Jones, Philip S. & Bedient, Jack D. The Historical Roots of Elementary Mathematics. Prentice-Hall, 1976, HB.

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