21D teach yourself in 21 Days

1MW 1 Microsoft Way

1TBS 1 True Brace Style

21D teach yourself ___ in 21 Days

3COM COMputer, COMmunication, COMpatibility

3Dwm 3-Dimensional Window Manager

3G 3rd Generation

3GIO 3rd Generation Input/Output

3GL 3rd Generation Language

3LD 3rd-Level Domain {IANA}

3NF 3rd Normal Form (databases)

3W World Wide Web

4GL 4th Generation Language

4WCD 4 Wire Conditioned Diphase

A/D Analog/Digital

A/UX Apple UniX

A2A Application TO Application

AA Administrative Authority

AA AntiAliasing

AAA Administration, Authorization, and Authentication (security)

AAA Asp Application Aggregator

AAAI American Association for Artificial Inelligence

AAB All-to-All Broadcast

AAC Advanced Audio Coding

AAEPS Anywhere Anytime Email Proxy Server

AAF Advanced Authoring Format

AAL Atm Abstraction Layer

AAMOF As A Matter Of Fact {chat}

AAP Application Access Point

AARP Appletalk Address Resolution Protocol {Apple}

AART Aggregate Average Response Time

AAS All-to-All Scatter

AAS Auto Area Segmentation

AASE Associate Accredited Systems Engineer {Compaq}

AASP Ascii Asynchronous Support Package

AAT Average Access Time

AAUI Apple Attachment Unit Interface {Apple}

ABA Address Book Archive

ABAP Advanced Business Application Programming

ABC A Bit Cypher

ABC Atanasoff-Berry Computer

ABCPP ABC PreProcessor

ABEL Advanced Boolean Expression Language



ABI Abstract Binary Interface

ABI Adaptive Brain Interface

ABI Application Binary Interface

ABIOS Advanced Basic Input/Output System

ABISTYLE="Automatic Built-In Self Test

ABLE Adaptive Battery Life Extender

ABM Anything But Microsoft

ABM Asynchronous Balanced Mode

ABNF Augmented Backus Normal Form

ABNF Augmented Backus-Naur Form

ABR Area Border Router

ABR Auto Band Rate

ABR Available Bit Rate

ABRS Automated Book Request System

ABS Address Book Synchronization

abs Arch Build System {Arch Linux}

ABS Automated Backup System

ABTS Ascii Block Terminal Services

AC Alternating Current

AC Asheron's Call (game) {Microsoft}

AC Audio Codec

AC Authentication Center

AC Automatic Computer

ACAP Application Configuration Access Protocol (directory service)

ACC Audio Communications Controller

ACC Authorization Contract for Containers (Java)

ACCLAIM Advanced Concurrent Constraint Languages: Application, Implementation and Methodology

ACCM Asynchronous Character Control Map

ACCRC Alameda County Computer Resource Center

ACD Advanced Communication Design

ACD Automatic Call Distribution

ACDB AutoCad DataBase {AutoCAD}

ACDI Asynchronous Communications Device Interface

ACDK Artefaktur Component Development Kit

ACE Access Control Entry {AutoCAD}

ACE Adaptive Communication Environment

ACE Adobe Certified Expert {Adobe}

ACE Advanced Certified Engineer {Caldera}

ACE Advanced Computing Environment

ACE Adverse Channel Enhancements

ACE Automatic Computing Engine

ACEI Autorité Canadienne pour les Enregistrements Internet

ACF Access Control Field

ACF Access Control File

ACF Advanced Communications Function

ACF Application Configuration File

ACG Autocad Customization Guide {AutoCAD}

ACGE AutoCad GEometry {AutoCAD}

ACGI AutoCad Graphics Interface {AutoCAD}

ACH Association for Computers in the Humanities

ACH Automated Clearing House

ACI Autocad Color Index {AutoCAD}

ACIA Asynchronous Communication Interface Adapter

ACIAS Automated Calibration Interval Analysis System

ACID Analysis Console for Intrusion Databases

ACID Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability (transactions)


ACIS Advanced Computer Investigative Services

ACIS Alan Charles Ian Spatial {AutoCAD}

ACIS American Committee for Interoperable Systems

ACL Access Control List

ACL Advanced Cmos Logic

ACL Allegro Common Lisp

ACL Asynchronous ConnectionLess

ACM Advanced Computer Modeling

ACM Afp Conversion Module

ACM Association for Computing Machinery

ACM Audio Compression Manager


ACME Application Creation Made Easy

ACMS Application Control Management System

ACNM Application-Centric Network Management

ACNS Automated Copyright Notice System {MPAA}

ACO Access Control Object

ACO Alarm Cut Off

ACO Alternate Checksum Option

ACP Active Code Page

ACP Ancillary Control Program

ACP Auxiliary Control Process

ACPI Advanced Configuration and Power Interface {MS/Intel/Toshiba}

ACR Advanced Communication Router

ACR Allowed Cell Rate

ACR Applied Computer Research

ACR AutoCad Reference {AutoCAD}

ACR Available Cell Rate

ACROSS Automated Cargo Release and Operations Service System

ACRX AutoCad Runtime eXtension {AutoCAD}

ACS Access Control Server

ACS Access Control Set

ACS Access Control System

ACS Admission Control Service {Microsoft}

ACS Advanced Communications System

ACS Advanced Computer System

ACS Arsdigita Community System

ACS Asynchronous Communications Server

ACS Automatic Class Selection

ACS Automatic Contrast Selection

ACSE Association Control Service Element

ACSM Application-Centric Storage Management

ACSS Aural Cascading Style Sheets

ACT Anti-Censorship Tools

ACT Anti-Clogging Token

ACT Application Center Test

ACT Application Compatibility Toolkit

ACT Association for Competitive Technology (Microsoft-sponsored)

ACTS Advanced Communication Technologies and Services

ACTS Automatic Coin Telephone Service

ACTS Automated Computer Time Service

ACTT Advanced Communications Timekeeping Technology

ACVC Ada Compiler Validation Capacity

AD Active Desktop {Microsoft}

AD Active Directory {Microsoft}

AD Administrative Domain

AD Application Development

ADA Adobe Developers Association {Adobe}

ADA Automatic Data Acquisition

ADABAS Adaptable DAtaBAse System

ADAM Active Directory Application Mode {Microsoft}

ADAM Affordable Desktop Application Manager

ADAPT Architecture, Design, Analysis and Planning Tool

ADB Apple Desktop Bus {Apple}

ADBS Advanced Data Broadcast System

ADC Active Directory Connector {Microsoft}

ADC Adaptive Data Compression {Hayes}

ADC ADd with Carry (assembly programming)

ADC Advanced Data Connector

ADC Advanced Data Control

ADC Analog to Digital Converter

ADC Apple Developers Conference {Apple}

ADC Apple Display Connector {Apple}

ADC Application Delete Certificate

ADC Application Development Consultant

ADCCP Advanced Data Communications Control Procedure

ADD Adapter Device Driver

ADD Automated Daily Desktop

ADD Automatic Document Detection

ADDMD ADministrative Directory Management Domain

ADE Adaptable Development Environment

ADE Application Data Export {Oracle}

ADE Autocad Data Extension {AutoCAD}

ADEV Appletalk DEVice {Apple}

ADF Adapter Description File

ADF Adaptive Database Frontend

ADF Automatic Document Feeder

ADF Automatically Defined Function

ADH Anonymous Diffie-Hellman key exchange

ADI Autodesk Device Interfaces {AutoDesk}

ADIOS Automated Download and Installation of Operating Systems

ADK Appliance Development Kit

ADL Abstract Data Layer (XML tool)

ADL Address Data Latch

ADL Advanced Digital Logic

ADL Advances in Digital Libraries {IEEE}

ADL Adventure Description Language

ADL Architecture Description Language

ADL Autodesk Display List driver {AutoDesk}

ADLC Adaptive Lossless Data Compression

ADLC Asynchronous Data Link Control

ADM Application Distribution and Management

ADMACS Apple Document Management And Control System {Apple}

ADMD ADministration Management Domain

ADML Application Description Markup Language

ADMS Adstar Distributed Management System

ADMT Active Directory Migration Tool {Microsoft}

ADN Advanced Digital Network

ADN Any Day Now {chat}

ADN Autodesk Developer Network {AutoDesk}

ADO Activex Data Object {Microsoft}

ADODB Activex Data Object DataBase {Microsoft}

ADOMD Activex Data Object Multi-Dimensional {Microsoft}

ADOX Activex Data Object eXtensions {Microsoft}

ADP Abstract Design Processor

ADP Access Database Project {Microsoft}

ADP Aol Dynamic Pages {AOL}

ADP Autodesk Data Publishing {AutoDesk}

ADP Automatic Data Processing

ADPCM Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation

ADR Advanced Digital Recording

ADS Active Directory Service {Microsoft}

ADS Advanced Digital System

ADS Application Development Solutions {AT&T}

ADS Application Development System

ADS Astrophysics Data System

ADS Audio Distribution System

ADS Authoritative Directory Service

ADS Autocad Development System {AutoCAD}

ADS Automated Deployment Services {Microsoft}

ADS Automatic Distribution System

ADS/O Application Development System / Online

ADSC Adobe Document Structuring Conventions {Adobe}

ADSI Active Directory Service Interfaces {Microsoft}

ADSI Analog Display Services Interface

ADSL Advanced Digital Subscriber Line {Netspeed}

ADSL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

ADSM Adstar Distributed Storage Manager

ADSM Advanced Data Storage Management

ADSP Appletalk Data Stream Protocol {Apple}

ADSR Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release

ADSS Asset Disposition and Support Services {IBM}

ADSU Atm Data Service Unit

ADT Abstract Data Type

ADT Access Developer Toolkit {Microsoft}

ADT Application Development Trends (magazine)

ADT Asynchronous Data Transfer

ADTG Advanced Data TableGram (file format)

AdTI Alexis De Toqueville Institution

ADU Automatic Dialing Unit

ADW Advanced Docking Window

ADW Application Development Workbench

AE Above or Equal

AE Adaptive Enterprise {HP}

AE Application Engineer

AE Application Entity

AEA American Electronics Association

AEB Analog Expansion Bus

AEBPR Advanced E-Book PRocessor {ElcomSoft}

AEC Architecture, Engineering and Construction

AEGIS Advanced Electronic Guidance and Instrumentation System

AEI Application Enabling Interface

AEM Asynchronous Event Mechanism

AEP Appletalk Echo Protocol {Apple}

AES Advanced Encryption Standard

AESA Atm End System Address

AF Assured Forwarding

AF Attribute Format

AF Audio Frequency

AFA Accelerated File Access

AFAIAA As Far As I Am Aware {chat}

AFAIC As Far As I'm Concerned {chat}

AFAICR As Far As I Can Remember {chat}

AFAICS As Far As I Can See {chat}

AFAICT As Far As I Can Tell {chat}

AFAIK As Far As I Know {chat}

AFAIR As Far As I Remember {chat}

AFAIUI As Far As I Understand It {chat}

AFAMPE Air Force Automated Message Processing Exchange

AFC AntiFerromagnetically-Coupled {IBM}

AFC Application Foundation Classes

AFC Automatic Font Change

AFC Automatic Frequency Control

AFCAC Air Force Computer Acquisition Center

AFCEE Association Francaise pour les Echanges et le Commmerce Electronique

AFCET Association Francaise pour la Cybernetique Economique et Technique

AFD Automatic File Distribution

AFD Automatic File Distributor

AFDDN Air Force Defense Data Network

AFDW Active Framework for Data Warehousing {Microsoft}

AFE Apple File Exchange {Apple}

AFEB AFrican Edifact Board

AFEHCT Association For Electronic Health Care Transactions

AFFS Amiga Fast File System {Amiga}

AFI Authority and Format Identifier

AFI Authority and Format Indicator

AFII Association for Font Information Interchange

AFIRM Automated Fingerprint Image Reporting and Match

AFIT Air Force Institute of Technology

AFJ April Fools Joke {usenet}

AFK Away From Keyboard {chat}

AFLCD AntiFerroelectric Liquid Crystal Display

AFM Adobe Font Metrics {Adobe}

AFO Alien Front Online

AFP Advanced Function Presentation {IBM}

AFP Advanced Function Printing

AFP Appletalk Filing Protocol {Apple}

AFPI Association Francaises des Profesionnels Internet

AFPL Alladin Free Public License

AFPR Alternate-Font-Prompt-Reduction

AFR Alternate Frame Rendering

AFR Annualized Failure Rate

AFS Andrew File System {CMU}

AFSDB Andrew File System DataBase {CMU}

AFT Adapter Fault Tolerance

AFT Almost Free Text (documentation tool)

AFTP Anonymous File Transfer Protocol

AFUU Association Française des Utilisateurs d'Unix

AFUP Association Française des Utilisateurs de Php

AGA Advanced Graphics Adapter

AGA Advanced Graphics Architecture

AGARAS AntiGlare, AntiReflective, AntiStatic

AGC Automatic Gain Control

AGCC Advanced Graph and Chart Collection


AGE Amorphium Graphics Engine

AGE Autocad development Group Europe {AutoCAD}

AGIL Adventure Game Interpreter for Linux

AGLR AntiGlare, Low Reflection

AGP Accelerated Graphics Port {Diamond Multimedia}

AGP Advanced Graphics Protocol


AGU Address Generation Unit

Ah Ampere Hour

AH Authentication Header

AHA Adaptec Host Adapter {Adaptec}

aha Archi's Homepagehoster Admintool

AHBL Abusive Hosts Blocking List

AHDL Analog Hardware Description Language

AHFG Atm-attached Host Functional Group

AHIP Arpanet Host-Imp Protocol

AHIP-E Arpanet Host-Imp Protocol, Enhanced

AHS Abstract Handle Specification

AI Analog Input

AI Artificial Intelligence

AIA Applications Integration Architecture {DEC}

AIAP Alternative Interface Access Protocol

AIC Aixwindows Interface Composer {IBM}

AIC Aixwindows Interface Controller {IBM}

AIC Application Interchange Components

AICCSA Acs/ieee International Conference on Computer Systems and Applications

AID Application IDentifier

AIDE Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment

AIF Audio Interchange Format

AIFF Audio Interchange File Format {Apple}

AIG Address Indicator Group

AIH Asia Internet Holding company

AII Active Input Interface

AIIM Association for Information and Image Management

AIISC Artificial Intelligence Interface Standards Committee {IGDA}

AIM Aol Instant Messenger {AOL}

AIM Apple, Ibm, Motorola

AIM Application Integration Module

AIM Application Interface Module

AIM Atm Inverse Multiplexer

AIMACO AIr MAterial COmmand compiler

AIML Artificial Intelligence Markup Language

AIML Astronomical Instrument Markup Language

AIMS Action Item Management System

AIN Advanced Intelligent Network

AIO All-In-One

AIO Asynchronous Input/Output

AIOCP All-In-One Control Panel

AIOP All In One Program

AIP Application Infrastructure Provider

AIP Asp Infrastructure Provider

AIP Atm Interface Protocol

AIPA Authority for Information technology in the Public Administration (Italy)

AIR Annals of Improbable Research

AIR Architecture Implementation Review

AIR As I Recall {chat}

AIR As I Remember {chat}

AIS Address Information System {USPS}

AIS Alarm Indication Signal

AIS Association for Information Systems

AIS Automated Information System

AISB Application Integration Service Bus

AISB As I Said Before {chat}

AISB Association of Imaging Service Bureaus

AISI As I See It {chat}

AISP Association of Information Systems Professionals

AIT Advanced Intelligent Tape

AIT Autocad Iges Translator {AutoCAD}

AITO Association Internationale pour les Technologies Objets

AIUG Armenian Internet Users Group

AIUI As I Understand It {chat}

AIUP Acceptable Internet Use Policy

AIW As It Was {chat}

AIX Advanced Interactive eXecutive {IBM}

AJDT AspectJ Development Tools

AJP Apache Jserv Protocol

AK TPDU AcKnowledge TPDU {ISO}

AL Address List

ALA A List Apart

ALAC At-Large Advisory Committee {ICANN}

ALAP Appletalk Link Access Protocol {Apple}

ALAT Advanced Load Address Table

ALB Advanced Load Balancing

ALC Airline Link Control

ALC Application Load Certificate

ALC Arithmetic and Logic Circuits

ALC Automatic Level Control

ALDC Adaptive Lossless Data Compression {IBM}

ALE Account Level Equivalence

ALE Address Latch Enable

ALE Annualized Loss Expectancy

ALE Apple Lossless Encoding {Apple}

ALE Application Launch and Embedding

ALE Application Link Enabling

ALEC Alternative Local Exchange Carrier

ALEP Advanced Language Engineering Platform

ALEPH A Language Encouraging Program Hierarchy

ALF Abstract Large File

ALG Application Layer Gateway

Algol ALGOrithmic Language

ALIBI Adaptive Location of Internetworked Bases of Information

ALICE Advanced Linux Installation and Configuration Environment {SuSE}

ALICE Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity

ALINA At Least It's Not Access (DBMS)


ALIWEB Archie-Like Indexing in the WEB

ALM Application Lifecycle Management

ALM Asynchronous Line Multiplexer

ALN Asynchronous Learning Network

ALOA A Lint Output Analyzer

ALP Apple List Price {Apple}

ALP Association for Logic Programming

ALP Automatic Language Processing


ALR Advanced Logic Research

ALS Annual Linux Showcase

ALS Atlanta Linux Showcase {ALUG}

ALSA Advanced Linux Sound Architecture

ALSA Architectures of Large Systems of Agents

ALSO At-Large Supporting Organization {ICANN}

ALU Arithmetic Logic Unit

ALUG Atlanta Linux User Group

AM Account Management

AM Agile Modeling

AM Alert Manager (system notifications)

AM Amplitude Modulation

AM Application Model

AM Attribute Mark

AMA Autoconf Macro Archive

AMA Automatic Message Accounting

AMANDA Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver

AMAP As Many As Possible {chat}

AMAS Academy of Machinima Arts and Sciences (computer animation)

AMASS Archival Management And Storage System

AMaViS A MAil VIrus Scanner

AMBA Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture

AMD Active Matrix Display

AMD Advanced Micro Devices

AMD Autodesk Mechanical Division {AutoDesk}

AME Advanced Metal Evaporation

AME Advanced Modeling Extension

AMF Abbreviated Message Format

AMF Adios, Mother F***er {chat}

AMF Adios, My Friend {chat}

AMH Application Message Handling

AMH Automated Message Handler

AMHA Advanced macro Heuristic Analysis {Dr. Solomon}

AMHIK Ask Me How I Know {chat}

AMHS Automated Message Handling System

AMI Alternate Mark Inversion

AMI American Megatrends, Inc

AMI Application Messaging Interface

AMI Authentication Management Infrastructure

AMIS Adaptive Multimedia Information System

AMIS Audio Message Interchange Standard

AML Atelier de Maintenance Logiciel

AMLCD Active-Matrix Liquid Crystal Display

AMMA Advanced Memory Management Architecture

AMME Automated Multi-Media Exchange

AMN Abstract Machine Notation

AMP Alceri Multimedia Player

AMP Asymmetric MultiProcessing

AMP Attached Media Processor

AMPE Automated Message Processing Exchange


AMPS Advanced Mobile Phone System

AMQRS Audio Master Quality Recording System

AMR Audio Modern Riser

AMS Address Management System {USPS}

AMS Advanced Mass Sender (spamware)

AMS Advanced Microcomputer System

AMS Automated Management Station

Amstrad Alan Michael Sugar TRADing

AMV Advanced Maillist Verify

ANA Article Numbering Association

AND AutoNiceDaemon

ANDaCon-Da Automated Network Discovery And CONfiguration

ANDF Architecture-Neutral Distribution Format

ANFAWFOS And Now For A Word From Our Sponsors {chat}

ANFSCD And Now For Something Completely Different {chat}

ANI Automatic Number Identification

ANL Argonne National Laboratory

ANN Artificial Neural Network

ANS Advanced Network and Services

ANS Apple Network Server {Apple}

ANS Atm Name Service

ANSI American National Standards Institute


ANT Advanced Network Tools

ANT Another Neat Tool (compiler helper)

AO Active Open

AO Analog Output

AOCE Apple Open Collaboration Environment {Apple}

AOD Audio On Demand

AODV Ad hoc On-demand Distance Vector

AOE Application Operating Environment

AOI Active Output Interface

AOL America OnLine

AOM Adaptive Object-Models

AOM Authoring Object Model

AOO Approche OrientÈe Objet (OOP)

AOP Aspect-Oriented Programming {PARC}

AOS Academic Operating System {IBM}

AOSD Aspect-Oriented Software Development

AOSG Advanced Operating Systems Group {MIT}

AOTC American Open Technology Consortium

AOW Asia and Oceania Workshop

AP Access Point

AP Advanced Pick (database)

AP Application Process

APA Arithmetic Processing Accelerator

APAR Authorized Program Analysis Report

APaRT Automatic PAcket Recognition/Translation

APC Alternative Php Cache

APC Amarc Protocol Converter

APC Asynchronous Procedure Call

APCT Autodin Personal Computer Terminal

APCUG Association of Personal Computer User Groups

APD Advanced Php Debugger

APD Aldus Printer Description

APDA Apple Programmers and Developers Association {Apple}

APDU Application Protocol Data Unit

APG Advanced Product Groups

APG Automated Password Generator

APH Arpanet Protocol Handbook {ARPA}

Aphid Apache/Perl Http Installation Daemon

API Accredited Platform Integrator {Compaq}

API Application Programming Interface

APIC Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller

APIGSS All Party Internet Group Spam Summit

APL A Programming Language

APM Advanced Power Management

APM Aldus Placeable Metafile

APNIC Asia-Pacific Network Information Center


APOS Advanced Point Of Sale (POS software application)

APP Agence pour la Protection des Programmes

APPC Advanced Program-to-Program Communication

APPI Advanced Peer-to-Peer Internetworking

APPID APPlication IDentifier {COM}

APPN Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking {IBM}

APPN Advanced Program to Program Networking {IBM}

APR Apache Portable Runtime {Apache}

APS Accredited Platform Specialist {Compaq}

APS Advanced Patching System

APS Advanced Photo System

APS Asynchronous Protocol Specification

APS Authorization Proxy Server

APSC Autodesk Premier Support Center {AutoDesk}

APSL Apple Public Source License {Apple}

APT Address Pass Through

APT Almost Plain Text

APTCA Allow Partially Trusted Callers Attribute

APUMS AntePenUltimate MineSweeper

APWG Anti-Phishing Working Group

AR Augmented Reality

ARA Appletalk Remote Access {Apple}

aradis Attachment Ripper And DIsplacement System

ARAP Apple Remote Access Protocol {Apple}

ARB Architecture Review Board

ARC Advanced Risc Computing

ARC Audio Response Controller

ARCA Advanced Risc Computing Architecture

ARCNET Attached Resource Computer NETwork

ARIN American Registry for Internet Numbers


ARL Access Rights List

ARL Adjusted Ring Length

ARLL Advanced Run Length Limited

ARM Advanced Risc Machine

ARM Annotated Reference Manual {C++}

ARM Asynchronous Response Mode

ARM Autocad Reference Manual {AutoCAD}

ARMM Automated Retroactive Minimal Moderation {usenet}

ARO Access Request Object

AROS Amiga Research Operating System

ARP Address Resolution Protocol

ARP Autodesk Retail Products

ARPA Address and Routing Parameter Area {IANA}

ARPA Advanced Research Projects Agency {US DOD}

ARQ Automatic Repeat reQuest

ARRG-RG Authority Recognition Research Group Research Group {GGF}

ARSCIF Asynchronous Remote Script Callback Invocation (sic)

ART Abuse Response Team (antispammers)

ART Average Response Time

aRts Analog Real Time Synthesizer {KDE}

ARU Audio Response Unit

ARX Autocad Runtime eXtension {AutoCAD}

AS Application Server

AS Application System {IBM}

AS Authentication Server

AS Autonomous System

AS3AP Ansi Sql Standard Scalable And Portable

ASAP American Society for Automation in Pharmacy

ASAP Application-specific Systems, Architectures and Processors

ASB Advanced System Buffering {Intel}

ASBR Autonomous System Boundary Router

ASC Accredited Standards Committee

ASC Autodesk Systems Center {Autodesk}

ASCI Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative

ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange

ASCP Alpha Sign Communications Protocol

ASDSP Application-Specific Digital Signal Processor

ASDI Automated Software Distribution Interface

ASE Accredited Systems Engineer {Compaq}

ASE Advanced Sql Editor {the Kompany}

ASE Application Service Element

ASE Autocad Sql Extension {AutoCAD}

ASEB ASia Edifact Board

ASEMH Army Standard Electronic Mail Host

ASF Advanced Streaming Format {Microsoft}

ASF Apache Software Foundation {Apache}

ASI Autocad Sql Interface {AutoCAD}

ASIC Application-Specific Integrated Circuit

ASIN Amazon Standard Identification Number {Amazon}

ASIS&T American Society for Information Science AND Technology

ASIS American Society for Information Science and technology

ASIS Application Software Installation Server

ASIT Advanced Security and Identification Technology

ASK Active Spam Killer

ASL Astaro Security Linux

ASM Alternate Stimulus Mode protocol

ASM Association for Systems Management

ASMP ASymmetric MultiProcessing

ASN Abstract Syntax Notation

ASN Autonomous System Number

ASN.1 Abstract Syntax Notation 1

ASP Abstract Service Primitive

ASP Active Server Page {Microsoft}

ASP Appletalk Session Protocol {Apple}

ASP Application Service Provider

ASP Association of Shareware Professionals

Aspen Acquisition Signal Processing ENgine {HP}

ASPI Advanced Scsi Programming Interface


ASPN ActiveState Programmer Network {ActiveState}

ASPS Advanced Signal Processing System

asr Alt.Sysadmin.Recovery {usenet}

ASR Automatic Speech Recognition

ASRG Anti-Spam Research Group {IETF}

ASSISTYLE="Automated Special Security Information System Terminal

ASSP Application Server Software Platform

ASTYLE="Abstract Syntax Tree

ASTYLE="Albert, Safi, Thomas {ASTYLE="Research}

ASTYLE="Asynchronous System Trap

ASTYLE="Automatic Spanning Tree

ASTA Advanced Software Technology and Algorithms

ASTIR Amateur Station Tracking and Information Reporting

ASTW Agency Standard Terminal Workstations


ASV Action Script Viewer

ASVD Analog Simultaneous Voice and Data

AT Advanced Technology {IBM}

AT AppleTalk {Apple}

AT Assistive Technology

AT-Net AppleTalk NETwork {Apple}

ATA Advanced Technology Attachment {ANSI}

ATA Alliance for Technology Access

ATAG Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines

ATAP Association of Tech Act Projects

ATAPI Advanced Technology Attachment Packet Interface

ATC Abstract Test Case

ATC Advanced Transfer Cache {Intel}

ATC Autodesk Training Center {AutoDesk}

ATCP AppleTalk Control Protocol

ATD Aix Termination Date {SCO}

atd AT Daemon

ATD Atmospheric Technology Division {NCAR}

ATD Attention To Detail (UK game developer house)

ATDM Asynchronous Time Division Multiplexing

ATDP ATtention Dial Pulse

ATDT ATtention Dial Tone

ATE Asynchronous Terminal Emulation

ATE Atm Terminating Equipment

ATE Automated Test Equipment

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