Books on history of mathematics, science and technology

Aubrey, John – see: Keynes;

Augarten, Stan. Bit by Bit. An Illustrated History of Computers. George Allen & Unwin, London, 1984.

Austen, Brian; Cox, Don & Upton, John, eds. Sussex Industrial Archaeology A Field Guide. Phillimore & Co., Chichester, 1985.

BAAS – see: British Association for the Advancement of Science.

Babbage, Charles (1792-1871).

The Ninth Bridgewater Treatise. A Fragment. (Murray, London, 1837; 2nd ed., 1838). With index, Frank Cass, London, 1967, HB.

Passages from the Life of a Philosopher. (Longman, Green, Longman, Roberts & Green, London, 1864); Augustus M. Kelley, NY, 1969, HB; ed. by Martin Campbell-Kelly, Pickering & Chatto, 1991.

Reflections on the Decline of Science in England, and on Some of Its Causes. B. Fellowes & J. Booth, London, (1830); facsimile by Irish Univ. Press, Shannon, 1971, HB.

SEE: Adam Matthew for a list of his papers in the BL.

SEE ALSO: Bowden; Buxton; Crowther; Dubbey; Hyman; IBM (UK); Lindgren; MacFarlane; P. & E. Morrison; M. Moseley; North; Scientific American; Swade; Totnes Elizabethan Museum;

Bacon, Francis (1561 1626) – see: Harré; Macaulay;

Bacon, Roger (c1214-1294) – see: Dales; H. & D. L. Thomas;

Badami, Jagannath V. Musings on Arithmetical Numbers Plus Delightful Magic Squares. Published by the author, Bangalore, India, nd [Preface dated 9 Sep 1999].

Baekeland, Leo – see: Plastics and Rubber Institute;

Bag, Amulya Kumar.

Mathematics in Ancient and Medieval India. Chaukhambha Orientalia, Varanasi, Delhi, 1979, HB.

SEE ALSO: Chattopadhyaya & Kumar;

Baggott, Jim. Perfect Symmetry The Accidental Discovery of Buckmasterfullerene. (1994); PB ed, 1996.

Bailey, Edward.

Charles Lyell. British Men of Science Series. Nelson, 1962, HB.

Geological Survey of Great Britain. Thomas Murby, London, 1952, HB.

Bailly, Jean Sylvain (1736-1793) – see: Arago;

Baily, Francis (1774 1844) – see: Horton-Smith;

Baird, John Logie (1888 1946) – see: Hallett; Hutchinson; S. Moseley;

Baire, René Louis (1874-1932) – see: Lebesgue;

Baker, Benjamin (1840-1907) – see: Rolt;

Baker, E. C. Sir William Preece F.R.S. Victorian Engineer Extraordinary. Hutchinson, 1976, HB.

Baker, R. New and Improved. Inventors and Inventions that have Changed the Modern World. British Museum Publications, 1976, HB.

Baldwin, Ernest. Gowland Hopkins A memoir on the discovery of vitamins. Van den Berghs Ltd, London, nd [c1950].

Ball, Philip. More Than Meets the Eye at the V&A a self-guided tour around the V&A galleries, taking visitors through a series of eye-openers which reveal the interplay between artistic expression, scientific understanding and technological innovation. Catalogue for an exhibition devised by the Royal Society, Nature and the V&A, 6 Sep to 3 Nov 2000. 24pp + covers.

BALL, Walter William Rouse (1850-1925).

Cambridge Papers. Macmillan, 1918, HB. (The 2nd ed. was: Cambridge Notes; Heffer, 1921.)

Elementary Algebra. CUP, 2nd ed., 1897.

A History of the Study of Mathematics at Cambridge. CUP, 1889, HB.

A Primer of the History of Mathematics. Macmillan, (1895); 2nd ed., (1903), 7th issue (= 6th ptg of 2nd ed.), 1930, HB.

A Short Account of the History of Mathematics. Macmillan, 1888, HB. (2nd ed., 1893; 3rd ed., 1901;) 4th ed., (1908), reprinted by Dover, 1960. (The Dover says the 4th was the last edition, but an obituary refers to a 6th ed., 1915, and Trinity Library has entries dated 1922 and 1924.)

Translated into French as: Histoire des Mathématiques, from the 3rd English ed. by L. Freund, 'revue et augmentée', 2 vols., Hermann, 1906-1907, HB. (This considerably extends the English ed. of 520pp to 700 large pages. I have seen a 1927 printing cited.)

Trinity College Cambridge. College History Series, Dent & Dutton, 1906, HB.

SEE ALSO: Singmaster - Proceedings.

BALL, Walter William Rouse et al. String Figures and Other Monographs; Chelsea, (1960 – BNC69), 1969, HB. Contains:

Ball, Walter William Rouse. String Figures. (Heffer.)

Cajori, Florian (1859-1930). A History of the Logarithmic Slide Rule. (Engineering News Publishing Co.)

Carslaw, Horatio Scott (1870-1954). Non-Euclidean Plane Geometry and Trigonometry. (Longmans,

Green & Co.)

Petersen, J. Methods and Theories for the Solution of Problems of Geometrical Construction. (Andr. Fred.

Host & Son.).

Ball, William – see: H. Hartley;

Balmer, Johann Jakob – see: Schroeter;

Bankoff, George. The Conquest of Pain. The Story of Anaesthesia. Macdonald, London, nd [c1942], HB.

Banks, Joseph (1743 1820).

Leaflet describing the Sir Joseph Banks Archive Project, from the BMNH & RS.

SEE ALSO: Brougham; Cameron; Lyte;

Banks, Robert B.

Slicing Pizzas, Racing Turtles, and Further Adventures in Applied Mathematics. PUP, (1999), PB, 2002, Present from Rob Eastaway.

Towing Icebergs, Falling Dominoes, and Other Adventures in Applied Mathematics. PUP, 1998.

Banting – see: H. & D. L. Thomas;

Barbaro, Daniele. La Practica della Perspectiva. Camillo & Rutilio Borgominieri, Venice, (1569); facsimile by Arnaldo Forni, 1980, HB. [The facsimile's TP doesn't have the publication details, but they are given in the colophon. Various catalogues say there are several versions with dates on the TP and colophon varying independently between 1568 and 1569. A version has both dates being 1568, so this is presumed to be the first appearance. Another version has an undated title in an elaborate border and this facsimile must be from that version.]

Barber, A. J.; Howell, A. & Thackray, J. Guide to the Society's Apartments. Geological Society, nd [late 1980s], 12pp.

Barbieri, Francesco & Pepe, Luigi. Bibliografia Italiana di Storia delle matematiche 1961-1990. (Originally in Bolletino di storia delle matematiche 12:1 (Jun 1992)); separately printed by Editrice Compositori, no place, 1992?, sent by Luigi Pepe, with his card inside.

Barclay, A.

Chemistry A Brief Outline of its History and Development. [TP is headed Pure Chemistry.] Part I – Historical Review. HMSO for Science Museum, 1937.

Chemistry Handbook of the Collections Illustrating Pure Chemistry. [TP title omits the first 'Chemistry'.] Part II – Descriptive Catalogue. HMSO for Science Museum, 1937.

Industrial Chemistry Handbook of the Collections Illustrating Industrial Chemistry. [TP title omits the first 'Industrial Chemistry'.] HMSO for Science Museum, 1929.

Barlow, Fred. Mental Prodigies. Hutchinson, (1951); amended, 1952, HB.

Barlow, Peter (1776-1862). A New Mathematical and Philosophical Dictionary: Comprising An Explanation of the Terms and Principles of Pure and Mixed Mathematics, and such branches of Natural Philosophy as are susceptible of Mathematical Investigation. With Historical Sketches of the Rise, Progress, and Present State of the Several Departments of These Sciences. And an account of the Discoveries and Writings of the Most Celebrated Authors, Both ancient and Modern. G. & S. Robinson and five copublishers, London, 1814, HB. Turner H6.6, with bookplate of Hugh Lee Pattinson.

Barlow, Peter (1776-1862); Lardner, Dionysius (1793-1859) & Anonymous. Pp. 369-671 of an encyclopedia, J. Mawman, London. 1826, separately bound, HB. Spine is partly missing, but remainder has: Barlow's Theory of Numbers on it.

Pp. 369-523 are: Anonymous; Arithmetic.

Pp. 524-631 are: Lardner; Algebra.

Pp. 632-641 are: Lardner; Geometrical Analysis.

Pp. 642-671 are: Barlow; Theory of Numbers.

After p. 523 are some plates with the following at the bottom: "Published as the Act directs April 1st 1826 by J. Mawman Ludgate Street."

Barnard, Frederick A. P. A Treatise on Arithmetic, Designed Particularly as a Text Book for Classes, in which the Principles of the Science are Inductively Developed, and Rendered Simple by Modes of Illustration, Devised after Careful Observation and Actual Experiment in the School Room; Combining Written Arithmetic with Copious Mental Exercises, and Containing a Variety of Useful Practical Abbreviations in Calculation, not Found in Any Similar Work: Adapted to the Federal Currency, and Rendered Entertaining to the Pupil, by a Great Variety of Amusing Problems, Involving the Principles Illustrated: The Whole Constituting the Most Complete System of Practical Arithmetic, now before the Public. Packard & Butler, Hartford[, Connecticut], 1830, HB.

Barnes, Alison. Henry Winstanley Artist, Inventor and Lighthouse-builder 1644-1703. Tourist Information Services and Saffron Walden Museum, Uttlesford District Council & Plymouth City Museum & Art Gallery, 2003, 28pp + covers.

Barnes, John. Barnes Museum of Cinematography Catalogue of the Collection Part 2 Optical Projection. The Barnes Museum of Cinematography, Saint Ives, Cornwall, 1970.

Barnes-Svarney, Patricia, ed. The New York Public Library Science Desk Reference. Stonesong Press (Macmillan), NY, 1995.

Barnett, Lincoln. The Universe and Dr. Einstein. (Harper, 1948); revised, 1950; Mentor, (1952), 4th ptg, 1953.

Baron, Cyril F. Doctor at the Bar. Johnson Publications, London, 1977, HB.

Barrow, Isaac (1630 1677). See: D. E. Smith.

Barrow, John D. Pi in the Sky Counting, thinking and being. (OUP, 1992); Penguin, 1993, 4th ptg.

Bartsch, Hans-Jochen. Mathematische Formeln. VEB Fachbuchverlag, Leipzig, 13th ed, 1973.

Barty-King, Hugh. Girdle Round the Earth The story of Cable and Wireless and its predecessors to mark the group's jubilee 1929-1979. Heinemann, 1979, HB.

Basalla, George; Coleman, William & Kargon, Robert H. Victorian Science A Self-Portrait from the Presidential Addresses to the British Association for the Advancement of Science. Anchor (Doubleday), 1970.

Bashmakova, Isabella Grigoryevna. Diophantus and Diophantine Equations. (Nauke, Moscow, 1972.) Translated by Abe Shenitzer, assisted by Hardy Grant. Updated by Joseph Silverman. DME 20, MAA, 1997.

Basilius Valentinus. The Triumphal Chariot of Antimony. With the Commentary of Theodore Kerckringius, a Doctor of Medicine. Translated from the Latin 1685 Amsterdam edition, with Biographical Preface by Arthur Edward Waite. Kessinger Publishing Co., Kila, Montana, nd [1990s?, bought in 2001].

Bass, A. A. Inventions and Discoveries. Ill. by Peter Edwards. Young Learner Books. C&W, 1963, HB.

Bateson, William (1861-1926) – see: Crowther;

Baumgardt, Carola. Johannes Kepler: Life and Letters. Intro. by Albert Einstein. Philosophical Library, NY, 1951, HB.

Bäumler, Ernst. In Search of the Magic Bullet. Great Adventures in Modern Drug Research. (Econ-Verlag, Düsseldorf, 1963.) T&H, 1965, HB.

Baxandall, D., revised by Pugh, Jane. Calculating Machines and Instruments. Catalogue of the Collections in the Science Museum. Science Museum, (1926), revised, 1975.

Baxter, Raymond & Burke, James. Ed. by Michael Latham.

Tomorrow's World. BBC, (1970), 3rd ptg, 1971, HB.

Tomorrow's World second volume. BBC, 1971, HB.

BBC – see: British Broadcasting Corporation.

Beach, Peter. The History of Horsley Towers. PB Publishing, Woking, 1998. 32pp + covers.

Beale, Norman & Elaine. Who was Ingen Housz, Anyway? Calne Town Council, Calne, Wiltshire, 1999, 40pp + covers.

Bear, Magdalen. Days, Months & Years. A perpetual calendar for the past, present and future. Tarquin, (1989), 1996.

Beaujouan, Guy – see: Noël.

Beaver, Patrick. A History of Tunnels. Peter Davies, London, 1972, HB.

Becker, Gerhard. Das Rechnen mit Münze, Mass und Gewicht seit Adam Ries. Schuleinschreibebücher aus Niedersachsen Textband. Heft 21 in: Materialen & Studien zur Alltagsgeschichte und Volkskultur Niedersachsens. Museumsdorf Cloppenburg Niedersächsisches Freilichtmuseum, Cloppenburg, 1994, HB.

Beckert, Herbert & Purkert, Walter, ed. Leipziger mathematische Antrittsvorlesungen Auswahl aus den Jahren 1869-1922. Teubner, 1987. [W. Blaschke*, F. Engel, F. Hausdorff*, F. Klein*, L. Lichtenstein, S. Lie*, H. Liebmann, C. Neumann – the starred names are cross-referenced to this entry.]

Beckert, Herbert & Schumann, Horst. 100 Jahre Mathematisches Seminar der Karl Marx Universität Leipzig. VEB Deutscher Verlag der Wissenschaften, DDR, 1981, HB. Present from the Mathematics Department when I visited Leipzig.

Beckmann, John (1739-1811). A History of Inventions, Discoveries, and Origins. (As: Beyträge zur Geschichte der Erfindungen, 1777.) Translated by William Johnston, (in 3 vols, 1797; 2nd ed, in 4 vols, 1814). Fourth Edition, carefully revised and enlarged by William Francis and J. W. Griffith. Bohn, London, 1846, 2 vols., HB.

Beckmann, Petr. A History of Pi. Golem Press, Boulder, Colorado, (1970); 2nd ed., 1971, HB.

de Beer, Gavin.

Charles Darwin Evolution by Natural Selection. British Men of Science series, Nelson, 1963, HB.

Sir Hans Sloane and the British Museum. OUP for British Museum, 1953, HB.

de Beer, Gavin & Turton, R. M. John Turton, F.R.S. 1735-1806. Notes and Records of the Royal Society of London 12:1 (Aug 1956) plate + 77-97 and covers.

Bekken, Otto B.

Equações de Ahmes até Abel. Translated by José Paulo Quinhões Carneiro (from Bekken's Una Historia Breve del Algebra). Universidade Santa Úrsula, GEPEM, 1994. Present from Tom Henley.

Matematik i Utvikling Bok I Tallsystemets røtter. (In Norwegian.) Agder Distriktshøgskole, Fagseksjon for matematikk, Skrifter: 1984: 6. Present from Tom Henley.

On the problem of the reals - the problem of limits. An appendix to my "Una Historia Breve del Algebra". Agder Distriktshøgskole, Fagseksjon for matematikk, Skrifter: 1984: 3. Present from Tom Henley.

Readings from the Hindu Arithmetic and Algebra. Agder Distriktshøgskole, Fagseksjon for matematikk, Skrifter: 1984: 5. Present from Tom Henley.

Themes from the History of algebra. Agder Distriktshøgskole, Fagseksjon for matematikk, Skrifter: 1984: 4. Present from Tom Henley.

Una Historia Breve del Algebra. Sociedad Matemática Peruana, Lima, Peru, 1983. Present from Tom Henley.

Bell, A. E. Christian Huygens and The Development of Science in the Seventeenth Century. Edward Arnold, 1947, HB.

BELL, Eric Temple (1883-1960).

[As: John Taine]. Before the Dawn. (Williams & Wilkins, Baltimore, 1934.) IN: The Portable Novels of Science; ed. Donald A. Wollheim; Viking Press, NY, 1945, HB.

The Development of Mathematics. (1940); 2nd ed., McGraw-Hill, 1945, HB.

The Last Problem. S&S, 1961, HB. Revised by Underwood Dudley, MAA, 1990.

The Magic of Numbers. McGraw Hill, 1946, HB.

Mathematics: Queen and Servant of Science. McGraw Hill, 1951; Bell, (1952), 1961, HB. (Combination and expansion of: The Queen of the Sciences and The Handmaiden of the Sciences, both Williams and Wilkins, 1931 & 1937.)

Men of Mathematics. S&S, (1937); SBC, nd [1939], HB with obituary of Bell inserted. S&S, 1st PB ptg, 1961 (present from Geralda Singmaster, 1961).

Numerology. The Century Co. (Williams and Wilkins), New York, 1933, HB.

The Queen of the Sciences. Williams & Wilkins, Baltimore, 1931, HB.

The Search for Truth. Allen & Unwin, London, (1935), 1946, HB.

SEE ALSO: Laplace, Reid.

Bell, Steve. The RGO Guide to the 1999 Total Eclipse of the Sun. Foreword by Patrick Moore. (HMSO for Royal Greenwich Observatory, 1996); Nautical Almanac Office, Royal Greenwich Observatory, Cambridge, 1997, 288pp + covers with viewing spectacles.

Bellman, Richard.

A Collection of Modern Mathematical Classics Analysis. Dover, 1961.

Eye of the Hurricane an autobiography. World Scientific, Singapore, 1984.

Belloli, Jay, ed. The Universe A Convergence of Art, Music, and Science. [Catalogue for a group of exhibitions and concerts in Pasadena and San Marino, Sep 2000 - Jun 2001.] Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena, 2001.

Bendick, Jeanne. Archimedes and the Door of Science. Franklin Watts, London, (1962), 2nd ptg, 1971, HB.

Maestro Benedetto da Firenze.

La Reghola de Algebra Amuchable dal Codice L.IV.21 della Biblioteca Comunale di Siena. 1463. Edited by Lucia Salomone. Quaderni del Centro Studi della Matematica Medioevale, No. 2. Servizio Editorale dell'Università de Siena, 1982.

SEE also: de' Mazzinghi; Biagio; Giovanni di Bartolo;

Benfey, O. Theodor, chairman. Kekulé Centennial A symposium ... at the 150th Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Atlantic City, N. J., Sept. 15-16, 1965. American Chemical Society, Washington, DC, 1966, HB. 8 + 198 pp. Discard from Corpus Christi College, Oxford.

Bennett, J. A.

Catalogue of the Archives and Manuscripts of the Royal Astronomical Society. Memoirs of the Royal Astronomical Society 85 (1978) 1-90.

Science at the Great Exhibition. [To accompany an exhibition.] Whipple Museum of the History of Science, Cambridge, 1983.

Bennett, J. A. & Brown, Oliva. The Compleat Surveyor. To accompany a special exhibition at the Whipple Museum of the History of Science, Cambridge, 1982. The Museum, 1982.

Bennett, Jim [probably = the above ??]. The Measurers. A Flemish Image of Mathematics in the Sixteenth Century. [Exhibition catalogue.] Museum of the History of Science, Oxford, 1995.

Benson, Anna P. Textile Machines. Shire Album 103. Shire, 1983.

Bentham, George (1800 1884) – see: Jackson.

Berggren, J. Lennart. Episodes in the Mathematics of Medieval Islam. Springer, NY, 1986, HB.

Berggren, J. Lennart; Borwein, Jonathan & Borwein, Peter. Pi: A Source Book. Springer, 1997, HB. Copy from publisher as payment for using an article of mine.

Berggren, Tasoula, ed. Proceedings of the Fourteenth Annual Meeting. Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Mathematics. May 1988. Plastic ringbound.

Beric Tempest & Co (St. Ives, Cornwall). Colour postcard of the Church of St. Laurence, Upton, Slough, where William Herschel was married and buried.

Berkeley, George (1685 1753) – see: Houghton.

Berkshire, Frank. Floating, Spinning, Tumbling. LMS Popular Lectures, 1999, videotape produced by mathMedia (John Jaworski) for the LMS, c60 min.

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