21D teach yourself in 21 Days

ESM End System Multicast

ESMTP Enhanced Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

ESMTP Extended Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

ESN Electronic Security Number

ESnet Energy Sciences NETwork

ESP Easy Software Productions

ESP Embedded Support Partner {SGI}

ESP Emulation Sensing Processor

ESP Encapsulating Security Payload

ESP Enhanced Serial Port

ESP Enhanced Service Provider

ESPC Email Service Provider Coalition

ESR Eric S Raymond (Open Source evangelist)

ESRF European Synchrotron Radiation Facility

ESS Electronic Switching System

ESS Enterprise Storage Server {IBM}

ESU ElectroStatic Unit


ETANN Electrically Trainable Analog Neural Network

ETB End of Transmission Block

ETC Executable Test Case

ETD Element Type Declarations

ETFTP Enhanced Trivial File Transfer Protocol

ETL Extract, Transform and Load

ETLA Enhanced Three Letter Acronym

ETLA Extended Three Letter Acronym

ETOx Eprom Tunnel OXide

ETR EText Reader

ETS Easy Template System

ETS Executable Test Suite

ETSI European Telecommunication Standards Institute

ETTK Emerging Technologies ToolKit {IBM}

ETV Enhanced TeleVision

ETW European Test Workshop

ETX End of TeXt

EU End User

EU Execution Unit

EUC Extended Unix Code

EUCD European Union Copyright Directive

EULA End User License Agreement {Microsoft}

EUnet European Unix NETwork

EUP Enterprise Unified Process

EUUG European Unix User Group

EUV Extreme-UltraViolet

EVGA Extended Video Graphics Array

EVMS Enterprise Volume Management System {IBM}

EVMS EVidentiary Metadata System {FBI}

EWAN Emulator Without A Name

ewmh Extended Window Manager Hints

EWG Egoistic Wordlist Generator

EWMH Extended Window Manager Hints

EWOS European Workshop for Open Systems

EWS Employee Written Software

EXIF EXchangeable Image File

ExCA EXchangeable Card Architecture

ExTra EXpert system for TRAvel planning

EXUG European X User Group

fa From Arpanet {usenet}

FAC File Access Code

FADS Fast Autocad Development System {AutoCAD}

FAFF Fast Advantage File Format

FAFWOA For A Friend WithOut Access {chat}

FAGS Free AudioGalaxy Satellite

FAIL Fast Artificial Intelligence Language

FAM File Alteration Monitoring


FAMOS Floating gate Avalanche Metal Oxide Semiconductor

FAP File Access Protocol

FAPI Family Application Programming Interface

FAQ Frequently Asked Question

FAQL Frequently Asked Questions List

FARNET Federation of American Research NETworks

FASMI Fast Analysis of Shared Multi-dimensional Information

FASTYLE="Future Administrative Systems Team {Univ. of Houston}

FAT File Allocation Table {Microsoft}

FATA Fiber Attached Technology Adapted {HP}

FBA Faceless Background Application

FBGA Fine-pitch Ball Grid Array

fbv FrameBuffer Viewer

FC Fiber Channel

FC Fedora Core (linux)

FC1 Fedora Core version 1

FC2 Fedora Core version 2

FC-AL Fiber Channel Arbitrated Loop

FC-EL Fiber Channel Enhanced Loop

FCA Functional Configuration Audit

FCB File Control Block

FCC Federal Communications Commission

FCCM Field-programmable Custom Computing Machines

FCCSET Federal Coordinating Council for Science, Engineering and Technology

FCF Feature Control Frame

FCFS First Come, First Served

FCGI Fast Common Gateway Interface

FCL Framework Class Library

FCOL For Crying Out Loud {chat}

FCP Fiber Channel Protocol

FCS Frame Check Sequence

FCS Frame CheckSum

FCT File Control Table

FD Floppy Disk

FDB Fluid Dynamic Bearing {Western Digital}

FDB Font Definition Block

FDC Floppy Disk Controller

FDD Floppy Disk Drive

FDDI Fiber Distributed Data Interface

FDF Forms Data Format {Adobe}

FDI Flash Data Integrator

FDK From Data to Knowledge

FDL Free Documentation License

FDL Freebsd Documentation Library {FreeBSD}

FDLLUG Fond Du Lac Linux Users Group (Wisconsin)

FDM Frequency Division Multiplexing


FDROTFL Falling Down Rolling On The Floor Laughing {chat}

FDT Feature Development Team

FDU Font DeUglification {LDP}

FDX Full DupleX

FE Field Engineer

FE Front End

FECN Forward Explicit Congestion Notification

FED Field Emission Display

Fedora Flexible Extensible Digital Object and Repository Architecture

FEFO First Ended First Out

FEGURM Fill, Edit, GetChanges, Update, Refresh and Merge

FEIP Fast Ethernet Interface Processor

FEM Finite Element Method

FEP Front End Processor

FEPG Federal networking council (FNC) Engineering and Planning Group

FEPI Front End Programming Interface

FEPROM Flash Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory

FERM For Easy Rule Making (firewalls)

FESDK Far East Software Development Kit

FET Field Effect Transistor

FF Final Fantasy (gaming)

FF Flip-Flop

FF Form Feed

FFII Förderverein für eine Freie Informationelle Infrastruktur

FFII Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure {FSFE}

FFRDC Federally Funded Research and Development Center

FFS Fast File Search

FFS Fast File System

FFS Flash File System

FFSTYLE="First Failure Support Technology

FFT Fast Fourier Transform

FFT Final Form Text

FG ForeGround

FGAC Fine Grained Access Control

FH Frame Handler

FHS Filesystem Hierarchy Standard {LSB}

FHSS Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum

FIA Form Interpretation Algorithm

FIAIF Fiaif Is An Intelligent Firewall

FIB Forwarding Information Base {Cisco}


FICS Free Internet Chess Server

FIDO FInite DOmains

FIDONET FInite DOmains NETwork

FIF Fractal Image Format

FIFO First In, First Out

FILO First In, Last Out

FIN Freedom to Innovate Network {Microsoft}

FINEID FINnish Electronic IDentity

FIP Fddi Interface Processor

FIPR Foundation for Information Policy Research

FIPS Federal Information Processing Standard

FIPS First non-destructive Interactive Partition Splitting program

FIR Finite Impulse Response

FIRMPoC Federal Information Resource Management POlicy Council

FIRN Florida Information Resource Network

FIRSTYLE="For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology

FIRSTYLE="Forum of Incident Response and Security Team

FiSC Fisc Is Scientific Computing

FISH First In, Still Here

FISO Fast-In Slow-Out

FITB Fill In The Blank {chat}

FITNR Fixed In The Next Release

FITS Flexible Image Transfer System

FIX Federal Information eXchange

FIX Federal Internet eXchange

FIX Financial Information eXchange

FIZ FachInformationsZentrum

FJCC Fall Joint Computer Conference

FLA Five Letter Acronym

FLA Four Letter Acronym

FLAC Free Lossless Audio Codec

FLAVIO Flow Loader And Virtual Information Output

FLC Ferro-electric Liquid Crystam

flc File Listing Creator

FLEA Four Letter Extended Acronym

flex Fast LEXical analyzer

FLF Fluent Laser Font

FLINT Fuzzy Logic INferencing Toolkit

FLIT FLexowriter Interrogation Tape

Fljud Flexible Ldap Jabber User Directory

FLL Foxpro Link Library

FLOP FLoating point OPeration

FLOPS FLoating point Operations Per Second

FLOSS Free/Libre/Open Source Software

FLP Fast Link Pulse

FLT Fuzzy Logic Toolkit

fltdj Fast Light - The Daily Journal

FLTK Fast Light ToolKit

FLUID Fast Light User Interface Developer

FLWR For Let Where Return

FMAC Floating-point Multiply ACcumulator

FMS Forms Management System

FMTEYWTKA Far More Than Everything You Wanted To Know About (Perl)

FMV Full Motion Video

FNAL Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

FNC Federal Networking Council

fnews Forward NEWS

FNN Flat Neighborhood Network

FNS Federated Naming Service

FNSI Fiber Network Solutions, Inc.

FO Forward Observer {CSCR}

FOAD F*** Off And Die {chat}

FOAF Friend Of A Friend {chat}

FOAL F*** Off And Live {chat}

FOCS Foundations Of Computer Science {IEEE}

FOD Finger Of Death

FOG First Osborne Group

FOGE FOrm GEnerator

FoIP Fax Over IP

FOIRL Fiber-Optic InterRepeater Link

FOLDOC Free On Line Dictionary Of Computing

FOLK Functionally-Overloaded Linux Kernel {}

FOOBAR Ftp Operation Over Big Address Records

FOP Formatting Objects to Pdf {Adobe}

FOR For Obvious Reasons {chat}



FOSDEM Free and Open Source software Developers European Meeting

FOSE Federal Office Systems Exposition

FOSI Format Option Specification Instance

FoSP Frontiers Of Software Practice {ICSE}

FOSS Free and Open Source Software

FOSSFA Free and Open Source Software Foundation of Africa

FOSSIL Fido/Opus/Seadog Standard Interface Layer

FOT Full Of Tripe {chat}

FOTCL Falling Off The Chair Laughing {chat}

fou4s Fast Online Update FOR Suse

FP First Post {Slashdot}

FP FontPlay {alt.binaries.fonts}

FP Front Page {Microsoft}

FP Functional Programming

FPA Floating Point Accelerator

FPC Floating Point Calculation

FPC Frequently Posted Comment

FPD Flat Panel Display

FPDI Flat Panel Display Interface

FPDU File transfer, access and management Protocol Data Unit

FPGA Field Programmable Gate Array

FPI Formal Public Identifier

FPLA Field Programmable Logic Array

FPLL Fractional Phase Lock Loops

FPM Fast Page Mode

FPML Financial Products Markup Language

FPO For Position Only

FPP Floating Point Processor

FPS First-Person Shooter (gaming)

FPS Frames Per Second

FPSNW File and Print Server for NetWare {Novell}

FPU Field Processing Unit

FPU Floating Point Unit

FQDN Fully Qualified Domain Name

FR Frame Relay

FR-NIC FRench Network Information Center

FRAD Frame Relay Access Device

FRAM Ferroelectric Random Access Memory

FRAS Frame Relay Access Support

FRC Functional Redundancy Checking

FRE Frequently Requested Enhancement

FRED File Reader, Editor and Debugger

FRED F***ing Ridiculous Electronic Device

FREE Free Referenda and Elections Electronically

FREE FRont End Engineering

FReq File REQuest {FidoNet}

FRICC Federal Research Internet Coordinating Committee

Frox Ftp pROXy

FRS File Replication Services {Microsoft}

FRS Freely Redistributable Software

FRSN Flow Reduction Sequence Number

FRU Field-Replaceable Unit

FS Field Separator

FS File Separator

FS FileSystem

FSA Finite State Automaton

FSB Front-Side Bus

FSBE Fast Scsi Buffered Ethernet

FSD FileSystem Driver

FSDN Free Software Development Network

FSE Full-Screen Editor

FSF Free Software Foundation {GNU}

FSFE Free Software Foundation Europe

FSG Free Standards Group

FSIP Fast Serial Interface Processor

FSK Frequency Shift Keying

FSM Finite State Machine

FSM Free Software Magazine

FSMC Finite State Machine Compiler

FSN Full Service Network

FSP File Service Protocol

FSR Free System Resource

FSS Finite State System

FSSP Firing Squad Synchronization Problem

FSTYLE="Fast Sequenced Transport

FSTYLE="Flat Square Tube

FSU Florida State University

fsv FileSystem Viewer

FSV Functional Service View

FTAM File Transfer, Access, and Management

FTASB Faster Than A Speeding Bullet {chat}

FTDCS Future Trends in Distributed Computing Systems

ftest Firewall TESTer

ftestd Firewall TESTer Daemon

FTF Face To Face {chat}

FTF Free The Film {warez}

FTL Faster Than Light {chat}

FTL Functor Template Library (c++)

FTP File Transfer Protocol

FTPD File Transfer Protocol Daemon

FTS Full-Text Search

FU Fouled Up

FUBAR Failed UniBus Address Register

FUBAR Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition

FUBB Fouled Up Beyond Belief

FUD Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt {IBM}

FUDD Frequently Updated Distributed Data

FUI File Update Information

FURTB Full Up, Ready To Burst (drive space availability)

FUS Fast User Switching {Microsoft}

FUSE Filesystem in User SpacE

FVT Full Video Translation

FVWM Free Virtual Window Manager

fwdown FireWall DOWN

FWI Frequently Wanted Information

FWIW For What It's Worth {chat}

fwmon FireWall MONitor

FWNTUG French Windows NT Users Group

fwup FireWall UP

FX Field eXchange

fx2sx Flat Xml TO Structured Xml

FXO Foreign eXchange Office


FXS Foreign eXchange Subscriber

FYA For Your Amusement {email}

FYI For Your Information

FZA (compression)

G Grin {chat}

G2 Gnutella2 {Shareaza}

GA Genetic Algorithm

GAB Gichet Automatique de Banque

GAB Group Audio Bridging

GAC Generic Artifical Consciousness

GAC Get A Clue {chat}

GAC Global Assembly Cache

GAFIA Get Away From It All {chat}

GAIL Gnome Accessibility Implementation Library

GAIM Gnu Aol Instant Messenger

GAIN Gator Advertising and Information Network

GAK Government Access to Key

GAL Generic Array Logic

GAM Global Allocation Map {Microsoft}

GAN Global Area Network {Inmarsat}

GAP Generateur Automatique de Programmes

GAP Groups Algorithms and Programming

GAPI Gateway Application Programming Interface

GART Graphics Address Remapping Table

GAU Grösster Anzunehmender Unfall

GAUL Genetic Algorithm Utility Library


GB GameBoy {Nintendo}

GB GigaByte

GB Graphics Buffer

GBA GameBoy Advanced {Nintendo}

GBB Gbb Bulletin Board

GBLUG Glen Burnie Linux Users Group

GBPS GigaBytes Per Second

GC Garbage Collection (reclaiming program's memory)

GCAD Generic CAD

GCC Gnu C Compiler (deprecated expansion)

GCC Gnu Compiler Collection

GCCS Global Command and Control System

GCF Generic Connection Framework

GCGI Gnu Common Gateway Interface

GCI Global Commerce Initiative

GCJ Gnu Compiler for Java

GCL General Class Library (c++)

GCL Gnu Component License {FSF}

GCL Graphics Command Language

GCMP Gateway Connected Music Player {Gateway}

GCN Government Computer News

GCODE Gtk+ C++ Object Development Environment

GCOS General Comprehensive Operating System {GE}

GCR Group Code Recording

GDA Global Data Area

gdb Gnu DeBugger {FSF}

GDD Game Design Document

GDDL Graph Data Description Language

GDDM Graphics Data Display Manager

GDF Gnutella Developers Forum

GDH Grinning, Ducking and Hiding {chat}

GDI Graphics Device Interface

GDK Graphics Device Kit


GDLC Generic Data Link Control

GDM Gnome Desktop Manager

GDM Gnome Display Manager

GDMO Guidelines for Definition of Managed Objects

GDMS Global Data Management System

GDP Gateway Discovery Protocol

GDP Graphic Draw Primitive

GDR Geophysical Data Records

GDR Grinning, Ducking and Running {chat}

GDRF Grinning, Ducking and Running Fast {chat}

GDRVVF Grinning, Ducking and Running Very, Very Fast {chat}

GDT Global Descriptor Table

GDW Grinning, Ducking and Weaving {chat}

GE General Electric

GECOS General Electric Comprehensive Operating System

gEDA Gnu Electronic Design Automation

Gedafe GEneric DAtabase Front End

GEF Graphical Editing Framework

GENIE General Electric Network for Information Exchange

GEOS Graphic Environment Operating System

GESTYLE="Generic Expert System Tool

GET Get Execute Trigger

GETOX Gnome Editor for Text Oriented Xml

GF Gnome Foundation {GNOME}

GFA Geeks For America

GFAK Go Fly A Kite {chat}

GFDD Gnutemberg Free Documentation Database

GFDL Gnu Free Documentation License {GNU}

GFII Groupement FranÁais de l'Industrie et de l'Information

GFLOPS Giga FLoating point Operations Per Second

GFR Grim File Reaper

GFS Global File System

GG GarageGames

ggc Gnu Gluco Control

GGF Global Grid Forum (grid computing)

GGI General Graphics Interface

GGN Gotta Go Now {chat}

GGP Gateway-Gateway Protocol

ggv Gnome GhostView


GHC Glasgow Haskell Compiler

GHS Green Hills Software

GIAC Global Incident Analysis Center

GID Global Information Distribution

GID Group IDentifier

GIDD Global Information Distribution Daemon

GIF Graphics Interchange Format {Unisys}

GIFA Global Internet Freedom Act {US Congress}

GIFT Gnu Image Finding Tool {GNU}

GIG Global Information Grid {US DOD}

GIG Gnome Installation Guide

GIGO Garbage In, Garbage Out

GII Global Information Infrastructure


GiMan Generic Information MANager {Strix}

GIMP Gnu Image Manipulation Program

GIMPS Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search

GiNaC Ginac Is Not A Cas (Computer Algebra System)

GInX Grasp INterpreter for X windows

GIOP General Inter-Object request broker Protocol

GIPS Giga-Instructions Per Second

Giram Giram Is Really A Monitor

GIS Geographic Information System

GIS Given, Initial, Surname

GIS Global Information Solutions

GISTYLE="Generic Information Server Toolkit

GIT Gnu Interactive Tools {GNU}

GITD Global Internet-Telephony Directory {ICANN}

GITK Generalized Interface Tool Kit

GIWISTYLE="Gee, I Wish I Said That {chat}

GIX Global Internet eXchange

GJAL Generic Java Algebra Library

GkACPI GKrellm ACPI monitor

GKMP Group Key Management Protocol

GKS Graphical Kernel System

GKS Graphics Kernel System

GL General Literature {CoRR}

GL Geometry Library

GL Graphics Library

GLAME Gnu/Linux Audio MEchanics

GLBCC Gnu/Liberty Basic Compiler Collection

GLG Goofy Little Grin {chat}

GLIMPSE GLobal IMPlicit SEarch

GLIS Global Land Information System

GLiv openGL Image Viewer

GLM General Linear Models


Gloriad GLObal RIng network for advance Application Development

GLPK Gnu Linear Programming Kit

GLPK Gnu Linux Programming Kit


GLUE Groups of Linux Users Everywhere


GM General Midi

GML General Modeling Language

GML Generalized Markup Language

GML Gui Markup Language

GMP Gnome Media Project {GNOME}

GMP Gnu MultiPrecision library {GNU}

gmp3 Gnome MP3

GMS Global Messaging Service

GMT Greenwich Mean Time

GMTA Great Minds Think Alike {chat}


GNADE GNu Ada Database Environment

GNIS Geographical Names Information System

GNN Global Network Navigator

gnocl GNOme extensions for tCL

GNOME Gnu Network Object Model Environment

GNR Global Name Registry

GNS Get Nearest Server

GNU Gnu's Not Unix

GNUMP3d GNU MP3 Daemon

GnuPG GNU Privacy Guard

GNUTLS GNU Transport Layer Security

GO-MHS Global Open Message Handling System

gob Gtk+ Object Builder

gocr Gnu Optical Character Recognition {GNU}

GOD Gathering Of Developers

GOF Gang Of Four {Gamma, Helm, Johnson, Vlissides}

GOLUM Group Of Linux Users in Memphis

GOM Gallery-O-Matic (web site generator)

GOSIP Government Open Systems Interconnection Profile {US DOD}


GOTFIA Groaning On The Floor In Agony {chat}

GotW Guru Of The Week {comp.lang.c++}

GOWI Get On With It {chat}

GP Graphics Processor

gpa Gnu Privacy Assistant {GNU}

gpc General Polygon Clipper

gpc Gnu Pascal Compiler {GNU}

GPDR Global Positioning Demonstration Receiver

GPE General Program Exception {Microsoft}

GPF General Protection Fault {Microsoft}

GPFS General Parallel File System

GPG Gnu Privacy Guard

GPI Graphical Programming Interface


GPIO General Purpose Input/Output

GPL General Public License {GNU}

GPL Gnu Public License {GNU}

GPL Graphics Programming Library

GPLIGC General Public License IGC analyzer

GPMC Group Policy Management Console {Microsoft}

GPO Group Policy Object

GPR General Purpose Register

GPRS General Packet Radio Service

GPRS General Packet Radio Switching

GPS Global Positioning System {USAF}

gps Graphical Process Statistics

GPSI General Purpose Serial Interface

GPSS General Purpose Systems Simulator

GPU Graphics Processing Unit

GQL Graphical Query Language

GRAAL General Recursive Applicative and Algorithmic Language

GRAB Greg's Rpm Application Builder

GRACE Graduate Robot Attending ConferencE

GRASS Geographic Resources Analysis Support System

GRE Generic Routing Encapsulation

grep Global, Regular Expression, Print

GRP Gentoo Reference Program

GRUB GRand Unified Bootloader {GNU}


GS Group Separator

gsar Generalized Search And Replace

GSCC Government Securities Clearing Corporation

GSF Gnome Structured File

GSI Grid Security Infrastructure

GSID Global Server IDentifier

GSL Gnu Scientific Library {FSF}

GSL Grammar Specification Language

GSM Global System for Mobile communications

GSMP General Sound Manipulation Program

GSMP General Switch management Protocol {Ipsilon}

GSP Global Service Provider

GSS Generic Security Service {NWG}

GSS-API Generic Security Service Application Program Interface {NWG}

GSTYLE="Gnome System Tools


GTABO Get That A** Back On (after ROFLMAO) {chat}

GTG Got To Go {chat}

GTK Gimp ToolKit

GtkGLExt Gnome ToolKit openGL EXTensions

GTL Gunning Transceiver Logic

gTLD Generic Top-Level Domain {IANA}

GTML Gnu Text Markup Language

GUAM Graphical User Administrator for Mysql

GUGU Gurus of Unix Group of Users {DDJ, June 84}

GUI Globally Unique Identifier {Microsoft}

GUI Graphical User Interface

GUID Global Unique IDentifier

GUILE Gnu's Ubiquitous Intelligent Language Extension

GUMM Gurus of Unix Meeting of Minds {DDJ, June 84}

gup Group Update Program

GUS Guide to the Use of Standards {SPAG}

Gv4l Gnu Video FOR Linux

GVT Global Virtual Time

GVU Graphic Visualization and Usability lab

GWCC Gnome Workstation Command Center

gwp Gnome Word Processor

GXA Global Xml services Architecture


Gyach Gtk+-based YAhoo CHat client

GZ Gnu Zip

H&J Hyphenation and Justification (desktop publishing)

H5H Hackers FOR Hackers

H-FP Host-Front end Protocol {US DOD}

H/PC Handheld Personal Computer

HA High Availability

HACL Host Access Client Library

HACMP High Availability Cluster MultiProcessing

HAD HyperActive Directory

HAK Hugs And Kisses {chat}

HAL Hackers At Large (conference)

HAL Hard Array Logic

HAL Hardware Abstraction Layer

HAL Human Activity Logger


halog Human Activity LOGger

HAND Have A Nice Day {chat}

HAP Host Access Protocol

hardmon HARDware MONitor

HASP Houston Automatic Spooling Priority


HAWHAW Html And Wml Hybrid Adapted Webserver

HBA Host Bus Adapter

HBCI HomeBanking Computer Interface

HBP Hypertext Bibliography Project

hc High Compiler {MetaWare}

HC Human-Computer interface {CoRR}

HCB Holy Cow, Batman! {chat}

HCC Harry's Character Converter

HCC Homebrew Computer Club

HCF Halt, Catch Fire

HCI Host Controller Interface

HCI Human-Computer Interaction

HCI Human-Computer Interface

HCL Hardware Compatibility List

HCM Habeas Compliant Message

HCM Hardware Cryptographic Module


HCR Hkey_Classes_Root {Microsoft}

HCU Hkey_Current_User {Microsoft}

HCU Home Computer User

HD Hard Disk

HD High Density

HD-PLC High Definition Power Line Communication {Panasonic}

HDBV Host DataBase View

HDCD High Definition Compatible Digital

HDCP High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection

HDD Hard Disk Drive

HDF Hierarchical Data Format

HDI Head to Disk Interference

HDI Help Desk Institute

HDI Hoops Device Interface

HDKTT HDK Time Tracker

HDL Hardware Description Language

HDLC High-level Data Link Control

HDM Hardware Device Module

HDML Handheld Device Markup Language {Unwired Planet}

hdparm Hard Drive PARaMeter

HDPS Henson Digital Performance Studio {Jim Henson's Creature Shop}

HDSC High Density Signal Carrier

HDSL High rate Digital Subscriber Line

HDTV High Definition TeleVision

hdup Hard Drive backUP

HDVL Hardware Design Verification Language

HDX Half DupleX

HEDIC Health Electronic Data Interchange Corporation

HEMP High-level Entity Management Protocol {Stanford}

HEMS High-level Entity Management System {Stanford}

HEPNet High-Energy Physics NETwork

HESSLA Hacktivismo's Enhanced-Source Software License Agreement

HFEP Host Front End Protocol

HFS Hierarchical File System {Apple}

HGA Hercules Graphics Adapter

HGF Harbour Gui Framework

HGCP Hercules Graphics Card Plus

HGML Hypertext General Markup Language

HHG HitchHiker's Guide

HHGTTG HitchHiker's Guide To The Galaxy

hhm Html Help Maker

HHOJ Ha Ha, Only Joking {chat}

HHOK Ha Ha, Only Kidding {chat}

HHOS Ha Ha, Only Serious {chat}


HIFD HIgh density Floppy Disk

HIG Human Interface Guide {GNOME}

HIL Human Interface Link

HIM Hypertext, Information retrieval, Multimedia

HIMSS Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society

HIPO Hierarchy Input Process Output

HIPPI HIgh-Performance Parallel Interface {ANSI}

HIROS Hitachi Industrial Realtime Operating System {Hitachi}

HIS Hospital Information System

HIS Host Information Server {Microsoft}

HITAB Hwg-Iwa Transition Advisory Board {HWG/IWA}

HITV Hardware-independent Interactive TeleVision

HLA High Level Assembly language

HLB Hardware Load Balancing

HLCO High Low Close Open

HLD High Level Design

HLL High Level Language

HLLAPI High Level Language Application Programming Interface

HLM Hkey_Local_Machine {Microsoft}

HLQ High Level Qualifier

HLR Home Location Register

HLS Hue, Luminescence and Saturation

HLSD High Level Software Design

HLUG Houston Linux User Group (Texas)

HLUG Huskers Linux User Group (Nebraska)

HLV Hasta La Vista {chat}

HLVB Hasta La Vista, Baby {chat}

HMA High Memory Area {Microsoft}

HMA Hub Management Architecture

HMAC Hashed Message Authentication Code

HMD Head-Mounted Device

HMD Head-Mounted Display

HME Height Map Editor

HML Human Markup Language {OASIS}

HMOS High density Metal Oxide Semiconductor

HMOS High speed Metal Oxide Semiconductor

HMP Host Monitoring Protocol {ARPA}

HN Hungarian Notation

HOAP Humanoid Open Access Platform (robotics)

HOL High Order Language

HOLAP Hybrid On Line Analytical Processing

HOOD Hierarchical Object Oriented Design

HOOPS Hierarchical Object Oriented Programming System

HOPE Hackers On Planet Earth (computer security conference)

HOPP Hird Of Php Parts


HOSEF Hawaii Open Source Education Foundation

HOTT Hands On Technology Transfer (computer training company)

HP Hewlett-Packard

HP Home Page

HP-GL Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language

HP-UX Hewlett-Packard UniX {HP}

HPC High Performance Computing

HPCC High Performance Computing and Communications


HPCMP High Performance Computing Modernization Program {US DoD}

HPCS High Performance Computing Systems

HPCNG High Performance Computing and Networking Group

HPDJ Hewlett-Packard DeskJet {HP}

HPFS High Performance File System {IBM}

HPG Hewlett-Packard Graphics {HP}

HPGL Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language {HP}

  1. 1. focus on: separable and nonseparable phrasal verbs 13

    FOCUS ON: pronunciation of two-word phrasal verbs 35 break down 35 burn down 37 call in 37 find out 37 hand back 37 look at 38 setup 38 .
  2. Acknowledgment (1)

    Pamela B. Loginsky. A continuing thank you to Pamela B. Loginsky, Staff Attorney, Washington Association of Prosecuting Attorneys, for her assistance in referring cases of particular merit for this project.
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    Themistocles - Athenian leader who orchestrated the Battle of Salamis (Cameron, H.D. Great Books 191 lecture. University of Michigan. 2-September-2008.

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