Books on history of mathematics, science and technology

Berlet, Bruno. Zur Feier des vierhundertsten Geburtsjahres von Adam Riese. 1892. [The copy provided by Interlibrary Loans is either lacking a title page or may have been a separately printed booklet. The author's name is only shown on the library binding and no other details are given. It consists of two main sections.

Adam Riese, sein Leben, seine Rechenbücher und seine Art zu rechen (reprinted from the Programm der Progymnasial  und Realschulanstalt zu Annaberg 1855).

Die Coss von Adam Riese (reprinted from the same Programm for 1860).

The copy I saw might have been the Programm for 1892. My reference is [Johannes Lehmann; Rechnen und Raten; Volk und Wissen, Berlin (DDR), 1987, p. 13] where he gives Berlet's name, a slight variation of the title and says it was published in Leipzig and Frankfurt in 1892. PHOTOCOPY FILED under Ries in History Books.

SEE ALSO: Gebhardt for facsimile and transcription of Die Coss; Abraham Ries.

Berman, Morris. Social Change and Scientific Organization – The Royal Institution 1799-1844. Heinemann Educational Books, 1978.

Bernal, John Desmond (1901-1971).

Science in History. (C. A. Watts, 1954, 3rd ed., 1965); illustrated ed. in 4 volumes, C. A. Watts & Penguin, 1969.

See also: Wersky;

Bernard, Claude – see: Brasch;

Berndt, Bruce C. & Rankin, Robert A. Ramanujan Letters and Commentary. (© 1995, AMS & LMS, 2nd ptg, 1997.) Special Indian Edition, with additional material, ed. by K. Srinivasa Rao. Affiliated East West Press Pvt., New Delhi, India, 1997.

Bernhardt, Prof. Dr. Philipp Melanchthon als Mathematiker und Physiker. Vereins fur Heimathkunde, Wittenberg, (1865); facsimile by Sändig, Wiesbaden, 1973, with sticker saying Saendig Reprint Verlag, Vaduz, Liechtenstein.

Bernoulli(s) – see: Ó Mathúna; Schroeter; Spiess;

Bernoulli, Daniel (1700-1782) – see: Guillen; Radelet - de Grave;

Bernoulli, Jacques (= Jacob = James) I (1654-1705).

Ars Conjectandi, Opus Posthumum. Accedit Tractatus de Seriebus Infinitis, Et Epistola Gallicè scripta De Ludo Pilæ Reticularis. Thurnisiorum, Basel, (1713); facsimile by Editions Culture et Civilization, Brussells, 1968, HB.

SEE ALSO: de Fontenelle.

Bernoulli, Jean (= Johann = John) I (1667-1748) – see: Henny; Spiess;

Bernoulli, Niklaus II (1695-1730) – see Henny;

Bernstein, Jeremy (1929- ).

The Analytical Engine Computers – Past, Present and Future. (©1963 & 1964); Secker & Warburg, 1965, HB.

A Comprehensible World: On Modern Science and its Origins. Random House, 1967, HB.

Cranks, Quarks, and the Cosmos. (Basic Books, 1993.) OUP, 1997.

Einstein. Fontana Modern Masters Series. Fontana/Collins, 1973.

Experiencing Science. Burnett Books & Deutsch, 1979, HB.

Quantum Profiles. PUP, 1991, HB.

Bernstein, Peter L. Against the Gods The Remarkable Story of Risk. Wiley, 1996, HB.

Berriman, A. E. Historical Metrology. A new analysis of the archaeological and the historical evidence relating to weights and measures. Dent, London & Dutton, NY, 1953, HB.

Berry, Adrian.

Galileo and the Dolphins Amazing but true stories from science. Batsford, 1996, HB.

Harrap's Book of Scientific Anecdotes. Harrap Books Ltd., 1989, HB, inscribed by the author. Revised edition of the above retitled: Eureka! & Other Stories; Helicon, 1993.

Berry, A. J. Henry Cavendish His Life and Scientific Work. Hutchinson, 1960, HB.

Berry, Robert. MS Arithmetic Exercise Book, 128pp, dated 21 Mar 1842, boarded.

Berthollet – see: A. B. Griffiths;

Berzelius, Jons Jacob – see: Olby;

Bessemer, Henry (1813-1898) – see: Dredge; IME; Jenkyns; Wymer;

Bethell, Jean. [The How and Why Wonder Book of] Famous Scientists. Ill. by Jo Kotula. (Wonder Books (Grosset & Dunlap); Transworld, (1969), 3rd ptg, 1974.

Betts, Jonathan. John Harrison. Ill. by David Penney. National Maritime Museum, 4th ed, 1999, 24pp + covers.

Bhaskara I (= Bhāskara I) (c629).

Āryabhaţīya-Bhāşya. [NOTE: ţ denotes a t with a dot under it and ş denotes an s with a dot under it.] 629 (second of these three works). Critically edited, including an English Appendix of the numerical examples used, by Kripa Shankar Shukla. Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi, 1976, HB. (Vol. 2 of a three volume series devoted to the Āryabhaţīya (499) of Aryabhata (476- ), qv.) Bhaskara I repeats and exposits Aryabhata verse by verse, but Aryabhata rarely gives numerical examples, so Bhaskara I provided them and these were later used by other Indian writers such as Chaturveda, 860. FILED UNDER Aryabhata.

Laghu-Bhāskarīya. c629 (last of these three works, a summary of the Āryabhaţīya-Bhāşya). Edited and translated into English by Kripa Shankar Shukla. Bhāskara I and His Works Part III (but Part I: General Introduction hasn't appeared!). Hindu Astronomical and Mathematical Texts Series No. 4. Dept. of Mathematics and Astronomy, Lucknow University, 1963, HB.

Mahā Bhāskarīya (Maha-Bhaskariya). c629 (earliest of these three works). Edited and translated into English by Kripa Shankar Shukla. Bhāskara I and His Works Part II (but Part I: General Introduction hasn't appeared!). Hindu Astronomical and Mathematical Texts Series No. 3. Dept. of Mathematics and Astronomy, Lucknow University, 1960, HB.

Bhaskara II (c1150).

Līlāvatī of Bhāskarācārya With Kriyākramakarī of Śańkara [NOTE: ń denotes an n with a dot over it and ņ denotes an n with a dot under it.] and Nārāyaņa Being an elaborate exposition of the rationale of Hindu Mathematics. Edited and annotated by K. V. Sarma. Vishveshvaranand Indological Series 66. Vishveshvaranand Vedic Research Institute, Hoshiarpur, 1975, HB. [Except for the Preface, Contents and Introduction, this is all in Sanskrit!]

Lilavati and Bijaganita. 1150. See: Colebrooke.

Maestro Biagio ( -c1340).

Chasi Exenplari alla Regola dell'Algibra nella trascelta a cura di Mo Benedetto dal Codice L. VI [sic, but should be IV]. 21 della Biblioteca Comunale di Siena. 1463. Ed. by Licia Pieraccini. Quaderni del Centro Studi della Matematica Medioevale, No. 5. Servizio Editorale dell'Università de Siena, 1983.

SEE also: Benedetto da Firenze;

Bialas, Volker; Gerlach, Walther; List, Martha & Treue, Wilhelm. Johannes Kepler zur 400. Wiederkehr seines Geburtstages. Deutsches Museum Abhandlungen und Bericht 39:1 (1971). R. Oldenbourg, München, 1971.

Bibby, Cyril. Scientist Extraordinary The Life and Scientific Work of Thomas Henry Huxley 1825-1895. Pergamon, 1972, HB.

Bibby, John. Notes Towards a History of Teaching Statistics. John Bibby (Books), Edinburgh, 1986.

Bidder, George Parker (1806 1878) – see: Anon: St. Peter's Church; Anon: The Story of St Petrox Church; E. F. Clark; Linfoot;

Bierens de Haan, David (1822-1895) – see: Bottema et al.

Biermann, Kurt-R. Die Mathematik und ihre Dozenten an der Berliner Universität 1810-1920. Stationen auf dem Wege eines mathematisches Zentrums von Weltgeltung. Akademie-Verlag, Berlin (DDR), 1973. (There is a 2nd ed., c1990.)

Biernatzki, K. L. Die Arithmetik der Chinesen. (J. reine angew. Math. 52:1 (1855) 59-94.) Reprinted by Sändig, Wiesbaden, 1973.

Biggs, Norman L.; Lloyd, E. Keith & Wilson, Robin J. Graph Theory 1736 1936. OUP, 1976, HB. Reviewed by me in Times Higher Educ. Supp. (24 Dec 1976) 16.

Bion, Nicolas (c1650-1733). (As: Traite de la Construction et Principaux Usages des Instruments Mathematique, 1709.) Translated by Edmund Stone as follows. The Construction and Principal Uses of Mathematical Instruments. Translated from the French of M. Bion, Chief Instrument-Maker to the French King. To which are added, The Construction and Uses of such Instruments as are omitted by M. Bion, particularly those invented or improved by the English. By Edmund Stone. The whole illustrated the Thirty Folio Copper-Plates, containing the Figures, &c. of the several Instruments. The Second Edition. To which is added, A Supplement: Containing a further Account of some of the most useful Mathematical Instruments as now improved. J. Richardson, London, (1758); facsimile by Astragal Press, Mendham, New Jersey, 1995, HB.

Bir, Attila. The Book "Kitāb al Hiyal" [the H should have a dot under it] of Banū Mūsā bin Shākir interpreted in sense of modern system and control engineering. Research Centre for Islamic History, Art and Culture, Istanbul, 1990.

Birch, C. Allan. Names We Remember 56 Eponymous Medical Biographies. Ravenswood Publication, Beckenham, Kent, 1979, HB. [R. Adams; Addison; Adie; Babinski; C. Bell; W. Bowman; Broca; D. Bruce; Buerger; Burkitt; Calmette; Catellani; Charcot; J. Cheyne; Conn; Crohn; Cushing; C. Darwin; Dupuytren; Fallot; Guérin; Hansen; Harvey; Hashimoto; Hodgkin; Horner; Huntington; J. H. Jackson; Koplik; Korsakov; Langdon Down; McArdle; Macewen; Manson; Meckel; Menière; C. G. de Morgan; Osler; Paget; J. Parkinson; F. T. Paul; Pott; Ramstedt; Raynaud; Retter; D. A. Robertson; Romberg; Ryle; Scarpa; Schick; Simmonds; Sjögren; Still; W. Stokes; G. H. Whipple; S. A. K. Wilson.]

Bishop, James. (The Illustrated London News) Social History of Edwardian Britain. Angus & Robertson, London, 1977, HB.

Bishop, Morris. Blaise Pascal. Laurel Great Lives and Thought. Dell, 1966.

Black, Joseph (1728-1799) – see: Brougham; A. D. C. Simpson;

Black, R. M. Electric Cables in Victorian Times. A Science Museum Booklet. HMSO for Science Museum, 1972.

Blake, George. British Ships and Shipbuilders. Britain in Pictures series. Collins, 1946, HB.

Bland, Miles (1786-1868). Algebraical problems, producing simple and quadratic equations, with their solutions; designed as an introduction to the higher branches of analytics: to which is added, an appendix, containing a collection of problems on the nature and solution of equations of higher dimensions. 8th ed., Whittaker & Co., London, 1841, HB. [Wallis has: 3rd ed., 1820; 6th ed., 1832; 9th ed., 1849.]

[Bland, Miles (1786-1868).] A Key to Bland's Algebraical Problems; containing also the Solutions of the Equations ad Problems in the Appendix to the Fourth Edition. Geo. B. Whittaker, London, 1825, HB. Front and back boards off, but pages largely uncut. Bookplate saying it was given to the College of Preceptors in 1903.

Blaschke, Wilhelm (1885-1962) – see: Beckert & Purkert;

Blasius, Johannis (or Joannes) Martinus (later denoted Sileceus or Sciliceus) (1486-1557). Liber Arithmetice Practice Astrologis Phisicis et Calculatioribus admodum utilis. Thomas Kees for Joannis Parui & Joannis Lambert (in colophon; TP has Jehanlambert), Paris, (1513). Facsimile by Heffer, 1960. See Smith, Rara, pp. 95-97. Glaisher [Messenger of Mathematics 53 (1923-24) 1 131] discusses this book and says he only knows one example of it, which he has in front of him, so I suspect this facsimile is from that copy. The Honeyman Collection had a copy, saying it was printed for J. Petit and J. Lambert and that copy had Petit's device on the TP while the TP shown in Rara has Lambert's device, which is as in this facsimile. There was a reprinting in 1514 and extended editions in 1519 (ed. by Oronce Finé) and 1526 (ed. by T. Rhaetus) [Honeyman Collection, nos. 350-352; the Turner Collection had a 1526 as A4.31, listed under Martinus Silicaeus and saying he was a cardinal].

Bloech, Jürgen & Müller, Volker. Mathematiker und Rechenmeister Ihre Beiträge zur Entwicklung der angewandten Mathematik Vom Beginn der Buchdruckerkunst bis zum 19.Jahrhundert. Compiled on the occasion of an exhibition for the 10th anniversary of the Deutschen Gesellschaft für Operations Research from the holdings of the Niedersächsischen Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek, Göttingen. Seminar für betriebswirtschaftliche Produktionsforschung der Universität Göttingen, Sep 1981. (Gives short biographies of authors and descriptions of 108 works, often with title pages or other pictures.)

Bloomsbury Book Auctions. Catalogue of the Weinreb Computer Collection comprising Printed Books, Autograph Letters, Portraits & Related Ephemera. Sale 358, 28 Oct 1999.

BMNH – see: British Museum (Natural History).

Boag, Elizabeth. The Edinburgh History of Mathematics Walk. Ill. by Philip Hutton. Produced by the author, 24pp, c1996, PHOTOCOPY from author, with covering letter.

Boardman, John H. Arithmetic: Rules and Reasons. Macmillan, Cambridge; George Bell, London; Deighton and Laughton, Liverpool; R. Burge, Manchester, 1850, HB.

Boas, Marie.

History of Science. Publication No. 13, Service Center for Teachers of History. Macmillan, NY, 1958.

The Scientific Renaissance 1450-1630. The Rise of Modern Science - II. Collins, 1962, HB.

Bobillier, E.-E. Principes d'Algèbre. Ouvrage adopté par le Ministre de l'Agriculture, du Commere et des Travaux Publics Pour les Écoles Impériales d'Arts et Métiers. 4th ed., Hachette, et al., Paris, 1857, HB. BOUND WITH Guilmin, qv.

Bochenski, I. M. History of Formal Logic. Corrected ed., Chelsea, NY, 1970, HB.

Bochner, Salomon. The Role of Mathematics in the Rise of Science. PUP, 1966, HB.

Bode, Harold. James Brindley. Shire Lifelines 14. Shire, (1973), 2nd ed., (1980), 3rd ptg, 1987.

Bodey, Hugh. Discovering Industrial Archaeology and History. Shire Discovering series 210. Shire, 1975.

Bold, Benjamin. Famous Problems of Geometry and How to Solve Them. (As: Famous Problems of Mathematics: A History of Construction with Straight Edge and Compass, Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1969); slightly corrected, Dover, 1982.

Boll, Walter. Kepler-Gedächtnishaus. Sammlungen der Stadt Regensburg, No. 10, 4th ptg, 1975. PHOTOCOPY from A. E. L. Davis. FILED under Kepler.

Bolyai, János (1802 1860).

Ed. by F. Kárteszi. Appendix – The Theory of Space. With Supplement by B. Szénássy. Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest, 1987, HB.

SEE ALSO: Bonola;

Bolzano, Bernard (1781-1848). Paradoxes of the Infinite. (As: Paradoxien des Unendlichen, Leipzig, 1851.) Translated by Fr. Přihonský, with Historical Introduction by Donald A. Steele. R&KP, 1950, HB.

Bombelli, Rafael (1526-1572) – See: Bortolotti;

Bonar, James & Macrosty, Henry W. Annals of the Royal Statistical Society 1834-1934. The Society, London, 1934, HB.

Bondi, Hermann.

E = mc2. An Introduction to Relativity. Booklet to accompany a series of 10 lectures on BBC TV, autumn, 1963. BBC, London, 1963. From estate of J. C. Leigh, 1997.

Relativity and Common Sense. Heinemann, (1965), 2nd ptg, 1968.

The Universe at Large. Science Study Series No. 12. (Educational Services Inc., 1960); Heinemann, (1961), 2nd ptg, 1966.

Bonelli, Maria Luisa Righini.

Le abitazioni fiorentine di Galileo. L'Universo (Revista bimestrale dell'Istituto Geografico Militare) 37:4 & 38:1 (1957 1958) 1 27. (My version is a reprint which may be the entire double issue?)

Cimeli Galileiani. Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza Biblioteca V. Leo S. Olschki Editore, Firenze, 1962, 22pp + covers.

Note about Galileo's Instruments. Offprint from Atti del Simposio su "Galileo Galilei nella storia e nella filosofia della scienza", Firenze-Pisa, 14-16 Settembre 1964. Gruppo Italiano de Storia della Scienza, Vinci, 1964, TP + 125-127 + 4pp of plates + covers.

Bonnycastle, John (1750?-1821). Elements of Geometry; Containing the Principal Propositions in the First Six, and the Eleventh and Twelfth Books of Euclid. With Critical Notes, and an Appendix, Containing Various Particulars Relating to the Higher Parts of the Science. 6th ed., John Richardson; Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme and Brown; Cadell and Davies; Law and Whittaker; Baldwin, Cradock and Joy; R. Fenner; and John Robinson, London, 1818, HB.

Bonnycastle, John (1750?-1821). An Introduction to Algebra; with Notes and Observations; designed for the Use of Schools and Other Places of Public Education. (1782);

7th ed., J. Johnson, London, 1805, HB. [The first nine editions appeared "without any material alterations".]

13th ed., J. Nunn and 11 other publishers, London & Edinburgh, 1824, HB. [In 1815, he produced a 10th ed., "an entire revision of the work" which "may be considered as a concise abridgment" of his two volume Treatise on Algebra, 1813, (2nd ed. in 1820). This had an Appendix: On the application of Algebra to Geometry. The 10th ed. of the present book has an Addenda: A New Method of resolving Numerical Equations, by his son Charles Bonnycastle, and the earlier text has been expanded by about 10%.]

[Wallis also has: 2nd ed., 1788; 3rd ed., 1793; 6th ed., 1803; 9th ed, 1812; 10th ed., 1815; 11th ed., 1818; New Ed., 1842.]

Bonnycastle, John (1750?-1821). An Introduction to Mensuration and Practical Geometry: With Notes, Containing the Reason of Every Rule. By John Bonnycastle, of the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich. The Eleventh Edition, corrected and improved. J. Johnson & Co., London, 1812, HB.

Bonnycastle, John (1750?-1821). The Scholar's Guide to Arithmetic. With Notes, Containing the Proof of Each Rule; Together with Some of the Most Useful Properties of Numbers. By John Bonnycastle, Professor of Mathematics in the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich. A New Edition, Enlarged and Improved, by the Rev. E. C. Tyson, M.A. Fellow of Catharine Hall, Cambridge, and Late Head Master in the Royal Mathematical School, Christ's Hospital. William Tegg, London, 1857, HB.

de Bono, Edward, ed. Eureka! An Illustrated History of Inventions from the Wheel to the Computer. A London Sunday Times Encyclopedia. (T&H, 1974); HR&W, 1974, HB. This appears to be a more elaborate version of Boxer & Osman, qv.

Bonola, Roberto. Non-Euclidean Geometry A Critical and Historical Study of Its Development. (As: La Geometria non-Euclidea, Preface dated Mar 1906.) Authorized English translation with additional appendices by H. S. Carslaw With an Introduction by Federico Enriques. (Open Court, 1912.) With a supplement containing the Dr. George Bruce Halsted translations of The Science of Absolute Space by John Bolyai [4th ed, 1896] The Theory of Parallels by Nicholas Lobachevski [1891, 1914]. Dover, 1955.

Boole, George (1815 1864).

An Investigation of the Laws of Thought on which are founded The Mathematical theories of Logic and Probabilities. (Macmillan, 1854); facsimile, with corrections, Dover, 1958.

A Treatise on Differential Equations. (1859); 4th ed, Macmillan, 1877, HB.

A Treatise on Finite Differences. (1860); edited by John F. Moulton, (2nd ed, 1872), 3rd ed, Macmillan, 1880, HB. Signed H. Levy on flyleaf.

SEE ALSO: Ashurst; Houston; MacFarlane; MacHale.

Boole, Mary Everest (1832-1916).

A Boolean Anthology Selected Writings of Mary Boole. Compiled by Dick G. Tahta. ATM, 1972.

Logic Taught by Love Rhythm in Nature and Education. C. W. Daniel, London, 1905, HB.

Philosophy and Fun of Algebra. C. W. Daniel, London, 1909, HB.

SEE also: Cobham;

Booth, Andrew D. & Kathleen H. V. Automatic Digital Calculators. Butterworths, London, (1953), 2nd ed., 1956, HB.

Borel, Émile (1871-1956) – see: E. F. Collingwood;

Borghi, Pietro = Piero Borgo or Borgi ( - 1494). Qui comenza la nobel opera de arithmethica ne la qual se tracta tute cosse amercantia pertinente facta & compilata p Piero borgi da veniesia. (Erhard Ratdolt, Venice, 1484.) Facsimile, with notes by Kurt Elfering as: Piero Borghi; Arithmetica Venedig 1484; Graphos, Munich, 1964; in: Veröffentlichungen des Forschungsinstituts des Deutschen Museums für die Geschichte der Naturwissenschaften und der Technik, Reihe C – Quellentexte und Übersetzunge, Nr. 2, 1965. [When I asked for a copy of the facsimile in 1995, Prof. Folkerts said they had none left, but this copy from the Nachlass of J. E. Hofmann was not needed and he kindly sent it to me. The cover and TP have been marked up for a reprinting.] [Rara, pp. 16-22, & Honeyman, nos. 398-402, are several editions, from 1484 to 1550. It has been conjectured that this was a pseudonym of Luca Pacioli, but there is no evidence for this.]

Borst, Arno. The Ordering of Time. From the Ancient Computus to the Modern Computer. (As: Computus: Zeit und Zahl in der Geschichte Europas, Verlag Krays Wagenbach, 1990.) Translated by Andrew Winnard. Polity Press, Cambridge, 1993, HB.

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