Elektronisk Dansk A. I. Meddelser 116 Feb 2010

Elektronisk Dansk A.I.Meddelser 116 Feb 2010

Dette nummer af EDAIM er foreloebigt sendte til den voksende antal DAIS medlemmer jeg har email adresse paa. Fortsat er der meget faa rettelser til medlemslisten fra jer .

Medlem-email-adresser er meget velkomne.

Medlems bidrag til EDAIM er meget velkommen.


1) ECCAI-Bulletin #2, April 2010

2) ANTS 2010 - International Conference on Swarm Intelligence

3) Announcing AAAI EAAI-10

4) ARCS-10, Orlando, USA, July 2010

5) AI-2010 Cambridge, UK, December 2010

6) AI Communications v23 nr2-3

7) AIIDE-10: October 11-13, Stanford, USA

8) AAAI-10 Workshops

9) BCBGC-10, USA, July 2010

10) BBS preprint

11) BIONETICS 2010

12) CISP/BMEI 2010, Yantai, China

13) GCIS/WCSE 2010, Wuhan, China

14) GECCO-2010

15) Hybrid Metaheuristics 2010 - HM 2010, Vienna

16) SAB 2010 Paris !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

17) HEUNET, Seoul

18) HIS 2010 , Atlanta

19) IC3K 2010, Valencia

20) ISASTYLE="2010 || September 15-17, 2010 - Budapest, Hungary

21) IEEE IV2010, San Diego

22) IADIS, Freiburg

23) Joint conferences in Computer Science, Las Vegas

24) SEACUBE 2010, Bradford, UK

25) Journal of Research and Reviews

26) ITSC 2010, Sept. Madeira

27) KKDEO 2010, Valencia

28) MICAI 2010, Nov., Mexico

29) IJCIA, v9i1

30) IJUFKS v18i1

32) IJAIT v19i1

33) Practical Aspects of Automated Reasoning 2010

34) Poker Competition

35) SAIS 2010, Uppsala

36) STeP 2010 - the 14th Finnish AI Conference

37) Simulation New Europe - March Issue

38) SSRR 2010

39) SOKS

40) Special Session on Ant Colony Optimization

41) "Optimization in Disaster Relief”

42) Open PhD position in "Bio-Inspired Computation"

43) 16 PhDpositions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

44) PhD Studentship: Hyper-heuristics in Co-operative Search

45) SEACUBE 2010

46) Special Session on Rough Sets

47) Special session on Soft Computing

48) SMLA 2010

49) GECCO-2010 Competitions

50) ICAI Conference,USA

51) PATTERNS 2010

52) Special session on Multiobjective Optimization

54) ICCI 2010, Beijing, China

55) IWLCS 2010, Portland,USA

56) IJPRAI v24i2

57) GAMEON-NA'2010 , Redmond,USA

58) Hybrid Metaheuristics 2010 , Vienna

59) TAAI 2010, Taiwan

60) Metaheuristics Eternity II contest

61) Postdoc Position on Routing optimization

62) Metaheuristics and Knowledge discovery, Tunisia

63) SSRR 2010, Bremen

64) ThRaSH'2010, Paris

65) CIGPU 2010

66) Heuristic Search Methods for Large Scale Optimization

1) ECCAI-Bulletin #2, April 2010


Powered by ECCAI Bulletin #2, April 2010



ECCAI Travel Awards 2010

An ECCAI Travel Award Scheme has been established to support students, young researchers and faculty who are members of an ECCAI affiliated society participating in ACAI and ECAI. In 2010 the grants will only be awarded for attendance at ECAI 2010. The awards, valued at 400 Euros each, are for reimbursement of travel and part payment of registration fees.

Further information is available at /travelaw.shtml

ECCAI Central & Eastern European Support Grants 2010

In order to encourage authors from Central and Eastern Europe, we are organising a special support program. There will be a number of travel grants available for full papers accepted for the ECAI 2010 technical program with all authors from Central and Eastern Europe.

Further information is available at /travelaw.shtml

Call for ACAI 2011 Organisation

In odd-numbered years, ECCAI sponsors a specialized course in Artificial Intelligence, called Advanced Course on AI (ACAI).
Any member society of ECCAI may submit a bid to ECCAI for organizing ACAI 2011.
A notification of the intention to bid is required by the ECCAI Board.

The timetable should be :

31 May 2010 : notification of the intention to bid 30 June 2010 : submission of draft detailed bids 31 July 2010 : end of the discussion between the candidates and the ECCAI board August 2010 : presentation of the bids and selection by the ECCAI General Assembly

More information can be obtained from the ECCAI Board Chair, Gerhard Brewka

Call for ECAI 2014 Organisation

The biennial European Conferences on AI is organized every even-numbered year, by ECCAI, jointly with one of the member associations of ECCAI.

The previous ECAI meetings was organized at Brighton (1974), Edinburgh (1976), Hamburg (1978), Amsterdam (1980), Orsay (1982), Pisa (1984), Brighton (1986), Munich (1988), Stockholm (1990), Vienna (1992), Amsterdam (1994), Budapest (1996), Brighton (1998), Berlin (2000), Lyon (2002), Valencia (2004), Riva del Garda (2006) and Patras (2008) and the next ones will take place in Lisbon (2010) and Montpellier (2012).

Any member society of ECCAI may submit a bid to ECCAI for organizing ECAI 2014.

A notification of the intention to bid is required by the ECCAI Board.

The timetable should be :

31 May 2010 : notification of the intention to bid 30 June 2010 : submission of draft detailed bids 31 July 2010 : end of the discussion between the candidates and the ECCAI board August 2010 : presentation of the bids and selection by the ECCAI General Assembly 2012 : Selection of the Program Chair

Guidelines for organizing ECAI : /admin/ecaiproc.shtml

Call for nominations for New ECCAI board members

The ECCAI board is taking nominations for election to the ECCAI board at the General Assembly to be held at ECAI 2010 in Lisbon. Two positions are free and one of them is reserved to a Belgium person. ECCAI member societies have to forward any nominations to Gerhard Brewka by May 31.


ECCAI Conferences

  • 19th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI 2010)
Lisbon, Portugal, 16-20 August 2010.

ECCAI Sponsored conferences

  • KR 2010: 12th International Conference on the Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Toronto, Canada, 9-13 May 2010

  • AAAI-10: 24th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence
Atlanta, July 11–15, 2010

  • ICAI 2010: 2nd International Conference on Advanced Intelligence
Beijing, China, 20-23 August 2010

  • ANTS 2010: 7th International Conference on Swarm Intelligence
Brussels, Belgium, 8-10 September 2010

National conferences

  • SETN 2010: 6th Hellenic Conference on Artificial Intelligence Athens, Greece, 5-7 May 2010

  • 26th Annual Workshop of the Swedish Artificial Intelligence Society Uppsala, Sweden, 20-21 May 2010

  • STeP 2010: 14th Finnish Artificial Intelligence Conference
Espoo, Finland, 17-18 August 2010

  • AIMSA 2010: 14th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence: Methodology, Systems, Applications Varna, Bulgaria, 8-10 September 2010

  • 33rd Annual German Conference on Artificial Intelligence (KI 2010)
Karlsruhe, September 21-24, 2010

  • 13th International Congress of the Catalan Association of Artificial Intelligence (CCIA 2010)
l'Espluga de Francoli, October 20-22, 2010

  • AI-2010: 13th SGAI International Conference on Artificial Intelligence
Cambridge, UK, 14-16 December 2010


AI Communications

Contents of latest issue (Volume 23, no.2-3 / 2010)

  1. Boris Konev, Renate A. Schmidt and Stephan Schulz, Special issue on practical aspects of automated reasoning

  2. Michel Ludwig and Ullrich Hustadt, Implementing a fair monodic temporal logic prover

  3. Christoph Weidenbach and Patrick Wischnewski, Subterm contextual rewriting

  4. Lan Zhang, Ullrich Hustadt and Clare Dixon, CTL-RP: A computation tree logic resolution prover

  5. Adam Pease, Geoff Sutcliffe, Nick Siegel and Steven Trac, Large theory reasoning with SUMO at CASC

  6. Roberto Asín Achá, Robert Nieuwenhuis, Albert Oliveras and Enric Rodríguez-Carbonell, Practical algorithms for unsatisfiability proof and core generation in SAT solvers

  7. Jens Otten, Restricting backtracking in connection calculi

  8. Hidetomo Nabeshima, Koji Iwanuma, Katsumi Inoue and Oliver Ray, SOLAR: An automated deduction system for consequence finding

  9. Nasim Farsiniamarj and Volker Haarslev, Practical reasoning with qualified number restrictions: A hybrid Abox calculus for the description logic ����

  10. Ulrich Furbach, Ingo Glöckner and Björn Pelzer, An application of automated reasoning in natural language question answering

  11. J.D. Phillips and David Stanovský, Automated theorem proving in quasigroup and loop theory

  12. Simon Bäumler, Michael Balser, Florian Nafz, Wolfgang Reif and Gerhard Schellhorn, Interactive verification of concurrent systems using symbolic execution

IEEE Intelligent Systems

Contents of latest issue (Volume 25, no.1, January/February 2010)

  1. Fei-Yue Wang, A Tiger Jump: From Special Issues to Special Interest Groups?

  2. Mark Ingebretsen, In The News

  3. Flora S. Tsai, Minoru Etoh, Xing Xie, Wang-Chien Lee, Qiang Yang, Introduction to Mobile Information Retrieval

  4. Ja-Hwung Su, Hsin-Ho Yeh, Philip S. Yu, Vincent S. Tseng, Music Recommendation Using Content and Context Information Mining

  5. Hyeju Jang, Seongchan Kim, Wookhyun Shin, Sung-Hyon Myaeng, Personal Information Access Using Proactive Search and Mobile Hypertext

  6. Paolo Coppola, Vincenzo Della Mea, Luca Di Gaspero, Davide Menegon, Danny Mischis, Stefano Mizzaro, Luca Vassena, The Context-Aware Browser

  7. Kim-Hui Yap, Tao Chen, Zhen Li, Kui Wu, A Comparative Study of Mobile-Based Landmark Recognition Techniques

  8. René Witte, Ralf Krestel, Thomas Kappler, Peter C. Lockemann, Converting a Historical Architecture Encyclopedia into a Semantic Knowledge Base

  9. Hsinchun Chen, Trends & Controversies

  10. Valentina Tamma, Semantic Web Support for Intelligent Search and Retrieval of Business Knowledge


Last Update: 21-Sep-2008

2)ANTS 2010 - International Conference on Swarm Intelligence



Submission Deadline Extended to: March 7, 2010


ANTS 2010

Seventh International Conference on Swarm Intelligence

September 8-10, 2010. Brussels, Belgium

Call for papers prepared on September 2, 2009

Last modification: February 19, 2010

More details and up-to-date information at


Scope of the Conference


Swarm intelligence is a relatively new discipline that deals with

the study of self-organizing processes both in nature and in

artificial systems. Researchers in ethology and animal behavior have

proposed many models to explain interesting aspects of social insect

behavior such as self-organization and shape-formation. Recently,

algorithms and methods inspired by these models have been proposed

to solve difficult problems in many domains.

An example of a particularly successful research direction in swarm

intelligence is ant colony optimization, the main focus of which is

on discrete optimization problems. Ant colony optimization has been

applied successfully to a large number of difficult discrete

optimization problems including the traveling salesman problem, the

quadratic assignment problem, scheduling, vehicle routing, etc., as

well as to routing in telecommunication networks. Another

interesting approach is that of particle swarm optimization, that

focuses on continuous optimization problems. Here too, a number of

successful applications can be found in the recent literature. Swarm

robotics is another relevant field. Here, the focus is on applying

swarm intelligence techniques to the control of large groups of

cooperating autonomous robots.

ANTS 2010 will give researchers in swarm intelligence

the opportunity to meet, to present their latest research, and to

discuss current developments and applications.

The three-day conference will be held in Brussels, Belgium, on

September 8-10, 2010. Tutorial sessions will be held in the

mornings before the conference program.

Relevant Research Areas


ANTS 2010 solicits contributions dealing with any aspect of swarm

intelligence. Typical, but not exclusive, topics of interest are:

+ Behavioral models of social insects or other animal societies

that can stimulate new algorithmic approaches.

+ Empirical and theoretical research in swarm intelligence.

+ Application of swarm intelligence methods, such as ant colony

optimization or particle swarm optimization, to real-world


+ Theoretical and experimental research in swarm robotics systems.

Publication Details


As for previous editions of the ANTS conference, proceedings will be

published by Springer in the LNCS series. The journal Swarm Intelligence

will publish a special issue dedicated to ANTS 2010 that will contain

extended versions of the best research works presented at the conference.

Best Paper Award


A best paper award will be presented at the conference.

Further Information


Up-to-date information will be published on the web site

http://iridia.ulb.ac.be/ants2010/. For information about local

arrangements, registration forms, etc., please refer to the

above-mentioned web site or contact the local organizers at the

address below.

Conference Address


ANTS 2010

IRIDIA, CP 194/6 Tel +32-2-6502729

Universite' Libre de Bruxelles Fax +32-2-6502715

Av. F. D. Roosevelt 50 http://iridia.ulb.ac.be/ants2010

1050 Bruxelles, Belgium email: ants@iridia.ulb.ac.be

Conference Location


Salle Dupreel, Building S, Campus du Solbosch, Universite' Libre de

Bruxelles, Av. Jeanne 44, 1050 Brussels, Belgium.

Important Dates


Extended submission deadline March 7, 2010

Notification of acceptance April 30, 2010

Camera ready copy May 14, 2010

Conference September 8-10, 2010

ANTS 2010 Conference Committee


General Chair

Marco Dorigo

Technical Program Chairs

Andries Engelbrecht, Gianni Di Caro, Luca M. Gambardella,

and Erol Sahin

Publication Chair

Roderich Gross

Organization Chairs

Mauro Birattari and Thomas Stuetzle

Special Sessions Chairs

Rene' Doursat, Dario Floreano, Hiroki Sayama, and Jon Timmis

Publicity Co-Chairs

Xiadong Li

Local Arrangements

Manuele Brambilla

ANTS 2010 Sponsors


ECCAI, IEEE CIS (technical co-sponsorship), AntOptima, Wolfram Research

3)Announcing AAAI EAAI-10

Dear AAAI Members,

Please note that the deadline for submissions to the First Symposium on Educational Advances in Artificial Intelligence (EAAI-10) is Tuesday, February 23. Submissions should be in one of the following formats:

* Full-length papers (6 pages) and presentations for the symposium

* Extended abstract/poster contributions (2 pages) highlighting preliminary or ongoing work

Potential participants are required to register as an author at the EAAI-10 submission site (/pages/login.php?Conf=EAAI10). You will then receive a login and password via email. We suggest that you register well in advance of February 23 so that you will have your login and password available when you are ready to submit your abstract and paper. Please read the EAAI-10 Call for Papers thoroughly and pay careful attention to the full submission instructions at /Symposia/EAAI/eaai10.php before submitting your work.

(Individuals interested in submitting work to the Model AI Assignments Session should consult the submission instructions at http://modelai.gettysburg.edu/.)

EAAI-10, to be held July 13-14 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, provides a venue for researchers and educators to discuss pedagogical issues and share resources related to teaching AI and using AI in education across a variety of curricular levels (K-12 through postgraduate training), with a natural emphasis on undergraduate and graduate teaching and learning. The symposium seeks contributions showing how to more effectively teach AI, as well as how themes from AI may be used to enhance education more broadly; for example in introductory computing courses or as a means for teaching computational thinking. We encourage the sharing of innovative educational approaches that convey or leverage AI and its many subfields, e.g., robotics, machine learning, natural language, computer vision, etc.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at aaai10@.

Best regards,

Carol Hamilton

Executive Director, AAAI


EAAI-10 Organizing Committee:

* Mehran Sahami (chair), Stanford University (sahami@cs.stanford.edu)

* Marie desJardins, U. Maryland, Baltimore County (mariedj@cs.umbc.edu)

* Zachary Dodds, Harvey Mudd College (dodds@cs.hmc.edu)

* Yolanda Gil, USC/Information Sciences Institute (gil@isi.edu)

* Haym Hirsh, Rutgers/NSF (hhirsh@nsf.gov)

* Todd Neller, Gettysburg College (tneller@gettysburg.edu)

* Kiri Wagstaff, Jet Propulsion Lab (kiri.wagstaff@jpl.nasa.gov)

  1. Elektronisk Dansk A. I. Meddelser 107 Nov 07

    The 2006 Artificial Intelligence Dissertation Award sponsored by ECCAI has been awarded to:Kristian Kersting, Institute for Computer Science, Albert-Ludwigs University of Freiburg, Germany, for his thesis: "An Inductive Logic

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