21D teach yourself in 21 Days

DFT Discrete Fourier Transform

DFT Distributed Function Terminal

DFU Data File Utility

DG Data General

DGA Direct Graphics Access

DGAV DansGuardian Anti-Virus

DGC Distributed Garbage Collector

DGIS Direct Graphics Interface Standard

DGP Dissimilar Gateway Protocol

dhcmp Dump Heap CoMPare {Microsoft}

DHCP Dynamic Host Connection Protocol

dhcpcd Dynamic Host Connection Protocol Client Daemon

DHT Distributed Hash Table

DHTML Dynamic HyperText Markup Language

DI Data In

DI Destination Index

DI Directeur Informatique

di Disk Information

DIA Defense Intelligence Agency {US DOD}

DIA Document Interchange Architecture

DIAA Distributed Internet Applications Architecture {Microsoft}

DIAPM Dipartimento di Ingegneria Aerospaziale - Politecnico di Milano

DIB Device Independent Bitmap {Microsoft}

DIB Directory Information Base

DIBOL DIgital Business Oriented Language

DIBS Distributed Internet Backup System

DICE Distributed Image Capture Engine

DID Data Item Description

DIG Data Intelligence Gatherer

DIGESTYLE="DIgital Geographic Exchange STandard

DIGIC DIGital Imaging Core {Canon}

DII Defense Information Infrastructure

DII Dynamic Invocation Interfaces

DII COE Defence Information Infrastructure Common Operating Environment

DIICC Defense Information Infrastructure Control Concept

DIICC Defense Information Infrastructure Command and Control

DIIK Damned If I Know {chat}

DIIP Direct Interrupt Identification Port

DIIVL Defense Information Infrastructure Virtual Laboratory

DILLIGAD Do I Look Like I Give A Darn? {chat}

DILLIGAF Do I Look Like I Give A F***? {chat}

DIME Direct Internet Message Encapsulation

DIME DIrect Memory Execution

DIMM Dual Inline Memory Module

DIO Data Input/Output


DIP Dependency Inversion Principle

DIP Dialup Internet Protocol

DIP Digital Imaging Processing

DIP Dual Inline Package

DIS Distributed Interactive Simulation

DIS Draft International Standard

DIS Dynamic Impedance Stabilization

DISA Data Interchange Standards Association

DISA Defense Information Systems Agency {US DOD}

DISC Digital Interactive Systems Corp.

DISDBIS DISsertationen zu DatenBanken und InformationsSystemen

DISN Defense Information Systems Network {US DOD}

DISP Directory Information Shadowing Protocol

Dispair DISPlay Arichives In Realtime

DISSI Delegation Interministerielle pour la Securite des Systemes d'Information

DIT Directory Information Tree

DITA Darwin Information Typing Architecture

DITEN Direction de l'Information et des TEchnologies Nouvelles

DIVAN Digital Mail's International Value Added Network

DIVE Direct Interface Video Extension

DIVE Distributed Interactive Virtual Environment

DIX Dec, Intel, Xerox

DIZ Description In Zip

DJ Document Juggler

DK Donkey Kong {Nintendo}

DK Don't Know {chat}

DKE Data & Knowledge Engineering

DKI Driver Kernel Interface

DKMS Dynamic Kernel Module Support

DKNF Domain Key Normal Form

DKS Distributed Knowledge Systems

DL DataLang

DL Digital Libraries {CoRR}

DL Digital Library {ACM}

DL DownLoad

DLB Dispatcher Load Balancing

DLC Data Link Control

DLC Desktop Linux Consortium

DLCC Desktop Linux Consortium Conference

DLC Digital Light and Color

DLCI Data Link Connection Identifier

DLD Desktop Linux Directory

DLD Display List Driver

DLE Data Link Escape

DLG Devilish Little Grin {chat}

DLG Digital Line Graph

DLI Data Link Interface

DLL Data Link Layer

DLL Dynamic Link Library {Microsoft}

DLLP Data Link Layer Protocol

DLM Dan's Location Manager

DLM Distributed Lock Manager

DLM Dynamic Link Module

DLPI Data Link Provider Interface {Apple}

DLR Dos Lan Requester

DLS Data Link Switching

DLS Directory Locator Service

DLSAP Data Link Service Access Point

DLSw Data Link SWitching

DLT Digital Linear Tape

DLT Divisible Load Theory

DLU Dependent Logical Unit

DLUR Dependent Logical Unit Requestor

DLUS Dependent Logical Unit Server

DLWG Desktop Linux Working Group {OSDL}

DM Data Mark {NWG}

DM Discrete Mathematics {CoRR}

DM Distributed Memory

DMA Direct Marketing Association

DMA Direct Memory Access

DMAC Direct Media Access Control

DMAC Direct Memory Access Controller

DMB Data Maintenance Ballot

DMB Domain Master Browser {Microsoft}

DMCA Digital Millenium Copyright Act {US Congress}

DMCRA Digital Media Consumer Rights Act {US Congress}

DMD Digital Micromirror Device

DMD Directory Management Domain

DME Dii Migration Environment

DME Distributed Management Environment

DMF Distribution Media Format {Microsoft}



DML Data Manipulation Language

DMLE Dungeon Master Linux Edition

DMMIS Deport Maintenance Management Information System

DMMS Dynamic Memory Management System

DMO Direct Media Object {Microsoft}

DMO Distributed Management Objects

DMOS Double-diffused Metal-Oxide Semiconductor

DMP Data Movement Processor

DMP Dot Matrix Printer

DMPC Distributed Memory Parallel Computer

DMQS Display Mode Query and Set

DMR Data Management System

DMR Dennis M Ritchie

DMS Defense Message System

DMS Delegated Management Services {Netegrity}

DMSD Digital MultiStandard Decoding

DMT DataMining Toolkit

DMT Digital MultiTone

DMTF Desktop Management Task Force

DMTF Distributed Management Task Force

DMU Data Manipulation Unit

DMY Day Month Year (date format)

DMZ DeMilitarized Zone (firewalls)

DN Distinguished Name {LDAP}

DNA Digital Network Architecture

DNA Direct Network Access

DNA Distributed Network Architecture {Microsoft}

DNA Dynamic Network Administration {Ericsson}

DNA Dynamic Network Analyzer {Lucent}

DNA Dynamic Network Architecture

DNAS Distributed Network Audio Server {Shoutcast}

DNAT Destination Network Address Translation

DNC Direct Numerical Control

DNCP DecNet phase iv Control Protocol

DNCP DNa phase iv routing Control Protocol {NWG}

DNF Duke Nukem Forever {3-D Realms} (gaming)

DNIC Data Network Identification Code

DNPM Darn Near Pissed Myself {chat}

DNS Dna Naming Service {NWG}

DNS Domain Name Server

DNS Domain Name System

DNSBL Domain Name System BlackList

DNSIX Defense Network System for Information eXchange

DNSO Domain Name Supporting Organization {IANA}

DNSSEC Domain Name System SECurity

DO Data Out

DO Distributed Objects

DO-IT Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking and Technology

DocDW DOCument Delivery for Windows {USPTO}

DOD DrinkOrDie (warez group)

DODIIS Department Of Defense Intelligence Information System {US DOD}

DODS Data Object Design Studio

DOE Distributed Objects Everywhere {Sun}

DOG Design Object Group

DOI Digital Object Identifer

DOI Domain Of Interpretation

DOJ Department Of Justice

DOM Document Object Model

DOM Domino Object Model {Lotus}

DOMF Distributed Object Management Facility {Sun/HP}


DON Disque Optique Numerique

DOOW Database of Our Owlish Wisdom

DOS Denial Of Service

DOS Disc Operating System {Microsoft}

dosemu DOS EMUlator

DOV Data Over Voice

DP Data Processing

DP Distributed Proofreading

DP Domaine Public

DP Dynamic Programming

DPA Demand Protocol Architecture

DPA Distributed Password Authentication

DPAM Demand Priority Access Method

DPAPI Data Protection Application Programming Interface

DPAREN Data PARity ENable

DPAW Danger, Penguins At Work

DPB Drive Parameter Block

DPC Direct Program Control

DPCL Dynamic Probe Class Library {IBM}

DPE Design Patterns Explained

DPE Distributed Processing Environment

DPI Distributed Program Interface

DPI Dots Per Inch

DPL Descriptor Privilege Level

DPM Debian Policy Manual

DPM Digital Panel Meter

DPMA Dynamic Power Management Architecture

DPMI Dos Protected Mode Interface {Microsoft}

DPMS Data Processing and Management System {Bell Labs}

DPMS Display Power Management System

DPMS Dos Protected Mode Services {Microsoft}

DPOF Digital Print Order Format {Canon/Kodak/Fuji/Matsushita}

DPOF Direct Print Order Format

Dprobes Dynamic PROBES

DPS Display PostScript

DPS Display Processing Software

DPS Document Processing System

DPSK Differential Phase Shift Keying

DPU Display Processing Unit

DQA Data Quality Act {US Congress}

DQDB Distributed Queue Dual Bus

DQL Dataease Query Language

DR Digital Research

DR-BOND Dial-up Router Bandwidth ON Demand

DR-DOS Digital Research Disk Operating System {DR}

DR TPDU Disconnect Request TPDU {ISO}

DRA Don't Recognize Acronyms {chat}

DRA Dynamic Routing Architecture

DRAGON Ddr sdram, Raid, Audio, Graphics, Overclocking and Networking {Soyo}

DRAM Dynamic Random Access Memory

DRAW Dynamic Read After Write

DRBD Distributed Replicated Block Device

DRBL Distributed Real Black List (antispam)

DRC Digital Room Correction

DRCS Dynamically Redefinable Character Set

DRDA Distributed Relational Database Architecture {IBM}

DRDW Direct Read During Write

DRG Data Reference Group

DRI Declarative Referential Integrity

DRI Digital Research Incorporated

DRI Direct Rendering Infrastructure {XFree86}

DRM Digital Rights Management {Adobe}

DRM Digital Road Map

DRMP Digital Rights Management Passport

DRO Destructive Read-Out

DRoE Domain Registry Of Europe

DRP Decnet Routing Protocol

DRP Direct Response Protocol

DRP Distribution and Replication Protocol

DRS Document Registration System

DRS Document Repository System

DS Data Structures {CoRR}

DS Directory Services {Sun}

DS Double Sided

DS4U Data Solutions FOR yoU

DS/DD Double Sided Double Density

DS-0 Digital Signal level 0

DS-3 Digital Signal level 3

DSA Data Systems Architecture

DSA Debian Security Advisory

DSA Debian Security Announcement

DSA Digital Signature Algorithm

DSA Directory Service Agent {Microsoft}

DSA Directory System Agent

DSA Dynamic Scalable Architecture

DSAP Destination Service Access Point

DSBE Differential Scsi Buffered Ethernet card

DSBL Distributed Server Boycott List (antispam)

DSD Data Schema Designer

DSD Document Structure Description

DSDD Double Sided Double Density

DSDM Dynamic Systems Development Method

DSDV Destination-Sequenced Distance-Vector

DSE Data Storage Equipment

DSEA Display Station Emulation Adapter

DSEA Domestic Security Enhancement Act {US Congress}

DSF Device Simulator Framework

DSHD Double Sided High Density

DSI Data Storage Institute

DSI Directeur des Systemes d'Information

DSI Distributed Security Infrastructure

DSI Dynamic Skeleton Interfaces

DSI Dynamic Systems Initiative {Microsoft}

DSIS Distributed Support Information Standard

DSK Down Stream Keyer

DSL Damn Small Linux

DSL Digital Subscriber Line

DSL Dynamic Simulation Language

DSM Distributed Security Module

DSM Distributed Shared Memory

DSMA Digital Sense Multiple Access

DSML Directory Services Markup Language

DSMN Directory Services Manager for Netware {Novell}

DSN Data Source Name

DSN Delivery Status Notification

DSN Dependable Systems and Networks

DSN Distributed Sensor Network

DSO Data Source Object

DSO Decision Support Object

DSO Distributed Security Officer

DSO Dynamic Shared Object

DSOM Distributed System Object Model

DSP Digital Signal Processing

DSP Directory System Protocol

DSP Domain Specific Part

DSP DweebSpeak Primer

DSQD Double Sided Quad Density

DSR Data Set Ready

DSR Device Status Register

DSR Dynamic Source Routing

DSS Decision Support System

DSS Digital Signature Standard

DSSA Digital Software Security Act {California Legislature}

DSSA Distributed System Security Architecture {DEC}

DSSD Double Sided, Simple Density

DSSS Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum

DSSSL Document Style Semantics and Specification Language

DSTYLE="Data Storage Tape

DSTN Double SuperTwisted Nematic

DSU Data Service Unit

DSU Digital Service Unit

DSVD Digital Simultaneous Voice and Data

DT Digital Think


DT4DTD DataType FOR Document Type Definition

DTA Disk Transfer Area

DTA Document Tracking and Activity

DTAUS DatenTrägerAUStausch

DTC Distributed Transaction Coordinator

DTC Domain Technologie Control

DTCA Digital Tech Corps Act

DTCB Distributed Trusted Computing Base

DTCP Digital Transmission Content Protection {Sony, Intel}

DTD Data Type Document

DTD Document Type Definition


DTE Data Terminal Equipment

DTE Developmental Test and Evaluation

DTE Dumb Terminal Emulator

DTF Distributed Terascale Facility {NSF}

DTL Diode-Transistor Logic

DTMF Dual Tone Multi Frequency

DTML Document Template Markup Language

DTP Data Transfer Protocol

DTP DeskTop Publishing

DTP Distributed Transaction Processing

DTP Distributed Transaction Protocol

DTP Dynamic Threat Protection {ISS}

DTR Data Terminal Ready

DTR Data Transfer Rate

DTS Data Transformation Services

DTS Dna Time Service {NWG}

DTS IM Data Transformation Services Information Model

DTV DeskTop Video

DTVC DeskTop Video Conferencing

du Disk Usage

DUA Directory User Agent

DUAL Diffusing Update ALgorithm


DUAT Direct User Access Terminal

DUD Driver Update Disc

DUK Dead Upon Keyboard {chat}

DUL Dialup User List

DUN Dial-Up Networking {Microsoft}

DUNS Data Universal Numbering System {Dun & Bradstreet}

DUNS Dun Unique Numerical Symbol {Microsoft}

DV Digital Video

DVB Digital Video Broadcast

DVB-MHP Digital Video Broadcast's Multimedia Home Platform

DVC Desktop Video Conferencing

DVD Digital Versatile Disc

DVD Digital Video Disc

DVD CCA Digital Video Disc Copy Control Association


DVE Digital Video Effect

DVI Digital Video Interactive

DVI Digital Video Interface

DVMRP Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol {NWG}

DVP Digital Video Producer

dW Developer Works {IBM}

DWF Data Warehousing Framework

DWIM Do What I Mean {usenet}

DWIMC Do What I Mean, Correctly {usenet}

DX Data eXplorer {IBM}

DX Database Xcessory {ICS}

DXB Drawing eXchange Binary format {AutoCAD}

DXC Data eXchange Control

DXF Drawing eXchange Format {AutoCAD}

DXI Data eXchange Interface

DXI Digital eXchange Interface

DXPC Differential X Protocol Compressor


E Enlightenment (window manager)

E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo

E-COM Electronic Computer-Originated Mail {USPS}

E-GADS Electronic Ground search and rescue Administrative Database System

e-LAP Embedded Linux Application Platform {IBM}

e-MPS EMail Preference Service {DMA}

E-SMTP Extended Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

EA Electronic Arts

EA Enterprise Administrator

EA Enterprise Agreement {Microsoft}

EA Extended Attribute

EA TPDU Expedited Acknowledge TPDU {ISO}

EAB Enterprise Access Builders

EAD Enterprise Application Design

EAD Enterprise Architecture Document

EAGLES Expert Advisory Group on Language Engineering Standards

EAI Enterprise Application Integration

EAL Evaluation Assurance Level {ISO}

EAP Extensible Authentication Protocol

EAR Enterprise ARchitecture

EAR External Access Register

EARN European Academic Research Network

EAROM Electrically Alterable Read Only Memory

EARS Electronic Access to Reference Services

EAS Enhydra Application Service

EATA Enhanced AT bus Attachment

EATCS European Association for Theoretical Computer Science

EB ExaByte

EBC Eisa Bus Controller

EBC Electronic Business Communication

EBCDIC Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code {IBM}

EBG Emerging Business Group {AutoDesk}

EBI EBusiness Integration suite

EBI Equivalent Background Input

ebMS EBxml Messaging Service

EBN Extended Border Node

EBNF Extended Backus-Naur Form

EBNF Extended Backus Normal Form


ebRS EBxml RegiStry

EBT Electronic Benefits Transfer

EBT Enduring Business Theme

ebXML Electronic Busines eXtensible Modeling Language {IBM}

EC Electronic Commerce

EC Error Control

EC/EDI Electronic Commerce / Electronic Data Interchange

EC4S Electronic Commerce FOR Software conference

ECAT Electronic Card Assembly and Test

ECB Electronic Code Book

ECBS Engineering of Computer-Based Systems

ECC Elliptic Curve Cryptography

ECC Error Check Code

ECC Error Correcting Code

ECCC Electronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity

ECD Enhanced Color Display

ECDL European Computer Driver's License

ECDL European Conference on Digital Libraries

ECHO European Commission Host Organization

ECHT European Conference on Hypermedia Technology

ECI External Call Interface

ECL Emitter-Coupled Logic

ECM Electronic Control Module

ECM Element Content Model

ECM Enterprise Change Management

ECMA European Computer Manufacturer's Association

ECML European Conference on Machine Learning

ECN Explicit Congestion Notification (networking)

ECNE Enterprise Certified Netware Engineer {Novell}

ECO Engineering Change Order

ECOL p.Os.Linux {usenet}

ECOOP European Conference for Object-Oriented Programming

ECP Encryption Control Protocol

ECP Engineering Change Proposal

ECP Enhanced Capabilities Port

ECP European Computer Publishers

ECP Excessive Cross-Posting {usenet}

ECPA Electronic Communications Privacy Act

ECS Element Construction Set

ECT Enhanced Cluster Tools

ECTRA Electronic Communication Transactional Records Act {US Congress}

ECTS European Computer Trade Show

ECU Eisa Configuration Utility

ED TPDU Expedited Data TPDU {ISO}

EDA Electronic Data Automation

EDA Electronic Design Architecture

EDA Electronic Design Automation

EDA Embedded Document Architecture

EDA Ethernet Device Adapter

EDA Extended Data Architecture

EDA External Device Access {Nortel}

EDB Enhanced DeBugger {Intel}

EDC Enhanced Data Correction

EDC Error Detection and Correction

EDCARS Engineering Data Control Automated Retrieval System

EDDC Extended Distance Data Cable

EDDI Environnement de Developpement et de Debogage Integre


EDG Edison Design Group

EDGE Enhanced Data rates for Gsm Evolution

EDH Ephemeral Diffie-Hellman key exchange

EDI Electronic Data Interchange

EDI Electronic Document Interchange

EDIA Electronic Data Interchange Association

EDICA Electronic Data Interchange Council of Australia

EDICC Electronic Data Interchange Council of Canada

EDIFACT Electronic Data Interchange For Administration, Commerce and Transportation

EDIFICAS Electronic Data Interchange in the Financial Information, Cost, Accounting and Social

EDIFICE Electronic Data Interchange Forum for Compagnies with Interest in Computing and Electronics

EDIRA Electronic Data Interchange Registration Authorities

EDIWI Electronic Data Interchange World Institute

EDK Embedded Development Kit

EDL Edit Decision List

EDLC Ethernet Data Link Control

EDM Elysium Download Manager

EDMD EDifact Message Directory

EDMF EDifact Message Frameworks

EDO Enhanced Data Out

EDO Extended Data Out

EDO-RAM Enhanced Data Out Random Access Memory

EDOC Enterprise Distributed Objects Conference

EDOC Extended Distributed Object Computing {OMG}

EDOS Enhanced Disk Operating System

EDP Electronic Data Processing

EDP Electronic Design Process

EDR Electronic Data Recorder

EDS Electronic Data Systems corp.


EDSD Electronic data interchange Data Segment Directory


EE Electronics Engineer

EE End-to-End

EE Enterprise Edition

EEC Extended Error Correction

EED Extended Entity Data

EEE Extended Enterprise Edition {IBM DB2}

EEEB Eastern European Edifact Board

EEL Epsilon Extension Language

EEMA European Electronic Messaging Association

EEMS Enhanced Expanded Memory Specification

EEPROM Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

EES Escrow Encryption Standard

EET Electrical Engineer Times

EFA Electronic Frontiers Australia

EFA Extended File Attribute

EFF Electronic Frontiers Foundation

EFI Electromechanical Frequency Interference

EFI Extensible Firmware Interface {Intel}

Efisto Easy FIle Send TO

EFL Emitter Follower Logic

EFLA Extended Four Letter Acronym

EFS Encrypting File System {Microsoft}

EFT Electronic Funds Transfer

EFTS Electronic Funds Transfer System

EG Evil Grin {chat}

EGA Enhanced Graphics Adapter

EGD Entropy Gathering Daemon

EGOVOS E-GOVernment Operating System

EGP Exterior Gateway Protocol {BBN}

EHLLAPI Emulator High Level Language Application Programming Interface

EHS Embedded Http Server

EI Enterprise Integration

EIA Electronic Industries Alliance

EIA Electronic Industries Association

EIA Enhanced Identification and Authentication

EIA Enterprise Information Architecture

EIDE Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics {ANSI}

EIES Enterprise Integration Evaluation System

EIF Exercise In Futility

EIGRP Enhanced Internet Gateway Routing Protocol {Cisco}

EIM Enterprise Integration Middleware

EIP Enterprise Information Portal

EIP Ethernet Interface Processor

EIP Extended Internet Protocol {UCL}

EIR Extended Information Rate

EIS Executive Information System

EISA Extended Industry Standard Architecture

EISS European Intelligence Support System

EIT Electronic and Information Technology

EITC European Information Technology Conference

EIU Economist Intelligence Unit

EJB Enterprise Java Beans {Sun}

EJB QL Enterprise Java Beans cmp finder Query Language {Sun}

EJBCA Enterprise Java Bean Certificate Authority

EL Eternal Lands (MMORPG)

ELAN Emulated Local Area Network {IBM}

ELB Extremely Low Budget {Apple}

ELC Embedded Linux Consortium

ELCPS Embedded Linux Consortium Platform Specification {ELC}

ELF Enterprise Linux Forum

ELF Executable and Linking Format

ELJ Embedded Linux Journal


ELM Elan License Manager

ELOG Electronic LOGbook

ELPIF E-Logistics Processes Integration Framework

ELPS Excessive Language Proliferation Syndrome

ELS Entry Level System

ELSNet European Language and Speech NETwork

EM Enterprise Manager

EMA Electronic Messaging Association

EMA EMarketers America

EMA Enterprise Management Architecture

Emacs Editing MACroS {GNU}

EMB Extended Memory Block

EMBARC Electronic Mail Broadcast to A Roaming Computer

EMC Electronic Medical Claims

EMC Enhanced Machine Controller

EMC Extended Math Coprocessor

EMEDI European Medical Electronic Data Interchange

EMF Enhanced Metafile Format

EMI ElectroMagnetic Interference

EMIF Enterprise system connection Multiple Image Facility

EMM Expanded Memory Manager

EMP ElectroMagnetic Pulse

EMP Emergency Management Port

EMP Encrypted Messaging Program

EMP Excessive MultiPosting {usenet}

empy EMbedded PYthon

EMR Enhanced Metafile Record

EMRS Electronic Medical Records System

EMS EMail Shorthand

EMS Enterprise Messaging Server

EMS Expanded Memory Specification

EMWAC European Microsoft Windows nt Academy Center

ENBD Enhanced Network Block Device

ENDEC ENcoder/DECoder

ENIAC Electronic Numerical Integrator And Calculator

ENSS Exterior Nodal Switching Subsystem

ENTCS Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science

EO Enterprise Objects

EOA End Of Address

EOB End Of Block

EOB Enterprise Object Broker

EOC End Of Conversion

EOD End Of Discussion {chat}

EOF End Of File

EOF Enterprise Objects Framework

EOFB End Of Facsimile Block

EOI End Of Identity

EOJ End Of Job

EOL End Of Lecture {usenet}

EOL End Of Life

EOL End Of Line

EOL End Of List

EOM End Of Message


EOS End Of String

EOSDIS Earth Observing System Data and Information System

EOT End Of Tape

EOT End Of Text

EOT End Of Thread {usenet}

EOT End Of Transmission

EOT End Of Tsdu (TPDU field)

EOU End Of User

EPC Electronic Publishers Commission

EPCA Electronic Privacy Communications Act {US Congress}

EPFL École Polutechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

EPHOS European Procurement Handbook for Open Systems

EPI External Presentation Interface

EPIC Electronic Privacy Information Center

EPIC Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing {Intel/HP}

EPITA Ecole Pour l'Informatique et les Techniques Avancees

EPL Effective Privilege Level

EPL Electronic switching system Programming Language

EPLD Electronically Programmable Logic Device

EPM Easy Package Manager {ESP}

EPM Enhanced edito for Presentation Manager

EPM Enterprise Process Management

EPM Esp Package Manager

EPMI Ericsson Project Management Institute {Ericsson}

EPO Embedded Protocol Objects {RedHat}

EPP Enhanced Parallel Port

EPROM Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

EPS Electronic Permitting Service

EPS Email Processing System

EPS Encapsulated PostScript

EPSF Encapsulated PostScript File

EPSI Encapsulated PostScript Interchange {Adobe}

EQ English Query

EQ EverQuest (game) {Sony}

EQD English Query Domain (file format)

ER/RC Extended Result / Response Code

ERA Electronic Remittance Advise

ERAS Electronic Routing and Approval System

ERCIM European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics

ERD Entity Relationship Diagram (databases)

ERI Embedded Reasoning Institute {SNL}

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

ERLL Enhanced Run Length Limited

EROM Erasable Read Only Memory

ERP Enterprise Resource Planning


ERSP Evolution Robotics Software Platform

ERW Edwares Report Writer

ERW Entities and Relationships on the Web

ES End System {ANSI}

ES Extended Services

ES Extra Segment (assembly language)

ES-IS End System to Intermediate System {ANSI}

ES5 Earth Station 5 (P2P client)

ESA Enterprise Systems Architecture {IBM}

ESA Entertainment Software Association


ESC Eisa System Component

ESC Embedded Systems Conference

ESC European Software Center

ESC/P Epson Standard Code for Printers {Epson}

ESCC Esnet Site Coordinating Committee {ESnet}

ESCM Extended Services Communication Manager

ESCON Enterprise System CONnection

ESCON Enterprise Systems CONnectivity

ESD Electronic Software Distribution

ESD ElectroStatic Discharge

ESDA Electronic System Design Automation

ESDI Enhanced Small Drive Interface

ESE {Microsoft}

ESF Extended Superframe Format

ESH PDU End System Hello Protocol Data Unit {ANSI}

ESI Edge Side Includes

ESI Enhanced Serial Interface

ESIOP Environment-Specific Inter-Object request broker Protocol


  1. 1. focus on: separable and nonseparable phrasal verbs 13

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