Books on history of mathematics, science and technology

Also contained in: Folkerts.

Translated and annotated by John Hadley and David Singmaster as: Problems to Sharpen the Young. (Math. Gaz. 76 (No. 475) (Mar 1992) 102-126.) Revised as: Technical Report SBU-CISM-95-18, School of Computing, Information Systems, and Mathematics, South Bank University, Oct 1995, 28pp; slightly extended reprint, Jan 1998, 28pp. FILED UNDER Alcuin in History books.

Translated and annotated by Menso Folkerts & Helmuth Gericke as: Die alkuin zugeschreibenen Propositiones ad Acuendos Juvenes (Aufgaben zur Schärfung des Geistes der Jugend). IN: P. L. Butzer & D. Lohrmann, eds.; Science in Western and Eastern Civilization in Carolingian Times; Birkhäuser, 1993, pp. 283-362. Offprint FILED UNDER Alcuin in History books.

SEE ALSO: Allott.

Al-Daffa', Ali Abdullah. The Muslim Contribution to Mathematics. Croom Helm, London & Humanities Press, Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey, 1977, HB.

Aldersey-Williams, Hugh. The Most Beautiful Molecule. An Adventure in Chemistry. Aurum Press, London, 1995, HB. (About C60 or Buckminsterfullerene, in the shape of the truncated icosahedron.)

Aleff, Margaret & Peter. The Labyrinth Game (The Story of the Phaistos Disc). Published by the authors, Cumberland, Rhode Island, 1984. Gift of the authors.

d'Alembert, Jean le Rond (1717-1783), et al. Encyclopédie Méthodique. Mathématiques, Par MM. d'Alembert, l'Abbé Bossut, de la Lande, le Marquis de Condorcet, &c. Panckoucke, Paris & Ploteux, Liège, Four volumes. 1784, 1785, 1789/1792, 1797?, HB. Turner F5.13/1-4. Since this work comes in many forms, I give details below. Panckoucke's Représentations in Vol. 3 imply this is a 3 volume work and Vol. 4 definitely seems to be from a different version of the work. An inserted note gives the detailed catalogue entry for another copy in the With Turner Collection. This says the 3 volume work was issued with alternative TPs, one as above and another with title: Dictionnaire Encyclopédique des Mathématiques.

Vol. 1, labelled A on spine. Half title for entire work, backed by list of authors; TP; Discours Préliminaire, pp. i cxiv; entries: A – E, pp. 1-721, with Errata on p. 722.

Vol. 2, labelled F on spine. Half title for entire work, backed by list of authors; TP; the list of authors is slightly different and the TP has an additional author, Charles, inserted after Condorcet; entries: F – R , pp. 1-787.

Vol. 3, labelled S on spine. Half title for entire work, backed by list of authors; TP; the list of authors is slightly different and the TP has an additional author, Charles, inserted after Condorcet; entries: S – Z, pp. 1-174; Additions et Corrections Pour la partie Astronomique, pp. 175-176; Supplément au Dictionnaire de Mathématiques, pp. 177-181, with Errata on p. 181; Table de Lecture, pp. 182-184. This is followed by the following.

Encyclopédie Méthodique. Dictionnaire des Jeux, Faisant suite au Tome III des Mathématiques. Panckoucke, Paris, 1792. TP & Avertissement on pp. i, iii; entries A – W, pp. 1-315; Table, p. 316; 16 plates, some double-page. The above mentioned note says this part is by Jacques Lacombe. [NOTE: there is another work: Dictionnaire Encyclopedique des Amusemens des Sciences Mathématiques et Physiques, Panckoucke, 1792, which has 900pp and includes much material from the 1725 edition of Ozanam, Decremps, etc. I have PHOTOCOPY of 16 of the plates from Slocum.]

Représentations Du Sieur Panckoucke, Entrepreneur de l'Encyclopédie Méthodique, à Messieurs les Souscripteurs de cet Ouvrage. No TP, p. i has the given title as a heading and continues to p. xxviii, which is a long list of authors. Tableau et Apperçu, pp. 1-50; État du Nombre des Dictionnaires ..., pp. 51-54; Tableau Général, pp. 55-56.

Vol. 4, labelled Planches on spine, with slightly larger pages. Inserted TP: Recueil de Planches du Dictionnaire Encyclopédique des Mathématiques. Henri Agasse, Paris, 1797 – but it's not clear if this refers to a list of plates which is missing. This is followed by plates, some double-page, for the older division of the Encyclopédie into topics and including non-mathematical plates: Géométrie, 16 plates; Sections Coniques, 3 plates; Trigonométrie, 1 plate; Arpentage, 2 plates; Algèbre et Arithmétique, 3 plates; Analyse, 2 plates; Mécanique, 9 plates; Hydrostatique, Hydrodynamique et Hydraulique, 7 plates; Hydraulique, Machine de Marli, 2 plates; Hydraulique, Pompe du Reservoir de l'egout, 1 unnumbered plate; Hydraulique, Pompe pour les Incendies et Pompes à bras, 1 unnumbered plate; Hydraulique, Machine de Mr. Dupuis, 2 plates; Hydraulique, Moulin à vent de Meudon, 1 plate; Hydraulique, Machine de Nymphembourg; 2 plates; Hydraulique, Pompe à feu, 6 plates; Optique, 6 plates; Perspective, 1 plate; Astronomie, 43 plates.

Alexandroff, P. S., ed. (As: Проблемы Гильберта (Problemy Gil'berta), Наука (Nauka), Moscow, 1969.) Translated by a group of seven. Die Hilbertschen Probleme. Vortrag "Mathematische Probleme" gehalten auf dem 2. Internationalen Mathematikerkongress, Paris, 1900. Erläutert von einem Autorenkollektiv unter der Redaktion von. P. S. Alexandrov. Ostwalds Klassiker der exacten Wissenschaften 252. Akademische Verlagsgesellschaft Geest & Portig K.-G., Leipzig, (1976), 3rd, unaltered, ed., 1983.

al-Hassan, Ahmad Y. & Hill, Donald R. Islamic Technology An Illustrated History. (UNESCO & CUP, 1986, 1988); PB ed., 1992.

Alic, Margaret. Hypatia's Heritage. A History of Women in Science from Antiquity to the Late Nineteenth Century. The Women's Press, London, (1986), 2nd ptg, 1990.

al Karkhi. Aboû Beqr Mohammed Ben Alhaçen Alkarkhî [= al Karagi = al Karajī] ( -c1024). Untitled MS called Kitāb al-Fakhrī (or just Alfakhrî) (The Book Dedicated to Fakhr al-Din). c1010. MS 952, Supp. Arabe de la Bibliothèque Impériale, Paris. Edited into French by Franz Woepcke as: Extrait du Fakhrî. L'Imprimerie Impériale, Paris, (1853); facsimile by Olms, 1982, HB.

al-Khowarizmi, (Abu Jafar) Muhammed ibn Musa (ccc780-850).

The Algebra of Mohammed ben Musa. Translated and edited by Frederic Rosen. Oriental Translation Fund, London, (1831); facsimile by Olms, 1986, HB.

Mohammed ibn Musa Alchwarizmi's Algorismus Das früheste Lehrbuch zum Rechnen mit indischen Ziffern Nach der einzigen (lateinischen) Handschrift (Cambridge Un. Lib. Ms. Ii.6.5.) in Fazsimile mit Transkription und Kommentar herausgegeben von Kurt Vogel. Otto Zeller Verlagsbuchhandlung, Aalen, 1963.

Allan, D. G. C.

The Houses of the Royal Society of Arts. A History and a Guide. The Society, (1966); revised, 1974.

William Shipley Founder of the Royal Society of Arts A Biography with Documents. Hutchinson, 1968, HB.

Allbutt, T. Clifford. Notes on the Composition of Scientific Papers. Macmillan, London, (1904). 3rd ed., (1923), 2nd ptg, 1925, HB.

Alleau, René.

History of the Great Building Constructions. New Illustrated Library of Science and Invention, No. II-7, Leisure Arts Ltd, London, 1966, HB.

History of Occult Sciences. New Illustrated Library of Science and Invention, No. II-3. Leisure Arts Ltd, Geneva, 1966, HB.

Allen, Bernard M. William Garnett. A Memoir. Heffer, Cambridge, 1933.

Allen, David Elliston. The Naturalist in Britain A Social History. (Allen Lane, 1976); Pelican, 1978.

Allibone, T. E. Rutherford The Father of Nuclear Energy. Manchester University Press, 1973. (The sixth Rutherford Lecture, 1972, as delivered at the Polytechnic of Central London on 3 Nov 1972.)

Allott, Stephen. Alcuin of York c. A.D. 732 to 804 – his life and letters. William Sessions, York, 1974.

Allsop, R. T. Chemicals and Where They Come From. Chemistry Background Book, Longmans/Penguin for Nuffield Foundation, (1966), corrected, 1968.

Alsina, Claudi, et al.

Proceedings of the 8th International Congress on Mathematical Education. 14-21 Jul 1996, Seville. S.A.E.M [Sociedad Andaluza de Educación Matemática] 'Thales', Seville?, 1998, HB.

8th International Congress on Mathematical Education Selected Lectures. 14-21 Jul 1996, Seville. S.A.E.M [Sociedad Andaluza de Educación Matemática] 'Thales', Seville?, 1998, HB.

Alter, Anne & Testard-Vaillant, Philippe. Guide du Paris Savant. Belin, Paris, 1997.

Amedick, Margret & Serchinger, Reinhard W., eds. Museum Guide. Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum, Paderborn, 1999. Present from the Museum. Cf Stolte. This seems to be a new edition, with different pictures, etc.

American Mathematical Society (AMS). Semicentennial Addresses of the American Mathematical Society. Vol. II. AMS, (1938), reprinted, 1988, HB.

Amma, T. A. Sarasvati. Geometry in Ancient and Medieval India. Motilal Banarsidass, Delhi, 1979, HB.

Ampère, André Marie (1775-1836) – see: Brasch; Cramp; Lebesgue;

Anderson, R. G. W. Science in India [Catalogue of] A 'Festival of India' exhibition at the Science Museum, London. 24 March – 1 Aug 1982. Science Museum, 1982.

Anderson, William. Burning. Chemistry Background Book, Longmans/Penguin for Nuffield Foundation, (1967), corrected, 1969.

Andrade, Eric Neville da Costa (1887- ).

A Brief History of the Royal Society. The Royal Society, 1960, HB, 36pp + covers.

Isaac Newton. Max Parrish, London, 1950, HB.

Sir Isaac Newton His Life and Work. (Collins & Macmillan, NY, 1954); Doubleday Anchor Book, 1958.

Robert Hooke, F.R.S. (1635-1703). N&R 15 (1960) 137-145, separately printed. Inscribed: To John Evelyn, with many thanks for gifts of books. Signed by Andrade.

Rutherford and the Nature of the Atom. (Educational Services Inc., 1964); Science Study Series No. 29, Heinemann, 1965.

SEE ALSO: Royal Society;

André, M. Ph. Éléments d'Arithmétique (No 3) A l'Usage de Toutes les Institutions des Aspirants au Baccalauréat ès Lettres, au Brevet de Capacité et aux Élèves de Première et de Deuxième Année de l'Enseignement Spécial. Ouvrage contenant un grande nombre de problèmes résolus et à résoudre. 3rd ed., revue et corrigée. Librairie Classique de F.-E. André-Guédon, Paris, 1876, HB.

Andrews, Allen. Wonders of Victorian Engineering An Illustrated Excursion. Jupiter, London, 1978, HB.

Anglia Television. A Brief History of Time. [About Stephen Hawking.] Videotape of programme broadcast on Channel 4 in 1992.

Anning, Mary – see: Curle.

Anson, George (1697-1762) – see: Purves;

Anthony, H. D. Sir Isaac Newton. The Life of Science Library 39. Abelard-Schuman, London, 1960, HB.

Antiquarian Booksellers Association. Landmarks in Science 1473-1900. Exhibition of Books by Members of the Antiquarian Booksellers Association for the XV International Congress of the History of Science, Edinburgh, 1977. 106 items, 35pp.

Antoccia, Luca; Chastel, André; Cianchi, Marco; Galluzzi, Paolo; Laurenza, Domenico; Papa, Rodolfo & Pedretti, Carlo. Leonardo Art and Science. Giunti Gruppo Editoriale, Florence, (2000), 2nd ptg, 2000.

Apianus, Petrus (= Peter Apian or Bienewitz or Bennewitz) (1495-1552).

Eyn Newe Unnd wolgegründte underweysung aller Kauffmanss Rechnung in dreyen Büchern / mit schönen Regeln uň [NOTE: ň denotes an n with an overbar.] fragstucken begriffen. Sunderlich was fortl unnd behendigkait in der Welschē Practica uň Tolletn gebraucht wirdt / des gleychen fürmalss wider in Teützscher noch in Welscher sprach nie gedrückt. durch Petrum Apianū von Leyssnick / đ Astronomei zů Ingolstat Ordinariū / verfertiget. Georgius Apianus, Ingolstadt, (1527), facsimile, with the TP of the 1544 ed. and 2pp of publication details added at the end, Polygon-Verlag, Buxheim-Eichstätt, 1995, with 8pp commentary leaflet by Wolfgang Kaunzner. (The TP of this has the first known printed version of Pascal's Triangle.) Smith, Rara, pp. 155-157. (The đ is an odd symbol, a bit like a δ or an 8, which is used regularly for der both as a single word and as the ending of a word, e.g. anđ for ander.)

SEE ALSO: Gerhardt & Albrecht;

Apostol, Tom M., et al. Selected Papers on Calculus. Reprinted from the American Mathematical Monthly (Volumes 1-75) and from Mathematics Magazine (Volumes 1-40). Selected and arranged by an editorial committee consisting of Tom M. Apostol, Chairman; Herbert E. Chrestenson; C. Stanley Ogilvy; Donald E. Richmond; N. James Schoonmaker. MAA, 1968, HB. [Include sections on history and pedagogy.]

Appleton, Edward Victor (1892-1963 (or 1965)) – see: R. W. Clark;

Appleyard, Rollo. A Tribute to Michael Faraday. Constable, 1931, HB.

Arago, François (1786-1853).

Biographies of Distinguished Scientific Men. Translated by Admiral W. H. Smyth, the Rev. Baden Powell and Robert Grant. Longman, Brown, Green, Longmans, & Roberts, London, 1857, HB. [Arago, Bailly, Carnot, Fourier, Fresnel, W. Herschel, Laplace, Malus, Watt, Young. Some of Arago's facts are sufficiently wrong that supplementary notes have been added to the biographies of Young and Watt by the translators or by Lord Brougham or W. Fairbairn.]

Biographies of Distinguished Scientific Men. First Series. Translated by Admiral W. H. Smyth, the Rev. Baden Powell and Robert Grant. Original publisher not given (probably as for the above version), (1859); facsimile reprint (not from the above version) by Books for Libraries Press, Freeport, NY, 1972, HB. [Arago, Bailly, Fourier, W. Herschel, Laplace, being the first five in the above version.]

Arberry, A. J. British Orientalists. Britain in Pictures series. Collins, 1943, HB. [Includes material on Adelard of Bath; H. T. Colebrooke, Edward Fitzgerald, Sir William Jones, James Legge, of which only Adelard and Colebrooke are entered in this list.]

Archibald, Raymond Clare (1876- ).

Outline of the History of Mathematics. Slaught Memorial Paper 2 = Amer. Math. Monthly 56:1, Part II (Jan 1949). Inscribed: To Dr. & Mrs. Charles Singer With Cordial Regards R. C. Archibald 9 March 1949.

Mathematical Table Makers. Portraits, Paintings, Busts, Monuments. Bio Bibliographical Notes. Scripta Mathematica Studies 3. Scripta Mathematica, NY, 1948, HB.

Archimedes (c-287/-212).

The Works of Archimedes Edited in Modern Notation with Introductory Chapters by T. L. Heath With a Supplement, "The Method of Archimedes". Reprint of The Works of Archimedes, 1897, and The Method of Archimedes, 1912, both CUP. Dover, 1953.

SEE also: Bendick; Christie's; Dijksterhuis; Math. Assoc.; H. & D. L. Thomas;

Aristotle (-384/-322). On the Heavens [= De caelo = Περι oυραvoυ (Peri ouranou)], though Aristotle gives no title. With English translation by W. K. C. Guthrie. Loeb, 1960, HB. From estate of Nancy Wilson.

Arkwright, Richard – see: Derbyshire Countryside; IME; J. N. Merrill;

Armitage, Angus (1902- ).

Edmond Halley. British Men of Science series. Nelson, 1966, HB.

William Herschel. British Men of Science series. Nelson, 1962, HB.

(As: Sun, Stand Thou Still; Henry Schuman, NY, 1947); The World of Copernicus. Mentor (New American Library), NY, 1951.

SEE ALSO under Ronan.

Armstrong, William George (1810-1900) – see: IME;

Armytage, W. H. G. A Social History of Engineering. Technology Today and Tomorrow. Faber, 1961, HB.

Arnold, D. A. The Story of Burlington House. Headquarters of the Royal Society of Chemistry. Royal Society of Chemistry, 1992.

Arrighi, Gino – see: Anon (Scuola Lucchese): Libro d'abaco; F. Calandri; P. M. Calandri; Dell'Abbaco; Fibonacci; Franci, Pagli & Toti Rigatelli; Gherardi; Guglielmo; Pancanti & Santini;

Artin, Emil (1898-1962) – see: Brauer.

Arup, Ove Nyquist (1895-1988) – see: Whalley.

Aryabhata (= Āryabhata (I)) [NOTE: ţ denotes a t with a dot under it and ş denotes an s with a dot under it.] (476- ). Āryabhatīya. 499. Critically edited and translated into English by Kripa Shankar Shukla, with K. V. Sarma. 3 vols., Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi, 1976, HB. (Vol. 1, edited by Shukla, gives the text and English translation. Vol. 2, edited by Shukla and Sarma, is the commentary Āryabhatīya-Bhāşya, written by Bhaskara I in 629, with gaps filled from the later commentary of Someśvara, with translation of his examples. Aryabhata rarely gives numerical examples, so Bhaskara I provided them and these were later used by other Indian writers such as Chaturveda, 860. Vol. 3, edited by Sarma, is the commentary of Sūryadeva Yajvan. Prof. Shukla has sent a photocopy of an introductory booklet: Āryabhata Indian Mathematician and Astronomer (5th century A.D.), which is an abbreviated version of the introductory material of Vol. 1, with some extensions relating Aryabhata to other writers.) There is an older translation by Walter Eugene Clark as: The Âryabhatîya of Âryabhata; Univ. of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1930. (There was an Aryabhata II, c950.)

SEE ALSO: Bhaskara I; Kerala Sastra Saitya Parishat; Shukla;

Ascain, Antoine & Arnaud, Jean-Marie. History of Money and Finance. New Illustrated Library of Science and Invention, No. II-10, Leisure Arts Ltd, London, 1966, HB.

Ascher, Marcia. Ethnomathematics A Multicultural View of Mathematical Ideas. Brooks/Cole (Wadsworth), Pacific Grove, California, 1991, HB. Present from C&H, the UK agents.

Ascher, Marcia & Robert. Mathematics of the Incas Code of the Quipu. (As: Code of the Quipu: A Study in Media, Mathematics and Culture; Univ. of Michigan Press, 1981.) Corrected, Dover, 1997.

Ashford, Oliver M. Prophet – or Professor? The Life and Work of Lewis Fry Richardson. Adam Hilger, Bristol, 1985, HB.

Ashmole, Elias (1617-1692) – see: Feisenberger; Josten; H. Hartley; MacGregor; Tradescant II; Welch;

Ashurst, F. Gareth. Founders of Modern Mathematics. Muller, 1982, HB. [Boole, Bourbaki, G. Cantor, A. Cayley, Dedekind, Galois, W. R. Hamilton, Hilbert, F. Klein, Peano.]

Asimov, Isaac.

20th Century Discovery: The Structure of Life. (Macdonald, with The Planets in one vol, titled 20th Century Discovery, 1970); Carousel, 1971.

Asimov on Chemistry. Doubleday, NY, 1974, PB ed., 1975. [Compilation of 17 of his articles in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, 1959-1966, mostly previously collected in his general works, but here gathered by subject matter, updated and supplemented with considerable biographical material, with portraits.]

Asimov on Physics. [17 essays from The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Dec 1958 – Oct 1965.] Discus (Avon), NY, 1979.

Asimov's Biographical Encyclopedia of Science and Technology The lives and achievements of 1195 great scientists from ancient times to the present chronologically arranged. (1964); revised, (1972), Pan, 1975.

The Book of Facts. Vol. 2. (1979; H&S, 1980); Coronet, 1981. (Originally in one vol.)

The Chemicals of Life. Ill. by John Bradford. Mentor (NAL), 1954, 10th ptg.

The Collapsing Universe. The Story of Black Holes. Walker, 1977, HB.

Eyes on the Universe A History of the Telescope. (1975; Deutsch, 1976); SBC, 1977, HB.

Fact and Fancy. (Doubleday, 1962); Pyramid, 1963.

Far as Human Eye Could See. [17 essays from The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Nov 1984 – Mar 1986.] (Doubleday, 1987); Grafton, 1988, HB.

From Earth to Heaven. (©1966); Discus Books (Avon Books), NY, 1972. (Articles from: The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Feb 1965 – Jun 1966.)

Futuredays. A Nineteenth-Century Vision of the Year 2000. Based on cigarette card designs of Jean Marc Côté, 1899. Lucy-Caroll Book (Virgin Books), London, 1986, HB.

The Left Hand of the Electron. (Doubleday, 1972); White Lion Publishers, London, 1975, HB.

Marvels of Science. (As: Only a Trillion; Abelard-Schuman, 1957); Collier, 1962.

Only a Trillion – see: Marvels of Science.

The Roving Mind A panoramic view of fringe science, technology, and the society of the future. (Prometheus, 1983); OUP, 1987.

A Short History of Biology. (1964); Nelson, 1965, HB.

The Subatomic Monster Essays on Science. (1985); Grafton, 1986, HB.

Of Time and Space and Other Things. Dobson, 1967, HB. (Articles from: The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, 1959 1964.)

Words of Science and the History Behind Them. (In 2 vols, Houghton Mifflin, 1959 & 1972); revised and updated in one vol, Harrap, 1974, HB.

The World of Nitrogen. Abelard-Schuman, 1958, HB.

Atkinson, R. S. James Simpson and Chloroform. Pioneers of Science and Discovery. Wayland Publishers, Hove, 1973, HB.

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