Books on history of mathematics, science and technology

SEE ALSO: Fraser.

Walkingame, Francis (fl. 1751-1785). The Tutor's Companion; or, Complete Practical Arithmetic. To which is added A Complete Course of Mental Arithmetic, and the Most Concise Method of Extracting the Cube Root. Also, An Entirely New Table for calculating interest and discounting bills of exchange, .... By Isaac Butler. Webb, Millington, and Co., London, 1860, HB. Cover reads: Butler's Copyright Edition Walkingame's Arithmetic. [Wallis has: [1841]; 1857; 1858; 1859; 1860.]

Wallis, John (1616 1703) – see: H. Hartley; J. F. Scott; D. E. Smith;

Wallis, Peter John. An Index of British Mathematicians A check-list Part 2 1701-1760. Project for Historical Biobibliography, Univ. of Newcastle upon Tyne, 1976.

Wallis, Peter John; Wallis, Ruth V.; Ransom, Peter & Fauvel, John. Mathematical Tradition in the North of England. An exhibition for the annual conference of the Mathematical Association in Newcastle upon Tyne 1991. NEBMA, Consett, Co. Durham, 1991.

Wallis, Ruth V. & Peter John.

Biobibliography of British Mathematics and its Applications Part II 1701-1760. Project for Historical Biobibliography, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1986, HB. With Amendments leaflet.

Index of British Mathematicians Part III 1701-1800. Project for Historical Biobibliography, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1993, HB.

Walmsley, Leo. British Ports and Harbours. Britain in Pictures series. Collins, 1942, HB.

Walsh, Michael (1763-1840). A New System of Mercantile Arithmetic Adapted to the Commerce of the United States in its Domestic and Foreign Relations; with Forms of Accounts, and Other Writings Usually Occurring in Trade. E. M. Blunt, Newburyport, [Massachusetts], 3rd ed., 1804, HB. [Halwas 449-455, says it is Edmund M. Blunt, ©1800; 1st ed, 1801; 2nd ed., 1803; 3rd ed., 1804; with other editions by other publishers, 1807, 1814, 1816, 1820.]

von Waltershausen, W. Sartorius. Gauss A Memorial. (S. Hirzel, Leipzig, 1856); translated by Helen Worthington Gauss. The author, Colorado Springs, 1966.

(London Borough of) Waltham Forest. Libraries & the Arts Department. The Bremer Car. Nd [1970s?], A3 folded to 8pp.

Walz, Eberhard & Gramm, Bernadette. Historischer Altstadtführer Leonberg. Stadtarchiv Leonberg(?), 1991, with some handmade corrections to 1993. PHOTOCOPY of TP, 12-13, 44-49, from A. E. L. Davis. FILED under Kepler.

Ward, Alan. Science Tricks and Puzzles. Batsford, 1977, HB.

Ward, F. A. B.

Clocks and Watches 1: Weight-driven clocks. Science Museum Illustrated Booklet. HMSO for Science Museum, 1973.

Clocks and Watches 2: Spring driven. Science Museum Illustrated Booklet. HMSO for Science Museum, 1972.

Descriptive Catalogue of the Collection Illustrating Time Measurement. HMSO, 1966.

Handbook of the collection illustrating Atomic Physics. Descriptive Catalogue. HMSO for Science Museum, (1963), 2nd ptg, 1973.

Time Measurement. Part I - Historical Review. Handbooks of the Science Museum. HMSO, 3rd ed., 1947.

Time Measurement. Part II - Descriptive Catalogue. Handbooks of the Science Museum. HMSO, (1937), 3rd ed, 1955.

Timekeepers Clocks, Watches, Sundials, Sand-glasses. Science Museum Illustrated Booklet. HMSO for Science Museum, 1963.

Ward, John (fl. 1698-1709). The Young Mathematician's Guide: Being a Plain and Easy Introduction to the Mathematicks. In Five Parts. The Sixth Edition, carefully Corrected; and New Tables of Compound Interest at Five per Cent. Calculated and Added by the Author. A. Bettesworth & C. Hitch, and T. Hatchett, London, 1734, HB. [Wallis also has: 1st(?) ed., 1707; 5th ed., 1728; 7th ed., 1740; 8th ed., 1747; 9th ed., 1752. There was a 12th ed., 1771.]

Ware, Michael E. Canals and Waterways. History in Camera Series. Shire, 1987.

Waring, Edward (c1736-1798). Meditationes Algebraicæ. (3rd ed., 1782.) An English Translation by Dennis Weeks. Amer. Math. Soc., 1991, HB.

Warner, George Townsend. Landmarks in English Industrial History. Blackie, (1899), 3rd ed, (1930), 4th ptg, 1939, HB.

Warner, Rex. English Public Schools. Britain in Pictures series. Collins, 1946, HB.

Warren, David J. Old Medical and Dental Instruments. Shire Album 308. Shire, 1994.

Warshofsky, Fred. Epidemic Detectives. Scholastic, 1963.

Wartnaby, J. Surveying Instruments and Methods. Science Museum Illustrated Booklet. HMSO for Science Museum, 1968.

Waters, D. W. Science and the Techniques of Navigation in the Renaissance. National Maritime Museum: Maritime Monographs and Reports No. 19 - 1976, 48pp + covers.

Watkins, Harold. Time Counts. The Story of the Calendar. Neville Spearman, London, 1954, HB. From Tobias.

Watson, Frank R. [Joe], ed. Booklists. Mathematical Association, Leicester.

Puzzles, Problems, Games and Mathematical Recreations. 16pp, 1980.

Selections from the Recommended Books. 18pp, 1980.

Full List of Recommended Books. 105pp, 1984.

Printout of Master Lists.

Watson, J. G. A Short History. The Institution of Civil Engineers. Thomas Telford Ltd for ICE, 1982, 48pp + covers.

Watson, James D. The Double Helix. A Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure of DNA. (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1968); Penguin, (1970), 1978. Another? copy, 13th ptg.

Watson, Thomas J. Sr. & Jr. – see: Rodgers;

Watt, Alexander. Science in a Nutshell in which Rational Amusement is Blended with Instruction. W. & A. K. Johnston, Edinburgh & London, 1882, boarded.

Watt, James (1736-1819) – see: Arago; Brougham; Crowther; A. N. Davenport; Halward; Hart; IME; Law; Olby; Rolt; Sellman; S. Smiles; Sotheby's; Wymer;

Waugh, Albert E. Sundials Their Theory and Construction. Dover, 1973.

Webb, Ronald Stretton (1892-1976) – see: J. R. Smith.

Weber, Robert L.

Pioneers of Science Nobel Prize Winners in Physics. Adam Hilger, (1980), 2nd ed., 1988.

A Random Walk in Science. Institute of Physics, Bristol & London, (1973), 8th ptg, 1987, HB.

More Random Walks in Science. Institute of Physics, Bristol & London, 1982, HB.

Science with a Smile. Institute of Physics, Bristol & London, 1992, HB.

Wecker, John [Johann Jacob or Hanss Jacob]. Eighteen Books of the Secrets of Art & Nature .... (As: De Secretis Libri XVII; P. Perna, Basel, 1582.) Augmented and inlarged by R. Read. (Simon Miller, London, 1660, 1661 [Toole Stott 1195-1196]); reproduced by Robert Stockwell, London, nd, [c1988?], HB.

Wedgwood, Josiah (1730-1795) – see: Tames.

Weeks, Mary Elvira. Discovery of the Elements. Ill. by F. B. Dains. 5th ed., enlarged and revised, Journal of Chemical Education, 1945, HB.

Weierstrass, Karl Theodor Wilhelm (1815-1897) – see: Reichardt;

Weil, André (1906?-1998).

The Apprenticeship of a Mathematician. (As: Souvenirs d'Apprentissage; Birkhäuser, Basel, 1991.) Translated from the French by Jennifer Gage. Birkhäuser, 1992, HB.

Essais Historiques sur la Théorie des Nombres. (Part in English, part in French.) Monographie No 22 de L'Enseignement Mathématique, Genève, 1975.

Weimann, Karl-Heinz, ed. Ausstellung im Leibniz-Haus Hannover. Historischen Museum am Hohen Ufer, Hannover, 1983.

Weinberg, Steven. The First Three Minutes. A Modern View of the Origin of the Universe. Deutsch, 1977, HB.

Weinhart, Karl, ed. Informatik und Automatik. Führer durch die Ausstellung. Deutsches Museum, Munich, 1990.

Weisskopf, Victor F. Knowledge and Wonder. The Natural World as Man Knows It. Science Study Series, No. 23. (Educational Services Inc, 1962); Heinemann, 1964.

Weizmann, Chaim (1874-1952) – see: Michaelis;

von Weizsäcker, C. F. & Juilfs, J. Contemporary Physics. (As: Physik der Gegenwart, Athenaüm Verlag, 1952.) Translated by Arnold J. Pomerans. Hutchinson, 1957, HB.

Welch, Martin. The Tradescants and the Foundation of the Ashmolean Museum. Ashmolean Museum and Museum of the History of Science, Oxford, 1978.

Welfare, Simon & Fairley, John. The Cabinet of Curiosities. Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London, 1991, HB.

Wellcome, Henry Solomon (1853-1936) – see: Skinner; H. Turner;

Wellcome Foundation. The Wellcome Museum of Medical Science 1914-1964 An Account of its Development, Content and Techniques. Wellcome Foundation, 1964, HB.

Wells, David A. Science Popularly Explained: The Principles of Natural and physical Science, and Their Practical and Useful Applications to the Employment and Necessities of Common Life, Familiarly Explained, and Illustrated with Upwards of Two Hundred Engravings. John Cassell's Educational Course. W. Kent and Co., London, nd [Preface dated Sep 1856], HB.

BOUND WITH: Anonymous. Mathematical Science. John Cassell's Educational Course. No preliminary material, but the style is identical, so W. Kent and Co., London, nd [c1856]. The gathering numbers are not consecutive, but the volumes are bound together in a binding of the time and both names are on the spine.

Wells, Edward (1667-1727). Elementa Arithmeticæ Numerosæ et Speciosæ. In Usum Juventutis Academicæ. At the Sheldonian Theatre (i.e. OUP), Oxford, 1698, HB. With bookplates of Treadway Nash, then John, Lord Somers, then the Turner Collection. Turner D1.1. Purchased from Simon Finch's Catalogue 44.

Wells, Herbert George (1866 1946) – see: J. E. Mason; M. O'Neill;

Wentworth, G. A. A Grammar School Arithmetic. Revised edition. Ginn & Company, Boston, (1889), 1893, HB.

Wersky, Gary. The Visible College. DJ has: A collective biography of British scientists and socialists of the 1930s. Allen Lane, 1978, HB. [Bernal, J. B. S. Haldane, Hogben, Levy, Needham.]

Weschler, Lawrence. Mr. Wilson's Cabinet of Wonder. (Pantheon, NY, 1995); Vintage, NY, 1996.

Wessel, Caspar (1745-1818) – see: Meisen;

West, L. A. Agriculture Hand tools to Mechanization. Science Museum Illustrated Booklet. HMSO for Science Museum, 1967.

Westcott, G. F. The British Railway Locomotive A brief pictorial history of the first fifty years of the British steam railway locomotive 1803-1853. HMSO for Science Museum, 1958.

Westergaard, Harald. Contributions to the History of Statistics. (P. S. King & Son, London, 1932); Reprints of Economic Classics, Augustus M. Kelley, NY, 1969, HB.

Wexelblatt, Richard L., ed. History of Programming Languages. Based on the Conference of Jun 1978. Academic Press, 1981, HB.

Weyl, Hermann (1885-1985). David Hilbert and his mathematical work. BAMS 50 (1944) 612-654 – a shortened version appears in Constance Reid: Hilbert (qv), pp. 245-283.

Whalley, Francis. The Life of Ove Arup. Diamond Jubilee Lecture, Publication M16, British Cement Association, Crowthorne, Berks., 1995.

Wheatstone, Charles (1802-1875) – see: Bowers; Hubbard;

Wheeler, Margariete Montague. Mathematics Library – Elementary and Junior High School. 5th ed., NCTM, 1986. SEE ALSO: Schaaf; Wheeler & Hardgrove.

Wheeler, Margariete Montague & Hardgrove, Clarence Ethel. Mathematics Library – Elementary and Junior High School. NCTM, (1960; 1968; 1973); 4th ed., 1978. SEE ALSO: Schaaf; Wheeler.

Wheeler, Mortimer Eric (1890-1976) – see: R. W. Clark;

Whetham – see: Dampier-Whetham.

Whewell, William (1794-1866) – see: MacFarlane;

Whiffen, David H. (with major contributions by Donald H. Hey). The Royal Society of Chemistry: The First 150 Years. The Society, 1991, HB.

Whinney, Margaret. Wren. T&H, 1971, library boards, 216pp + covers.

Whipple Museum of the History of Science, Free School Lane, Cambridge, CB2 3RH.

Activity sheets, nd [obtained in 2001], each A3 folded to 4pp: Eye-Spy Trail; Puzzle It Out at the Whipple; The Whipple Museum Photo Trail.

Astrolabes in the Whipple Museum Collection. Whipple Museum of the History of Science, Cambridge, nd.

Postcard of Nicholas Saunderson. Printed by J. Salmon, Sevenoaks. No. 5 - 02 - 12 - 96.

An University Within Ourselves Sciences in Cambridge in the Eighteenth Century. [With the Dept. of History and Philosophy of Science.] Whipple Museum of the History of Science, Cambridge, 1998.

White, Andrew Dickson. A History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom. (Macmillan, 1896); Dover, in 2 vols., 1960,

White, J. G. History of the Three Royal Exchanges, the Gresham Lectures, and Gresham Almshouses. Effingham Wilson, London, 1896, HB.

White, Lynn, Jr. Medieval Technology and Social Change. OUP, (1962), PB, (1964), 1964, library boards.

White, T. Hedley. Dr. Thomas Sydenham (1624-1689). Dorset Worthies No. 17; Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society, Dorchester, 1984, 4pp.

Whitehead, Alfred North (1861-1947).

The Aims of Education and Other Essays. (Williams & Norgate, 1932); Ernest Benn, 2nd ed, (1950), 7th ptg, 1970.

SEE ALSO: Whittaker.

Whitemore, Hugh. Breaking the Code. Programmes for the play, based on Hodges' biography of Turing, at the Theatre Royal Haymarket, Nov 1986. Filed under Turing in History Books.

Whiteside, D. T. The Mathematical Principles underlying Newton's Principia Mathematica. Glasgow Univ. Publication 138, Univ. of Glasgow, 1970.

Whitrow, Gerald J., ed. Einstein – The Man and His Achievement. Texts of three broadcast discussions on the BBC. British Broadcasting Corp., London, 1967, HB. Inscribed: To Dr. Coblans, With many thanks and best wishes, G. J. Whitrow Dec. 1967.

Whittaker, Edmund Taylor (1873-1956).

Alfred North Whitehead 1861-1947. Obituary Notices of Fellows of the Royal Society 6 (Nov 1948) plate + 281-296. Reprint with covers. Inscribed: With the author's compliments & kind regards.

From Euclid to Eddington. A Study of Conceptions of the External World. CUP, 1949, HB. Eric Aiton's copy, with his signature.

SEE also: Houston;

Whittle, Frank (1907- ) – see: Crowther;

Whitworth, Joseph (1803-1887) – see: IME;

Wieleitner, H. Der Begriff der Zahl in seiner logischen und historischen Entwicklung. Teubner, 1911, HB.

SEE ALSO: Günther & Wieleitner.

Wiener, Norbert (1894-1964).

Ex-Prodigy My Childhood and Youth. (S&S, 1953); MIT Press, PB, 1964.

God & Golem, Inc. A Comment on Certain Points where Cybernetics Impinges on Religion. MIT Press, (1964), PB, (1966), 3rd PB ptg, 1973.

I Am a Mathematician The Later Life of a Prodigy An autobiographical account of the mature years and career of Norbert Wiener and a continuation of the account of his childhood in Ex-Prodigy. (Doubleday, 1956); MIT Press, PB, 1964.

SEE also: Browder, Spanier & Gerstenhaber;

Wilder, Raymond L.

Evolution of Mathematical Concepts An Elementary Study. (Wiley, 1968); Transworld Student Edition, 1974.

Introduction to the Foundations of Mathematics. Wiley, NY & C&H, London, 1952, HB.

Mathematics as a Cultural System. Pergamon, 1981, HB.

Wilhelm, Peter. The Nobel Prize. Springwood Books, 1983, HB.

Wilkins, John (1614-1672) – see: Crowther; H. Hartley;

Wilkinson, John (1728-1808) – see: IME;

Willcolkes, Doctor; Fryer, Thomas & Fryer, Thomas W. The United New and Much Admired System of Arithmetic and Mental Calculations, of Doctor Willcolkes and Messrs. T. and T. W. Fryer; Being the Result of Many Years' Study. Ninth Edition, Much Enlarged and Carefully Revised. Henry Mozley and Sons, Derby, 1847, HB, lacking pp. 31-32. [The contents on pp. 205-211 is headed Eighth Edition! The 2nd ed was 1836. The 7th ed. was 1843.]

Williams, Harley. Masters of Medicine. Pan, 1954.

Williams, S. Ewart. Stories of Mathematics. Evans, 1953, HB.

Williams, Trevor I. Our Scientific Heritage An A-Z of Great Britain and Ireland. Sutton Publishing, Stroud, 1996, HB.

Williamson, Rajkumari. The Making of Physicists. Adam Hilger, 1987, HB.

Willis, Thomas (1621-1675) – see: H. Hartley;

Wilsdon, R. E., compiler. Historical Transport Guide 1976/77. IPC Transport Press for the Transport Trust, 1976?

Wilson, Alistair Macintosh. The Infinite in the Finite. OUP, 1995.

Wilson, Anthony.

The Science Museum. [Illustrated Guide.] The Science Museum, 1988, 48pp + covers.

Guide to The Science Museum. The Science Museum, 1991, 48 pp + covers.

SEE ALSO: Science Museum.

Wilson, Anthony & Watt, Sue. Launch Pad – book to accompany the exhibit. Science Museum, 1986.

Wilson, Charles H. & Reader, William J. Men and Machines A History of D. Napier & Son, Engineers, Ltd 1808-1958. Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1958, HB.

Wilson, Charles Thomson Rees (1869-1959) – see: Crowther;

Wilson, Colin. Starseekers. H&S, 1980, HB. Inscribed, signed and presented by the author.

Wilson, Edward Adrian (1872 1912) – see: Seaver.

Wilson, G. B. L. – see: Science Museum.

Wilson, P. W. The Romance of the Calendar. Allen & Unwin, 1937, HB.

Wilson, Robin J. Four Colours Suffice How the Map Problem was Solved. Allen Lane (Penguin), 2002, HB, inscribed and signed by author. Purchased at LMS/BSHM meeting on 23 Oct 2002, the 150th anniversary of Frederick Guthrie telling Augustus De Morgan about the problem which his brother Francis had posed. De Morgan included the problem in a letter to William Rowan Hamilton later in the day.

Wilson, R. McNair. British Medicine. Britain in Pictures series. Collins, 1941, HB.

Winchester, Simon. The Map that Changed the World William Smith and the Birth of Modern Geology. HarperCollins, 2001, HB. Present from Antoinette DeVereWhite.

Wingate, Edmund (1596-1656). As below, but lacking covers, TP, and some final pages, so details uncertain. Librarian's note suggests this is the 7th ed. of 1678 which would be the fourth and last of Kersey's versions – it certainly has no further additions. Ends on p. 344 (misprinted 443), which is in the middle of the 3rd section of the 11 sections in Kersey's Appendix. Pp. 180-199 have been skipped with no apparent loss of text. [First appeared in 1629. Kersey began editing from the second or third (1658) ed. and did four versions, the last in 1678. c1700, Shelley added a Supplement. Each editor has clearly marked what he has done. About 1750, James Dodson reorganized the text. Wingate also produced an Arithmetique Made Easy, the Second Book containing a perfect method ... of artifical arithmetique, performed by logarithms, etc., 2nd ed, 1652. Gaskell's Catalogue 13 of 1995 describes the 1678 ed. as 12 + 544 pp. Wallis has: 5th ed., 1670; 8th ed., 1689; 11th ed., 1704; 13th ed., 1713; 16th ed., 1735; 18th ed., 1751.]

Wingate, Edmund (1596-1656). Mr. Wingate's Arithmetick; Containing A Plain and Familiar Method For Attaining the Knowledge and Practice of Common Arithmetick. The Tenth Edition, very much Enlarged. First Composed by Edmund Wingate, late of Gray's-Inn, Esquire. Afterwards, upon Mr. Wingate's Request, Enlarged in his Life-time: Also since his Decease carefully Revised, and much Improved; ... By John Kersey, late Teacher of the Mathematicks. J. Philips, J. Taylor & J. Knapton, London, 1699, HB – bottom corner of Pp. 1-2 torn off with some loss of words. Apparently identical to the 1678? above, reset but with the same pagination throughout except for the Dedication. 12 + 544 pp. Pp. 181-200 have been skipped with no apparent loss of text.

Wingate, Edmund (1596-1656). Mr. Wingate's Arithmetick: Containing A Plain and Familiar Method For Attaining the Knowledge and Practice of Common Arithmetick. Composed by Edmund Wingate, of Gray's-Inn, Esq; And, upon his Request, Inlarged in his Life-Time; also since his Decease carefully Revis'd, and much Improv'd; ... By John Kersey, late Teacher of the Mathematicks, and now exactly Corrected by John Kersey, the last Author's Son. The Fourteenth Edition. With A New Supplement; of Easie Contractions in the necessary Parts of Arithmetick; Useful Tables of Interest, and Flemish Exchanges; as also Practical Mensuration, By George Shelley, Writing-Master of Christ's-Hospital. J. Philips, J. Taylor & J. Knapton, London, 1720. HB. 8 + 448 pp. [John Kersey was (1616-1677).]

Wingate, Edmund (1596-1656). A Plain and Familiar Method for Attaining the Knowledge and Practice of Common Arithmetic. Containing All the Useful Rules both in Whole Numbers, and Fractions, Vulgar and Decimal, Extraction of the Square and and Cube-Roots, Simple and Compound Interest, Annuities, &c. delivered in a more practical and correct Manner, than in any Work hitherto extant. 19th ed., previous ed. by John Kersey (1616-1677) and George Shell(e)y, now by James Dodson. C. Hitch and L. Hawes, and R. Baldwin, ...; A. Miller, ...; John Rivington, ...; and S. Crowder and Co., 1760, HB. 10 + 414 pp. [Dodson has reorganised all the material.]

Winsor, Frederick. The Space Child's Mother Goose. Ill. by Marian Parry. (S&S, 1958); reprinted by Purple House Press, Keller, Texas, 2001, no. 61 of 250 copies signed by the illustrator.

Winstanley, Henry (1644-1703) – see: A. Barnes;

Winter, H. J. J. Eastern Science An Outline of its Scope and Contribution. Murray, 1952, HB.

Withers, Hartley. Pioneers of British Life Assurance. Staples Press for the United Kingdom Provident Institution, 1951, HB.

Withington, Roger. The New £20 Note and Michael Faraday. With historical notes on Faraday compiled by B. R. James. Debden Security Printing, Loughton, Essex (for Bank of England), 1991.

Wittgenstein, Ludwig (1889-1951) – see: Leitner; Monk;

Witting, Alexander & Gebhardt, Martin. Beispiele zur Geschichte der Mathematik II. Mathematisch-Physikalische Bibliothek Band 15. Teubner, (1913?), 2nd, improved ed, 1923.

Wolff, Kathryn & Storey, Jill. AAAS Science Book List Supplement. A Selected and Annotated List of Science and Mathematics Books which Supplements the AAAS Science Book List (3rd ed.; 1970) for Secondary School Students, College Undergraduates, Teachers and Nonspecialist Readers. Amer. Assoc. for the Advancement of Science, Washington, 1978, HB. See: Deason for the 3rd ed.

Wolff, Peter. Breakthroughs in Mathematics. Signet, 1963.

Wood, Alexander.

The Cavendish Laboratory. CUP, 1946, HB, 59pp.

Thomas Young Natural Philosopher 1773-1829. Completed by Frank Oldham. With a Memoir of Alexander Wood by Charles E. Raven. CUP, 1954, HB.

Wood, H. J. Exploration and Discovery. (Hutchinson, 1951); Grey Arrow (Hutchinson), 1958.

Wood, James (1760-1839). The Elements of Algebra: Designed for the Use of Students in the University. (Originally the first volume of a six volume set: The Principles of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy designed for the Use of Students in the University; J. Burges, Cambridge, 1810.) 6th ed., J. Smith, Cambridge, 1815, HB. (7th ed was 1820; 10th was 1835; 15th was 1857.)

Wood, James (1760-1839). The Elements of Algebra: Designed for the Use of Students in the University. Thirteenth Edition, Carefully Revised and Much Enlarged by Thomas Lund. John W. Parker (= CUP) for J. & J. J. Deighton, et al., 1848, HB.

Wood, James (1760-1839). The Elements of Algebra Designed for the Use of Students in the University. Fifteenth Edition, Carefully Revised and Much Enlarged by Thomas Lund. Longman, Brown, Green, Longmans, and Roberts, London, 1857, HB.

Wood, James (1760-1839). The Elements of Algebra. Re-modelled, simplified, and adapted for general use in schools – with numerous exercises, examples and university examination papers. Part II. For the Candidates of the Indian Universities. By P. Ghosh. Thacker, Spink, and Co., Calcutta, et al., 1881, HB.


Woodcroft, Bennet.

The Pneumatics of Hero of Alexandria from the original Greek Translated and Edited by Bennet Woodcroft Professor of Machinery in University College London. Taylor Walton and Maberly, London, 1851, HB.

Facsimile edition with Intro. by Marie Boas Hall, Macdonald, London & American Elsevier, NY, 1971. Includes reproductions of the illustrations from the oldest known MS of the work, Marcianus 516, Library of S. Marco, Venice. MISSING, CAN'T FIND.

Also PHOTOCOPY of complete book except the half-title on p. I. Pp. II - 121 are at 93% of original size; later pages (the illustrations) are 100%.

SEE ALSO: Hewish;

Woodham-Smith, Cecil. Florence Nightingale 1820-1910. (1951.) Revised and slightly abridged, (Penguin, 1955); Fontana, (1964), 4th ptg, 1970.

Woodhams, Ken. On the Trail of Iguanodon. Proc. Croydon Nat. Hist. Scient. Soc. 18:2 (Mar 1990) 45-68, separately printed, with covers, by the Society, 1990.

Woodward, L. T. The History of Surgery A Fascinating Study Of The Miracles Of Surgery From Primitive Times To The Present Day. Monarch Books, Derby, Connecticut, 1963.

Woolley, Benjamin. The Queen's Conjuror The Science and Magic of Dr Dee. HarperCollins, (2001), 2nd ptg, HB. [The PB version has subtitle: The Life and Magic of Dr Dee.]

Wray, E. M. Historical Scientific Instruments from the Collection of the Department of Physics, University of St. Andrews. A Guide to Selected Exhibits. Dept. of Physics, Univ. of St. Andrews, 1984, 24pp + covers.

Wren, Christopher (1632-1723) – see: Crowther; Dutton; H. Hartley; Hutchings; Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge; Summerson;

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Wright, John Martin Frederick. An Elementary Treatise on the Theory of Numbers; from the Private Tutor. W. P. Grant, Cambridge, 1831, HB.

Wright, Lawrence.

Home Fires Burning The History of Domestic Heating and Cooking. R&KP, 1964, HB.

Warm and Snug. The History of the Bed. R&KP, 1962, HB.

Wright, Wilbur (1867-1912) & Orville (1871-1948) – see: Crowther; Wymer;

Wucherer, Gustav Friedrich. Die Grossenlehre, für Realschulen populär bearbeitet. Des zweyten Theile, welcher die Raumlehre enthält, erster Cursus. Macklot's Hofbuchhandlung, Carlsruhe, 1812.

Wussing, Hans.

Adam Ries. Einblicke in die Wissenschaft. 2nd ed., Teubner & Verlag der Fachvereine Zürich, 1992.

Mathematik in der Antike Mathematik in der Periode der Sklavenhaltergesellschaft. Teubner, 1962, HB. P. H. Nidditch's copy, with his signature.

Wussing, Hans & Arnold, Wolfgang, eds. Biographien bedeutender Mathematiker. Eine Sammlung von Biographien. 2nd ed., Volk und Wissen Volkseigener Verlag, Berlin, 1978, HB.

Wykes, Alan.

Doctor Cardano, Physician Extraordinary. Muller, 1969, HB.

There are many dubious statements in this book. On pp. 81-82, the description of the Tartaglia - Fiore contest is wrong. On pp. 83-84, the author implies that Cardano discovered the solution of the cubic for himself when Tartaglia refused to give it to him and that Cardan published it in his Practica Arithmetice of 1539 (rather than Ars Magna of 1545). He attributes Tartaglia's slowness in publishing to copyright problems [p. 84]. He ignores the whole history of the Cardan-Tartaglia affair and grossly distorts it [pp. 111 & 115-118]. Most importantly, he casts Tartaglia in the role of Cardan's implacable enemy ever after, until 1577 [p. 176], while Tartaglia dies in 1557. He gives a long quote from Tartaglia, dated 1570(!) on p. 174, but there is no source given, despite the footnote 2. All this gives a distorted perspective to much of the book. There are also a number of small errors of detail which make one very suspicious of the author's treatment and accuracy.

Eccentric Doctors. Mowbrays, 1975, HB.

Wymer, Norman.

Alexander Fleming. Lives of Great Men and Women. Series IV: Medical Scientists and Doctors, No. 7 (see below). OUP, nd, [c1958].

From Marconi to Telstar. The Story of Radio. Longmans, 1966, HB.

Great Inventors. Lives of Great Men and Women. Series III. OUP, 1957, HB. This is a compilation of 8 separate booklets, separately paginated. [Bessemer; Braille; Daimler; Edison; Marconi; G. Stephenson; J, Watt, Wright Brothers.]

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