21D teach yourself in 21 Days

CII Call Identity Index

CIK Crypto-Ignition Key

CIL Common Intermediate Language

CIL Computer Integrated Logistic

CIM Common Information Model

CIM Compuserve Information Manager {CompuServe}

CIM Computer Integrated Manufacturing

CIM Corporate Information Management

CIMD Computer Interface for Messaging Distribution

CIMOM CIM Object Manager

Cimon CIsco MONitor

CIO Chief Information Officer

CIOCS Communication Input/Output Control System

CIP Certified Internet Professional

CIP Channel Interface Processor

CIP Command Interface Port

CIP Commerce Interchange Pipeline {Microsoft}

CIP Common Indexing Protocol {IETF}

CIPA Children's Internet Protection Act {US Congress}

CIPE Crypto IP Encapsulation

CIPM Commerce Interchange Pipeline Manager {Microsoft}


CIPX Compressing Internetwork Packet eXchange

CIR Committed Information Rate

CIRA Canadian Internet Registration Authority

CIS Center for Internet and Society

CIS Center for Internet Security

CIS Common Infrastructure Services {UPS}

CIS Compuserve Information Service

CIS Computer Information System

CIS Computing Infrastructure Support

CIS Contact Image Sensor

CISC Complex Instruction Set Computer

CISS Center for Information Systems Security


CIT California Institute of Technology

CIT Computer-Integrated Telephony

CITI Center for Information Technology Integration {Univ of Michigan}

CITRI Committee for Information Technology Reconstruction in Iraq

CITS Combat Information Transport System

CIU Cryptologic Interface Unit

CIW Center for Information Work {Microsoft}

CIX Commercial Internet eXchange

CJK Chinese, Japanese, Korean characters

CJLI Command Job Language Interpreter

CKD Count Key Data

CKL Certificate Key List

CKS Cryptonet Key Server

CL Computation and Language {CoRR}

CL CoreLinux

CLAM Caldera Loadable Administration Module {Caldera}

CLAN Comprehensive Linux Archive Network

CLAR Channel Local Address Register

CLASS Consular Lockout And Support System {US Dept of State}

CLASS Cooperative Library Agency for Systems and Services

CLAW Common Link Access for Workstations

CLB Component Load Balancing

CLC Cell Line Card

CLDAP Connectionless Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

CLDC Connected Limited Device Configuration

CLE Certified Linux Engineer {Novell}

CLE Chinese Linux Extension

CLEC Competitive Local Exchange Center

CLEE Center for Lifelong Engineering Education {UT}

CLEI Common Language Equipment Identification


CLF Common Log Format

clfw {CoreLinux}

CLH Content Length Header

CLI Call Level Interface

CLI Calling Line Identification

CLI Command Line Interface

CLI Common Language Infrastructure {Microsoft}

CLI Cross Language Interoperability

CLIG Command Line Interpreter Generator

CLIPS C Language Integrated Production System

CLisp Common Lisp

CLLI Common Language Location Identification

CLM Career Limiting Move

CLNP ConnectionLess Network Protocol

CLNS ConnectionLess Network Service

CLO Command Line Options

CLOB Character Large OBject {databases}


CLOS Common Lisp Object System

CLP Cell Loss Priority

CLP Constraint Logic Programming

CLP(PB) Pseudo-Boolean Constraint Logic Programming

CLR Common Language Runtime {Microsoft}

cls CLear Screen

CLS Common Language Specification

CLSID CLasS IDentifier {COM}

CLTP ConnectionLess Transport Protocol

CLU Command Line Utility

CluClo CLUster CLOner

CLUE Command Line User Environment

CLUGS CLosed User Group library Systems

CLUI Command Line User Interface

CLV Constant Linear Velocity (storage)


clxmms CLient of X MultiMedia System

CM Configuration Management

CM Control Mark

CM Corrective Maintenance

cmail Count MAIL

CMAN Connection MANager

CMB Cmb Message Board

CMC Common Mail Call

CMC Computer-Mediated Communication

CME Common Message Environment {UPS}

CMF Content Management Framework

CMF Creative Music Format

CMHC Computer Museum History Center

CMI Coded Mark Inversion

CMI Common Message Interface {IBM}

CMIIW Correct Me If I'm Wrong {chat}

CMIP Common Management Information Protocol {ISO}

CMIS Common Management Information Services

CMIS Common Management Information System

CMISE Common Management Information Service Element

CML Chemical Markup Language

CML Cognitive Modeling Language

CML Computer Mechanics Laboratory

CML Conceptual Modeling Language

CML Concurrent ML

CML Configuration Menu Language

CMM Capability Maturity Model

CMM Capacity Maturity Model

CMMI Capability Maturity Model Integration

CMMS Computerized Maintenance Management Software

CMMU Cache/Memory Management Unit

CMNS Connection Mode Network Service

CMOS Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor

CMOT Common Management information services and protocol Over Tcp/ip

CMP Container Managed Persistence

CMR Container Managed Relationships

CMS Code Management System

CMS Content Management Server {Microsoft}

CMS Content Management System

CMT Connection ManagemenT

CMT Container Managed Transactions {EJB}

CMU Carnegie-Mellon University

CMW Compartmented Mode Workstation

CMY Cyan, Magenta, Yellow

CMYK Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, blacK

CMYK Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Key

CN Common Name

CNA Certified Netware Administrator {Novell}

CNAPS Coprocessing Node Architecture for Parallel Systems

CNC Computer Numerical Controlled

CND Caldera Network Desktop {Caldera}

CNE Certified Netware Engineer {Novell}

CNFET Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistor

CNI Coalition for Networked Information

CNI Compiled Native Interface

CNIDR Clearinghouse for Network Information, Discovery and Retrieval

CNIL Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertes

CNL C Numerical Library {Visual Numerics}

CNMAT Center for New Music and Audio Technologies

CNP Card Not Present

CNPS Computer Noise Prevention System

CNRI Corporation for National Research Initiatives

CNRS Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique

CNSS Core Nodal Switching Subsystem

CNX Certified Network eXpert

CO Check Out (code repositories)

COAL Caldera Open Access License {Caldera}

COAS Caldera Open Administration System {Caldera}

COB Chip-On-Board

COB Cruising On Broadway (game)

COBOL COmmon Business-Oriented Language

CoC Call Of Cthulu (gaming)

COCOMO COnstructive COst MOdel

CODASYL Conference On DAta SYstem Languages

CODE Client-server Open Development Environment

Codec COder/DECoder

COE Common Operating Environment

COEM Commercial Original Equipment Manufacturer

COFF Common Object File Format

COG COnfigurator for Gnome

COG Cycon Online Gaming

COIN Common Optimization INterface

COIN-OR COmputational INfractructure for Operations Research

COL Computer-Oriented Language

COLA Certificate Of License Authority

cola Comp.Os.Linux.Advocacy {Usenet}

cola Comp.Os.Linux.Announce {Usenet}

COLD Computer Output to Laser Disk

COM Common Object Model

COM Component Object Model {Microsoft}

COM Component Oriented Middleware

COM Computer Output to Microfilm

COMDEX COMputer Dealers EXhibition

CompTIA COMPuter Technology Industry Association

COMTI Component Object Model Transaction Integrator {Microsoft}


CONNIX CONNecticut Internet eXchange

CONP Connection-Oriented Network Protocol

CONS Connection-Oriented Network Service

COO Cell Of Origin

COOP C++ Object Oriented Programming

COOTS Conference on Object-Oriented Technologies and Systems

COP Character-Oriented Protocol

COP Cpu Overheating Protection

COPA Child's Online Protection Act {US Congress}

COPIES Child Online Pornographic Image Eradication System

COPS Computer Oracle Password System

CORBA Common Object Request Broker Architecture {OMG}

CORE Centrally Operated Risc Environment

CoRR COmputing Research Repository

COS Card Operating System

COS Class Of Service

COS Common Object Service {CORBA}

COS Compatible Operating System

COS Corporation for Open Systems

COSE Combined Office Standard Equipment

COSE Common Open Software Environment

COSI Clarkson Open Source Institute

COSINE Cooperation for Open Systems Interconnection Networking in Europe

COSMIC COmputer Software Management and Information Center

COT Centre for Object Technology

COTFLGOHAHA Crawling On The Floor Laughing Guts Out, Having A Heart Attack

COTS Commercial Off-The-Shelf

COTSS Classified Operational Telecommunications Switching System

COW Cache Objects for the Web

COW Copy-On-Write

COW Cow Outputs Waves (sound processing)

CP Control Point

CP Copy Protect

CP Crypto Peripheral

CP/M Control Program for Microcomputers

CP/M Control Program/Monitor

CPA Collaboration Protocol Agreements

CPA Computer Press Association

CPAN Comprehensive Perl Archive Network

CPC Collaborative Product Commerce

CPC Constant Point Calculation

CPCI Computer Program Configuration Items

CPCS Check Processing Control System

CPCS Common Part Convergence Sublayer

CPDP Computer Program Development Plan

CPE Customer Premises Equipment

CPFDA Citizens' Protection in Federal Databases Act {US Congress}

CPG Clock Pulse Generator

CPG Comu Privacy Guard

CPI Characters Per Inch

CPI Code Page Information

CPI-C Common Programming Interface for Communications

CPIP Carrier Pigeon Internet Protocol {RFC 1149}

CPL Common Public License

CPL Combined Programming Language

CPL Current Privilege Level

CPML Call Policy Markup Language

CPP C Plus Plus

CPP Collaboration Protocol Profiles

CPR Computer-based Patient Record

CPRI Computer-based Patient Records Institute

CPRM Content Protection for Recordable Media

CPS Call Processing System

CPS Certification Practices Statement

CPS Characters Per Second

CPS Collaborative Portal Server {Nuxeo}

CPSR Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility

CPT Command Pass Through

CPTWG Copyright Protection Technology Working Group

CPU Cap Processor Usage

CPU Central Processing Unit

CPU Change Password Utility

CPXe Common Picture eXchange Environment

CQS Content Query System

CR Carriage Return

CR Code-Red (internet worm)

CR II Code-Red version 2 (internet worm)

CR III Code-Red version 3 (internet worm)

CR TPDU Connection Request TPDU {ISO}

CRAM Card Random Access Memory

CRAM Content Rotation And Management


CRAN Comprehensive R Archive Network

CRC Career Resource Center {ACM}

CRC Class, Responsibility, Collaboration

CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check

CRD Content Review Document

CREN Computer Research Education Network

CREN Corporation for Research and Educational Networking

CRF Content Reference Forum

CRF Cross Reference File

CRI Collective Routing Indicators

CRI4J Common Rfc Interface FOR Java

CRISP-DM CRoss-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining

CRL Certificate Revocation List {Verisign}

CRLF Carriage Return, Line Feed

CRM Communication Resource Manager

CRM Controllable Regex Mutilator

CRM Customer Relationship Management

CROM Control Read Only Memory

CRPG Character Role Playing Game

CRS Change Request System

CRS Content Replication Service

CRT Cathode Ray Tube

CRT C RunTime {Microsoft}

CRTC Cathode Ray Tube Controller

CRTI Cyberlink Rural Telecommunications, Inc

CRU Customer Replaceable Unit

CRUD Create Read Update Delete

CRv2 Code-Red Version 2 (internet worm)

CS CheckSum

CS Clear to Send

CS Code Segment (assembly language)

CS CompuServe

CS Computer Science

CS Convergence Sublayer

CSA Canadian Standards Association

CSA Certified Solaris Administrator {Sun}

CSA Chief Software Architect {Microsoft}

CSA Common System Area


CSAR Channel System Address Register

CSC Computer Services Corporation

CSCI Computer Software Configuration Item

CSCL Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning

CSCR Consortium for Slow Commotion Research

CSCW Computer-Supported Cooperative Work

CSD Circuit Switched Data

CSD Corrective Service Diskette

CSDP Certified Software Development Professional {IEEE}

CSDP Conceptual Schema Design Procedure

CSE Certified System Engineer

CSE Component Services Explorer

CSEA Cyber Security Enhancement Act {US Congress}

CSFW Computer Security Foundations Workshop

CSG Consultable Services Group


CSH Color Super Homeotropic

CSI Common Secure Interoperability {OMG}

CSIA Cyber Security Industry Alliance

CSIDC Computer Society Internation Design Competition {IEEE}

CSIRO Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (Australia)

CSL Computer Sensitive Language

CSLH Crafty Syntax Live Help

CSLIP Compressed Serial Line Internet Protocol

CSLU Center for Spoken Language Understanding

CSM Cluster Systems Management

CSM Communication Services Manager

CSMA/CD Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection

CSN Card Select Number

CSN Circuit Switched Network

CSN Consortium for School Networking

CSNET Computer+Science NETwork

CSNP Complete Sequence Number Packet data unit

CSNW Client Service for NetWare {Microsoft}

CSO Central Services Organization

CSP C Server Pages

CSP Certified Systems Professional

CSP Commercial Service Provider

CSP Communications Support Processor

CSP Compucom Speed Protocol

CSP Cryptographic Service Provider

CSPDN Circuit Switched Public Data Network

CSPP Computer Systems Policy Project

CSR Certificate Signing Request

CSRC Computer Security Resource Center

CSRDA Cyber Security Research and Development Act {US Congress}

CSRF Common Source Routing File

CSRFS Common Source Routing File System

CSRI Coordinated Spam Reduction Initiative {Microsoft}

CSS Cascading Style Sheets {Microsoft}

CSS Closed Source Software

CSS Content Scrambling System {MPAA}

CSS Continuous System Simulator

CSS Core System Software

CSS Crm Sparse Spectra

CSS Cross-Site Scripting

CSSA Caldera Systems Security Advisory {Caldera}

CSTA Computer-Supported Telecommunications Applications

CSTA Computer-Supported Telephony Applications

CSU Channel Service Unit

CSV Comma Separated Values {Microsoft}

CSV Common Services Verbs

CT Communications Terminal

CT Configuration Timer

CTAN Comprehensive Tex Archive Network

CTBD Component Technology Business Division

CTC Cut The Cookie (web browser cleaner)

CTCP Client-To-Client Protocol

CTE Compliance Test and Evaluation

CTEA Copyright Term Extension Act

CTG Cics Transaction Gateway

CTG Computer Task Group (consultants)

CTG Core Technology Group

CTI Computer Telephone Integration

CTI Couplage Telephonie Informatique

CTIA Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association

CTIA Computing Technology Industry Association

CTL Complex Text Layout


CTO Chief Technology Officer

CTP Conformance Testing Program

CTPA Coax-to-Twisted Pair Adapter

CTRC Cooling Technologies Research Consortium

CTS Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

CTS Center for Technology Studies {PRI}

CTS Clear To Send

CTS Common Transport Semantic

CTS Common Type System {Microsoft}

CTS Compatibility Test Suite {J2EE}

CTSS Compatible Time-Sharing System {MIT}

CTTS Cost and Time Tracking System

CUA Common User Access

CUA Commonly Used Acronyms

CUDIX Common User Digital Information eXchange

CUE Collaborative User Experience {IBM}

CUE Common User Environment

CUED Cambridge University Engineering Department

CUI Common User Interface

CUJ C Users Journal

CUN Critical Update Notification {Microsoft}

CUPID Completely Universal Processor I/o Design

CUPS Common Unix Printing System

CURL Client URL library

CUSA Certified Unix System Administrator {Caldera}

CUSI Configurable Unified Search Index

CUSP Commonly Used System Program

CUT Control Unit Terminal

CUTE Clarkston University Terminal Emulator

CUTE Common Unix and x Terminal Environment

CUTE Cute User-friendly Text Editor

CV Computer Vision {CoRR}

CVE Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures {}

CVF Compressed Volume File

CVGA Color Video Graphics Array

CVIA Computer Virus Industry Association

CVM C language Virtual Machine

CVN Compression Video Numerique

CVP Circuits Virtuels Permanents

CVPR Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

CVS Computer Vision Syndrome

CVS Concurrent Version System

cvsfs Concurrent Version System File System

CVSIM Customizable Versatile System Interactive Monitor

CVSps Concurrent Version System PatchSet

CVSQ Concurrent Version System Queued

CVW CodeView for Windows

CWIS Campus Wide Information System

CWM Common Warehouse Metamodel

CWP Certified Web Professional {IWA}

CWYL Chat With You Later {chat}

CxC C for Parallel Computing

CXD Coherity Xml Database

cXML Commerce XML

CybOrg CYBercafe ORGanizer

CYE Count Your Euros (cash flow analysis software)

CYMK Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, blacK

D/A Digital to Analog

D/CAS Data CASsette

D-AMPS Digital Advanced Mobile Phone Service

D-H Diffie-Hellman (cryptography)


D2D Developer TO Developer

D2W Direct TO Web

DA Design Analysis

DA Destination Address

DAA Digest Access Authentication

DAAS Defense Automatic Addressing System

DAASC Defense Automatic Addressing System Center

DAB Digital Audio Broadcasting

DAC Data Access Component

DAC Digital-to-Analog Converter

DAC Discretionary Access Control

DAC Dual-Attached Concentrator

DACL Discretionary Access Control List

DACS Digital Access and Cross-connect System

DACT Dynamic Adaptive Compression Tool

DAD Desktop Application Director

DAD Document Access Definition {DB2}

DAFS Direct Access File System

DAG Design Automation Group

DAG Directed Acyclic Graph (data structures)

DAI Distributed Artificial Intelligence

DAISY Dynamically Architected Instruction Set from Yorktown

DAKOSY DAta KOmmunications SYstem

DAKS Data And Knowledge System

DAL Data Access Language

DAL Data Application Layer

DAL Database Abstraction Layer

DAL Destination Address Length

DALP Database Access Libraries for Pdas

DAM Data Acquisition and Monitoring

DAM Digital Asset Management

DAMES Daasc Automated Message Entry System

DAML Darpa Agent Markup Language

DAN Desktop Advertising Network

DANTE Delivery of Advanced Network Technology to Europe

DANUP Dispositif d'Acces Numeris a Usage Partage

DAO Data Access Object

DAO Disk-At-Once (CDR write mode)

DAoC Dark Age Of Camelot (game title) {Mythic Software}

DAP Data Access Processor

DAP Data Access Protocol

DAP Directory Access Protocol

DAP Document Application Profile

dar Disk ARchive

DARI Database Application Remote Interface

DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency {US DOD}

DART Data, Applications, Reports and Transactions

DAS Dual-Attached Station

DAS Dynamic content Administration System

DASCo Distributed Applications with Separation of COncerns

DASD Direct Access Storage Device

DASS Distributed Authentication Security Service {DEC}

DAT Destination Address Type

DAT Detailed Architecture Team

DAT Digital Audio Tape

DAT Disk Array Technology

DATAR Digital Automated Tracking And Resolving

DATAS Delta Automated Travel Account System

DAU Dümmster Anzunehmender User

DAV Data Above Voice

Dav Dav Ain't Vi

DAV Digital Audio-Video

DAV Distributed Authoring and Versioning {IETF}

DAVIC Digital Audio VIsual Council

DAVID Digital Audio VIdeo Decoder

DAW Digital Audio Workstation

DAWG Deterministic Acyclic Word Graph


DB DataBase

DB Data Bus

DB DocBook

DB2 DataBase 2

db4o DataBase FOR Objects

DBA DataBase Administrator

DBAC DataBase Administration Center

dbacl Digramic BAyesian text CLassifier

DBAS DataBase Administration System

DBCA DataBase Configuration Assistant

DBCC DataBase Consistency Checker {Microsoft}

DBCS Double-Byte Character Set {ANSI}

DBD DataBase Driver

DBF DataBase File

DBCS Double Byte Character Support

DBF DBase Format

DBH Disk Based Hashtables

DBI DataBase Interface


DBL Define Bits Lossless files


DBM DataBase Manager

DBME DataBase Management Environment

DBMGUI DataBase Manager Graphical User Interface

DBMJUI DataBase Manager Java User Interface

DBMS DataBase Management System

DBRI Dual Basic Rate Interface

DBS DataBase Server

DBT Defect-Based Testing

DC Data Collection

DC Direct Current

DC Display Controller

DC Distributed Computing {CoRR}

DC Domain Controller {Microsoft}

DC Dublin Core

DC TPDU Disconnect Confirm TPDU {ISO}

DC-GUI Direct Connect Graphical User Interface

DCA Defense Communications Agency {US DOD}

DCA Defense Communications Associates

DCA Document Content Architecture

DCAC Defense Communications Agency Circular

DCAF Distributed Console Access Facility

DCAM Direct Chip Attach Module

DCB Decimal Code Binaire

DCB Disk Coprocessor Board

DCC Data Country Code

DCC Digital Command Control (model railroad control)

DCC Digital Compact Cassette

DCC Direct Cable Connection

DCC Direct Client-to-Client protocol

DCC Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse

DCCA Dvd Copy Control Association

DCD Data Carrier Detect

DCD Document Content Description

DCE Data Circuit-terminating Equipment

DCE Data Communications Equipment

DCE Distributed Computing Environment {IBM}


DCF Data Communication Facility

DCF Data Compression Facility

DCF Data Count Field

DCF Driver Configuration File

DCG Data elements Coordination Group

DCH Direct Connect Hub

DCI Display Control Interface

DCIA Distributed Computing Industry Association {Sharman Networks}

DCIMA Database and collections of Information Misappropriation Act {US Congress}

DCL Data Center Linux

DCL Data Control Language

DCL Dialog Control Language

DCL Digital Command Language

DCL Digital Control Logic

DCLLC Dot Cooperation LLC

DCM Dimensional Constraint Manager {AutoCAD}

DCM Distributed Computing Manager

DCMES Dublin Core Metadata Element Set

DCMI Dublin Core Metadata Initiative

DCML Data Center Markup Language

DCN Distributed Computer Network {NWG}

DCOM Distributed Component Object Model {Microsoft}

DCOP Desktop COmmunications Protocol


DCPS Data Communications Protocol Standards

DCRKA Digital Consumer Right to Know Act {US Congress}

DCS Data Collection System

DCS Defense Communications System

DCS Desktop Color Separation

DCS Digital Camera System

DCS Digital Cloning System {QWC}

DCS Direct Communications System

DCS Distributed Communications System

DCS Dual Channel Switch

DCS Dynamic Channel Selection

DCSC Distributed Computing Standards Coalition

DCT Data Communications Terminal

DCT Destination Control Table

DCT Discrete Cosine Transform

DCTC Direct Connect Text Client

DCW Digital Chart of the World

DD Deployment Descriptor

DD Digital Display

DD Double Density

DDA Domain-Defined Attribute

DDA Dynamic Data Access

DDB Device Dependent Bitmap

DDB Device Driver Block

DDBMS Distributed DataBase Management System

DDC Digital Data Channel

DDC Display Data Channel

DDC1 Display Data Channel 1

DDCMP Digital Data Communications Message Protocol

DDCS Distributed Database Connection Services

DDD Data Display Debugger

DDDS Defense Data Dictionary System

DDE Dynamic Data Exchange {Microsoft}

DDECS Design and Diagnostics of Electronic Circuits and Systems

DDEML Dynamic Data Exchange Manager Library

DDES Digital Data Exchange Specification

DDF Dynamic Data Formatting

DDI Device Driver Interface

DDJ Dr. Dobbs Journal

DDK Device Driver Kit

DDK Driver Development Kit

DDL Data Definition Language

DDL Data Description Language

DDL Document Description Language

DDLC Database Development Life Cycle

DDM Device Driver Module

DDM Distributed Data Management

DDML Document Definition Markup Language

DDN Defense Data Network {US DOD}

DDNS Dynamic Domain Name Service

DDO Dynamic Device Overlay

DDO Dynamic Drive Overlay

DDOS Distributed Denial Of Service

DDP Datagram Delivery Protocol

DDP Desktop Data Processing

DDPO Debian Developer's Packages Overview

DDQ Data-Driven Query

DDR Double Data Rate

DDS Database Design Studio

DDS Design Data Sheet

DDS Digital Data Service

DDS Digital Data Storage

DDS Distributed Directory Services

DDSA Direct Digitally Synthesized Audio

DDSR Deleted Data Space Release

DDSSA Digital Distributed System Security Architecture {DEC}

DDT Dec Debugging Tape {DEC}

DDT Dynamic Debugging Technique

DDT Dynamic Dns Tools

DDV Dialog Data Validation

DDX Dialog Data eXchange

DE Dashboard Edition {Candle Corp.}

DE Desktop Edition {eZ Publish}

DE Desktop Environment

DEA Data Encryption Algorithm

DEA Directory-Enabled Application {Microsoft}

DEC Digital Entertainment Center {HP}

DEC Digital Equipment Corporation

DECnet Digital Equipment Corporation NETwork {DEC}

DED Dark Emitting Diode

DED Data Environment Designer {Microsoft}

DED Dialog EDitor

DEDISTYLE="Data Element DISTribution

DEG Data Exchange Group

DEIS Defense Enterprise Integration Services

DEK Data Encryption Key

DEL Decode Encode Language {NWG}

DEL Diode ElectroLuminescente

DELORES DEfeasible LOgic REasoning System


DEMMA Direct Electronic Mail Marketing Association

DeMuDi DEbian MUltimedia DIstribution

DEN Directory-Enabled Networking {Microsoft}

DEP Data Extension Products

DEREC Daewoo Electronic Research Center

DERF Data Element Request Form

DES D&d Equipment Selector

DES Data Encryption Standard

DES Data Entry Sheet

DES Digital Encryption Standard {IBM}

DET Data Entry Terminal

DET Device Execute Trigger

DET Directory Entry Table

DEU Dumb End User

devfs DEVice File System

devfsd DEVice File System Daemon

DevIL DEVeloper's Image Library

DEXEC Diagnostic EXECutive {Sun}

DFA Deterministic Finite Automaton

DFC Data Flow Control

DFC Digital Future Coalition

DFC Display File Compiler

DFD Data Flow Diagram

DFE Desktop Functional Equivalent

DFM Distributed File Manager {IBM}

DFS Depth First Search

DFS Distributed File System

DFS Dynamic File System {Sun}

DFSG Debian Free Software Guide

DFSMS/MVS Data Facility Storage Management Subsystem for MVS {IBM}

DFT Diagnostic Function Test

  1. 1. focus on: separable and nonseparable phrasal verbs 13

    FOCUS ON: pronunciation of two-word phrasal verbs 35 break down 35 burn down 37 call in 37 find out 37 hand back 37 look at 38 setup 38 .
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    Pamela B. Loginsky. A continuing thank you to Pamela B. Loginsky, Staff Attorney, Washington Association of Prosecuting Attorneys, for her assistance in referring cases of particular merit for this project.
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