21D teach yourself in 21 Days

SSP Single Source Provider

SSP Switch-to-Switch Protocol

SSQLS Specialized SQL Structures

SSR Scalable Sampling Rate

SSR Symantec Security Response (formerly known as SARC) {Symantec}

SSR Symposium on Software Reusability {ACM}

SSSCA Security Systems Standards and Certification Act {US Congress}

STYLE="Smart Tags {Microsoft}

STYLE="Star Trek

ST@FF Support Tool AND Forum Frameset

STA Spanning-Tree Algorithm


STAF Software Testing Automation Framework

StarLight Science Technology And Research Light-Illuminated Gigabit High-performance Transit

STAT Security Threat Avoidance Technology {Harris Corp.}

STB Set-Top Box

STC Society for Technical Communication

STD Security Tools Distribution {Knoppix}


STEW Support, Tutorial, Example, Wish list

stic Some Tools for Image Collectors

STL Solaris Threading Library {Sun}

STL Standard Template Library {C++}

STLP Standard Technology Law Perspectives {STLR}

STLR Standard Technology Law Review

STN Switched Telephone Network

STO Security Through Obscurity

STOC Symposium on Theory Of Computing {ACM}

STOIC STring Oriented Interactive Compiler

STP Scalable Test Platform {OSDL}

STP Shielded Twisted Pair (cabling)

STP Software Through Pictures

STPP Strategic Technology Protection Program {Microsoft}

STR Suspend-To-Ram

STS Simplify The Solution {Penguin Computing}

STT Singapore Technologies Telemedia

STUBS Toolchain and Utility Build Suite (note that the first S is not expanded)

STUG Software Tools User Group

STUN Serial TUNnel

su Substitute User

SUI Spooky User Interface {RedBat Linux}

SUID Set User IDentifier

SURBL Spam Uri Realtime Block List

SuSE Software und System Entwicklung

SV Silicon Valley

SVC Switched Virtual Circuit

SVG Scalable Vector Graphics

SVGA Super Video Graphics Adapter

SVGWG Scalable Vector Graphics Working Group

SVr4 System V, Release 4

SW SoftWare

SWAA Small Webcaster Amendment Act {US Congress}

SWAR Simd Within A Register

SWAT Samba Web Administration Tool

SWAT Spam Wranglers Action Team

SWE Sender Warranted Email

SWIG Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator


sWM Small Window Manager

SWNT Single-Walled carbon NanoTube

swpkg SoftWare PacKaGe

SWS Sws Web Server

SWSA Small Webcaster Settlement Act {US Congress}

SWT Standard Widget Toolkit

SWVPD SoftWare Vital Product Data

SXP Simple Xml Persistence

Sxtools SceniX TOOLS



Sysop SYStem OPerator

T3POS Transaction Processing Protocol for Point Of Sale

TA Technology Administration (US DoC)

TAA Technical Asset Allocation

TAC Technical Advisory Council

TAC Technical Assistance Center

TAC Technical Assistance Coordinator

TAC Terminal Access Controller

TACACS Terminal Access Controller Access Control System {BBN}

TACACSD Terminal Access Controller Access Control System Daemon

TACCLE Testing At the Class and Cluster LEvel


TAFN That's All For Now {usenet}

TAG Technical Advisory Group

TAG Technical Architecture Group {W3C}

TAG The Answer Gang {LG}

TAIS Toshiba American Information Systems

TALE Typed Applicative Language Experiment

TALIP Transactions on Asian Language Information systems {ACM}

TalOS TALigent Object Services

TALOSS Three-dimensional Advanced Localization Observation Submarine Software

TAMS Text Analysis Markup System

TANJ There Ain't No Justice {chat}

TANSTAAFL There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch {usenet}

TAON The Art Of Noise (sound editor)

TAPI Telephony Application Programming Interface {Microsoft}

tar Tape ARchive

TARFU Things Are Really Fouled Up {chat}

tasm Turbo ASseMbler {Borland}

TAXI Transparent Asynchronous transmitter/receiver Interface

TB TeraByte


TBIL Tiny Basic Interpreter Language

TBL Tim Berners-Lee

TC Technical Committee

TC Transport Connection {ISO}

TC Trusted Computing

TC Turbo C {Borland}

TCA Task Control Architecture

TCB Trusted Computing Base

TCC Tiny C Compiler

TCC Together ControlCenter {TogetherSoft}

TCDE Technical Commitee on Data Engineering {IEEE}

TCF Technical Compute Farm {Sun}

TCG Trusted Computing Group

TCL Tool Command Language

TCLP Typed Constraint Logic Programs

TCP Transmission Control Protocol

TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol Internet Protocol

TCPA Trusted Computing Platform Alliance {Intel}

TCPMUX Transmission Control Protocol MUltipleXer

tcpreen Transmission Control Protocol RE-ENgineering tool

TCS Terascale Computing System

TCS Theoretical Computer Science {EATCS}

TCS Thin Computing Solution

TCU Trunk Coupling Unit

TD Team Diagram {the Kompany}

TDD Technical Design Document

TDFN Tennessee Digital Freedom Network


TDI Transport Driver Interface

TDIL Technology Development for Indian Languages

TDM Technical Document Management

TDM Time Division Multiplexing

TDMA Time Division Multiple Access

tDOM Tcl Document Object Model

TDP Tag Distribution Protocol {Cisco}

TDR Time Domain Reflectometer

TDRL Threshold Digital Research Labs

TDS Tex Directory Structure

TDU Topology Database Update

TDWI The Data Warehousing Institute


TEACH Technology Education And Copyright Harmonization act {US Congress}

TECO Tape Editor and COrrector

TECO Text Editor and COrrector

TEF Ttap Evaluation Facility {TTAP}

TEI Text Encoding Initiative

Tensile ThE New ScrIpting LanguagE

TEOTWAWKI The End Of The World As We Know It {usenet}

TERENA Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association


TESS The Exponential Security System

TF2 Team Fortress 2 {Valve} (gaming)

TFMX The Final Musicsystem eXtended

TFN Tribe Flood Network


TFTP Trivial File Transfer Protocol {ARPA}

TFTP Trusted File Transfer Protocol


TGAL Think Globally, Act Locally {chat}

TGMMRUP The Gnome Media Media Related Utilities Package {GMP}

TGS Ticket-Granting Server (kerberos)

TGT Ticket-Granting Ticket (kerberos)

tgw Tcp GateWay

TH Transmission Header

THD The Hacker's Dictionary

THE The Hessling Editor

thp Tiny HoneyPot (security)

ThreeDFM THREE Dimensional File Manager

TI Texas Instruments

TIA Telecommunications Industry Association

TIA Television Interface Adapter

TIA Thanks In Advance {usenet}

TIA The Internet Adapter

TIAFTH Thanks In Advance For The Help {usenet}

TIB Tag Information Base {Cisco}

TIC Token ring Interface Coupler

TIC Tongue In Cheek {usenet}

TICC Tcp/Ip Checksum Computer

TICCIT Time-shared Interactive Computer Controlled Information Television

TIDE Tomcat Integrated Development Environment

TIF Tagged Image File

TIFF Tagged Image File Format

TIGER Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing system

TIIP Technological Innovation and Intellectual Property

TIN Triangulated Irregular Network

TINC There Is No Cabal

TINE The InterNetworking Event

TINLC There Is No Lumber Cartel (antispammers)

TINWIS That Is Not What I Said {chat}

TIP Terminal Interface message Processor {NWG}

TISC Tool Interface Standard Committee

TISSEC Transactions on Information and Systems SECurity {ACM}

TK ToolKit


TKDE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering {IEEE}

TL Transaction Level

TLA Three Letter Abbreviation

TLA Three Letter Acronym

TLB Translation Lookaside Buffer

TLD Tag Library Descriptor (XML)

TLD Top-Level Domain


TLI Transport Library Interface

TLMP The Linux Mirror Project

TLS The Linux Show

TLS Thread Local Storage

TLS Transaction Layer Security

TLS Transport Layer Security

TLUG Toronto Linux Users Group

TLV Type/Length/Value (data format)

TM Terminal Manager

TM Thread Mangler {usenet}

TM4J Topic Map library FOR Java

TMDA Tagged Message Delivery Agent

TMDS Transmission Minimized Differential Signaling


TMRC Tech Model Railroad Club {MIT}

TMTOWTDI There's More Than One Way To Do It {usenet}

TMux Transport MUltipleXing

TN TelNet

TNHD The New Hacker's Dictionary

TNL Torque Network Library {GarageGames}

TNT The New Tesseract {Apple}

TNVIP TelNet Visual Information Projection

TOCHI Transactions On Computer-Human Interface {ACM}

TOCL Transactions On Computational Logic {ACM}

TOCS Transactions On Computer Systems {ACM}

TOCTOU Time Of Check, Time Of Use

TODAES Transactions On Design Automation of Electronic Systems {SIGDA}

TODS Transactions On Database Systems {ACM}

TOE Tellulary Operating Environment

TOG Transactions On Graphics {ACM}

TOIS Transactions On Information Systems {ACM}

TOIT Transactions On Internet Technologies {ACM}


TOM Typed Object Model

TOMACS Transactions On Modeling And Computer Simulation {ACM}

TOMS Transactions On Mathematical Software {ACM}

TON Transactions On Networking {ACM}

TOPLAS Transactions On Programming Languages And Systems {ACM}

TOP Technical and Office Protocol {US DOD}

TOR Trusted Operating Root {Microsoft}

TOra Toolkit for ORAcle

TOS Terms Of Service

TOS Type Of Service

TOSEM Transactions On Software Engineering and Methodology {ACM}

TOTD Tip Of The Day

TOTS Table On The Screen

TOU Terms Of Use {Microsoft}

TP Technology Preview

TP Telekomunikacja Polska

TP Turbo Pascal {Borland}

TP Twisted Pair (cabling)


TPA Transient Program Area

TPC Transmits Power Control


TP0 Transport Protocol class 0

TP4 Transport Protocol class 4

TP-4 Transport Protocol level 4

TPDU Transport Protocol Data Unit {ISO}

TPF The Perl Foundation

TPF Tiny Personal Firewall

TPLP Theory and Practice of Logic Programming

TPM Technological Protection Measures

TPM The Packet Master (Linux distribution)

TPS Transactions Per Second



TPW Telecommunications Professionals of Wisconsin

TR Tech Report

TR Token Ring

TRA Telecommunications Research Associates

TRAC Telecommunications Research and Action Center

TRAMP Transparent Remote file Access, Multiple Protocol

TRDMC Tears Running Down My Cheeks {chat}

TREC Text REtrieval Conference

TRG Technology Research Group


TRON The Real-time Operating system Nucleus


TRP Tideman's Ranked Pairs (sound processing)

TRPB Truncated Reverse Path Broadcasting

TRS Tandy / Radio Shack

TRS Ticket Request System


TS CAL Terminal Server Client Access License {Microsoft}

TSAP Transfer Service Access Point {ISO}

TSAP Transport Service Access Point

TSAP-ID Transfer Service Access Point IDentifier (TPDU field)

TSCAL Terminal Server Client Access License {Microsoft}

TSDU Transport Service Data Unit {ISO}

TSE Terminal Server Edition {Microsoft}

TSG Technical Support Group {ISOC}

TSG The Sco Group

TSG-ANZ The Sco Group - Australia and New Zealand

TSI Text Software Initiative


TSL Tawie Server Linux {Tawie Technologies AS}

TSL Trustix Secure Linux {Trustix AS}

TSM Tivoli Storage Manager

TSO Tcp Segemntation Offload

TSO The Sims Online {Maxis}

TSOP Thin Small Outline Package

TSOP Thin Standard Outline Package

TSP Travelling Salesman Problem

TSR Terminate, Stay Resident

TSR Transmission Service Request

TSS Technical Support Specialist

TSSHP The System Shock Hack Project

TSV Tab-Separated Values

TT TeleType

TT TopText {eZula}

TT Typewriter Type (font style)

TTA Tech Talent Act {US Congress}

TTAP Trust Technology Assessment Program

TTBOMK To The Best Of My Knowledge {chat}

TTC TrueType Collection

TTF True Type Font

TTFA Technology Training Foundation of America

TTFN Ta Ta For Now {usenet}

TTL Time To Live (IP header field)

TTL Transistor-Transistor Logic

TTM To The Moderador {usenet}

TTP Time Triggered Protocol

TTP Trusted Third Party (cryptography)

TTS Text To Speech

tts Tourney Team Stats (stats generator for Quake 2 Team Play)

TTY TeleTYpe

TTYL Talk To You Later {usenet}

TTYL Type To You Later {usenet}

TUBA Tcp and Udp with Bigger Addresses {DEC}

Tucows The Ultimate Collection Of Winsock Software

TUD Trunk Up Down

TUG Tex Users Group

tui-sh Text User Interface SHell

TUID Telnet User ID

TUTOS The Ultimate Team Organization Software

TV Type/Value (data format)

TVCS Trend Virus Control System {Trend Micro}

TVLA TV Linux Alliance

tvmet Tiny Vector and Matrix Expression Templates library

TWAIN Technology Without An Interesting Name {Microsoft}

TWERP Texinfo With Eval-Requiring Predelictions (documentation process)

TWG Technical Working Group

TWGMLC Technical Working Group on Multiple Language Coordination {TUG}

TWS Two-Way Simultaneous

TWYT That's What You Think {chat}

TYCLO Turn Your Caps Lock Off {chat}

TYLE Took You Long Enough {chat}

TYVM Thank You Very Much {chat}

U-B Ungermann-Bass (networking)

UA Upgrade Advantage {Microsoft}

UA User Agent

UADE Unix Amiga Delitracker Emulator

UAE Unrecoverable Application Error {Microsoft}

UAE User Agent Entity

UAL User Agent Layer

UAN Universal Application Network

UART Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter

UART User Attitude Readjustment Tool {atsr}

UBB Ultimate Bulletin Board

UBD User Brain Damage

UBE Unsolicited Boilerplate Email

UBE Unsolicited Bulk Email

uBGA MICRO Ball Grid Array


UBR Unspecified Bit Rate

UCAID University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development

UCB Universal Content Broker {OpenOffice}

UCE Unsolicited Commercial Email

UCITA Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act

UCL University College London

UCLA University of California, Los Angeles

UCLALUG University of California, Los Angeles, Linux User Group

UCM Universal Console Module {Sun}

UCP Universal Content Provider {OpenOffice UCB}

UCS Uniform Color Space

UCS User Coordinate System

UCSB University of California, Santa Barbara

UCSD University of California, San Diego

UDC Utility Data Center {HP}


UDDI Universal Description, Discovery and Integration

UDI Uniform Driver Interface

UDK Universal network objects Development Kit {OpenOffice}

UDMA Ultra Direct Memory Access

UDO Ultra Density Optical (CD-ROM drive)

UDP Usenet Death Penalty {usenet}

UDP User Datagram Protocol

UDRP Uniform domain name Dispute Resolution Policy

UDS Unified Datamining System

UDS Useful Development Stuff

UEFAS United Email Federation Against Spam (spotted in the body of a spam)

UESQLC Universal Embedded Structured Query Language Compiler

UF User Friendly

UFN User Friendly Naming

UFS Universal File System

UFT Unsolicited File Transfer {NWG}

UGU Unix Guru Universe

UI Unix International

UI User Interface

UIC Universal Information Client {MIT}

UIC User Interface Compiler


UIE Universal Inspection Engine {F5 Networks}

UIF User Interface Framework

UIF User Inserted Fault

UIL User Interface Language

UIM User Interface Manager

UIMA Unstructured Information Management Architecture {IBM}

UIOF Universal Input/Output Format

UIUC University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

UJAC Useful Java Application Components

uk United Kingdom (domain)

UL Underwriters Laboratories

UL United Linux {Caldera, Connectiva, SuSE, TurboLinux}

UL Unordered List

UL UpLoad

UL Urban Legend

ULA Universal Lan Address

ULB Ultimate Linux Box {Monarch Computer Systems}

ULCC University of London Computer Centre

ULP Upper-Layer Protocol

ULS Upper Left of Screen

ULSI Ultra Large Scale Integration

ULSNET Ultra Low-Speed NETworking

ULV Upper Left of View

UMA Upper Memory Area

UMB Upper Memory Block

UMDH User-Mode Dump Heap {Microsoft}

UML Unified Modeling Language

UML Universal Modeling Language

UML User-Mode Linux

UMP User Manager for Pureftpd

UMR Unitialized Memory Read

UMTS Universal Mobile Telecommunications System

UNA Use No Acronyms {chat}

UNC Uniform Naming Convention

UNC Universal Naming Convention

Unc Universal Network Client

UNFSD Universal Network File System Daemon

UNI User-Network Interface

UNICS UNiplexed Information and Computing Services


UNIVAC UNIVersal Automatic Calculator

UNO Universal Network Objects {OpenOffice}

UO Ultima Online (game) {Electronic Arts}

UOP User OPeratons

UP Unified Process

UPC Universal Product Code

UPC Usage Parameter Control

UPDMS Uber Project Document Management System

UPG User Private Group {RedHat}

UPL Undergraduate Projects Lab {UW Madison}

UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply

UPX Ultimate Packer for eXecutables

URA Uniform Resource Agent {Bunyip}

URC Uniform Resource Characteristic

UREP Universal REPository {Unisys}

URI Universal Resource Identifier

URI Universal Resource Indicator

URL Uniform Resource Locator

URL Universal Resource Locator

URN Uniform Resource Name

URN Universal Resource Name


us United States (domain)

USAGI UniverSAl playGround for Ipv6

USAIL Unix System Administration Independent Learning {Indiana University}

USART Universal Synchronous/Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter

USB Universal Serial Bus

USC University of Southern California

USC Unix Servers and Communication

USCLUG University of Southern California Linux User Group

USL United Systems Laboratories

USL Unix System Laboratoriess {AT&T}

UT Unreal Tournament (gaming)

UTA University of Texas, Austin

UTB Under The Brim {RedHat}

UTC Universal Time, Coordinated

UTF Unicode Transformation Format


UTP Unshielded Twisted Pair (cabling)

UTSL Use The Source, Luke

UUCP Unix to Unix CoPy

UUI Ucb User Interface {OpenOffice UCB}

UUID Universally Unique IDentifier

UUOC Useless Use Of Cat

UUXII Unofficial Unsupported Ximianized Iso Images

UWB UltraWide Band

UWSG Unix Workstation Support Group {Indiana University}

UXPi Universal TRANSFER Physical-layer Initiative

v4l Video FOR Linux

V5 Version 5

VA VoltAmp

VAB Visual Application Builder {WebSphere}

VAD Value-Added Dealer

VAGI Vesa Advanced Graphics Interface

VALD Value-Added Linux Distributor

Vamos Vamos AutoMOtive Simulator

VAR Value-Added Reseller

VAR Value-Added Retailer

VAN Value-Added Network

VAVI Vesa Advanced Video Interface

VAX Virtual Address eXtension

VB Visual Basic {Microsoft}

VBA Visual Basic for Applications {Microsoft}

VBE Vesa Bios Extension

VBEG Very Big Evil Grin {chat}

VBG Very Big Grin {chat}

VBR Variable Bit Rate

VBS Visual Basic Script {Microsoft}

VC Venture Capitalist

VC Version Control

VC Virtual Circuit

VC Visual C {Microsoft}

VCC Virtual Channel Connection

VCE Vigor Certified Engineer {Vigor}

VCE+I Vigor Certified Engineer + Internet {Vigor}

VCESE Vigor Certified Evil Scheme Engineer {Vigor}

vche Visual Console Hex Editor

VCI Virtual Channel Identifier

VCL Virtual Channel Link

VCL Visual Component Library {Borland}

VCN Virtual Circuit Number

VCP Virtual Celebrity Productions {QWC}

VCPP Virtual Corporation Partner Program

VCS Version Control System

VCS Video Computer System {Atari}

VCT Vigor Certified Trainer {Vigor}

VDC Venture Development Corporation

VDE Viking Data Entry

VDF Variable Definition File

VDL Virtual Device Location

VDM Vienna Definition Method

VDM Virtual Device Metafile

VDM Virtual Dos Machine {Microsoft}

VDR Video Disk Recorder

VDRAM Video Dynamic Random Access Memory

VDT Video Display Terminal

VE Vector Emitter

VE Virtual Environment

VES Vigor Evildoer Specialist {Vigor}

VESA Video Electronics Standards Association

VETLA Very Enhanced Three Letter Acronym

VFAT Virtual File Allocation Table {Microsoft}

VFD Vacuum Fluorescent Display

VFIP Voice File Interchange Protocol

VFP Visual FoxPro

VFS Virtual File System

VG Volume Group {IBM}

VGA Video Gate Array

VGA Video Graphics Adapter

VGA Video Graphics Array

VGDA Volume Group Descriptor Area {IBM}


VH Virtual Hug {chat}

VHD Very High Density

VHDL Verilog Hardware Description Language

VHE Virtual Home Environment

VHFFS Virtual Hosting For Free Software

VHLL Very High Level Language

VI Visual Interface


VICE VersatIle Commodore Emulator

Vida Visual Interactive DAtapipe

vifm VI-like File Manager

vile VI-Like Editor

vim Vi IMproved

Vimacs VIM emACS

VINES Virtual Integrated NEtwork Service {Banyan}

VIP Visual Information Projection

VIP Visual Interactive Parser {TranDyne}

VIP Virtual Internet Protocol

VIQR VIetnamese Quoted-Readable {VSWG}

Virc Visual Internet Relay Chat

Virge VIRus purGE

VISCII VIetnamese Standard Code for Information Interchange {VSWG}

VITA Vmebus International Trade Association

VLA Variable Length Array

VLAN Virtual Local Area Network

VLB Vesa Local Bus

VLC Very Low Cost {Apple}

VLC VideoLan Client

VLDB Very Large DataBase

VLDB J Very Large DataBase Journal

VLI Virtual Lan Internetwork

VLIW Very-Long Instruction Word

VLP Volume Licensing Program {Microsoft}

VLSI Very Large Scale Integration

VLSM Variable-Length Subnet Mask

VM Video Mode

VM Virtual Machine

VM Virtual Memory

VME Versa Module Eurocard (IEEE)

VME Virtual Machine Environment

VME Virtual Memory Extension

VMM Virtual Memory Manager

vmmi Virtual Mail Manager Interface

VMS V Mail Server

VMS Virtual Memory System

VMTP Versatile Message Transaction Protocol

VNC Virtual Network Computing

VNDS Verisign Naming and Directory Service {VeriSign}

VNI Visual Numerics, Inc

VNS Virtual Networking Services

VOATM Voice Over ATM

VOCAL Vovida Open Communication Application Library

VOFR Voice Over FR

VOIP Voice Over IP

VOS Virtual Object System

VOW Voice Of Webcasters

VOXBLT VOXel BLock Transfer

VPC Virtual Path Connection

VPI Virtual Path Identifier

VPL Virtual Path Link

VPN Virtual Private Network

Vpp Versatile text Pre-Processor

VPS Vectors Per Second

VPS Virtual Private Server

VR Virtual Reality

VRAM Video Random Access Memory

VRML Virtual Reality Modeling Language {Microsoft}

VRRP Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol

VS Visual Studio {Microsoft}

VSAM Virtual Storage Access Method





vsftpd Very Secure File Transfer Protocol Daemon

VSIP Visual Studio Industry Partner {Microsoft}

VSW Virage Systems Webcasting {Virage}

VSWG Vietnamese Standardization Working Group {NWG}

VT Video Terminal

VT Virtual Terminal

VT Virtual Time

VT Virtual Tributary

VTAM Virtual Telecommunications Access Method

VTC Video Transport Controller

VTK Visualization ToolKit

VTP Virtual Terminal Protocol


VTT Visual Testing Toolkit {McCabe & Assoc}

VTWM Virtual Tab Window Manager

VU Vector Unit

VUE Visual User Environment {HP}

VUI Voice User Interface

VXCL Virtual X Class Library


W2k Windows 2000 {Microsoft}

W3 World Wide Web

W3C World Wide Web Consortium

W4C World Wide Wireless Web Consortium

W4W Word For Windows

WA Webcaster Alliance

Waffle Waffle's A Fast File Level Explorer

WAG Wild-A** Guess {chat}

WAI Web Accessibility Initiative

WAIA Western Australia Internet Association

WAIS Wide Area Information Server

WAITS West-coast Alternative to ITS

WAL Write-Ahead Logging

WALE Wide-Area Link Emulator

WAN Wide Area Network

WAP Wireless Application Protocol

WAR Wireless Access Reconnaissance (wardriving)

WAS Windows Advanced Server {Microsoft}

WAS-LE Windows Advanced Server, Limited Edition {Microsoft}

WAU Windows Automatic Updating {Microsoft}

WAVE WAlk-through Virtual Environment

WB Welcome Back {chat}

WBEL White Box Enterprise Linux

WBEM Web-Based Enterprise Management

WCA Websphere Commerce Analyzer {IBM}



WDASM Windows DisASseMbler

WDG Web Design Group

WDYMBT What Do You Mean By That? {chat}

WebAPP WEB Automated Perl Portal

WECA Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance

WEDI Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange

WEP Wired Equivalent Privacy

weps WEb Package Surfer

WeSQL Web-Enabled Structured Query Language

WF Windows Firewall {Microsoft}

WFZ Windows Free Zone

WG Working Group

WG1 Working Group 1 {RARE}

WGAS Who Gives A S***? {chat}

WHEC Windows Hardware Engineering Conference {Microsoft}


WI Web Intelligence

WIAPP Workshop on Internet APPlications

WIBAMU Well, I'll Be A Monkey's Uncle {chat}

WIMP Window, Icon, Menu, Pointing device

WIMP Window-based user Interface Management Process

WIMS Www Interactive Mathematics Server

WIN Wisconsin Innovation Network

WING Window Interface to Ncar Graphics libraries

WinHEC WINdows Hardware Engineering Conference {Microsoft}

wine WINdows Emulator

Wine Wine Is Not an Emulator

WinFS WINdows Future Storage {Microsoft}

WINS Windows Internet Name Server {Microsoft}

winvile WINdows VI-Like Editor

WIPO World Intellectual Property Organization

WIRE sound Waves on the Internet from Real-time Echoes

WISE Windows Interface Source Environment {Microsoft}

WISP Wireless Internet Service Provider

WiX Windows Installer Xml {Microsoft}

WLAN Wireless Local Area Network

WM Window Manager

WMA Windows Media Audio {Microsoft}

WMF Windows MetaFile

wmget WindowMaker GET files

WML Wireless Markup Language

WMMOWS Wash My Mouth Out With Soap {chat}

WMND WindowMaker Network Devices

wmnetmon WindowMaker NETwork MONitor

WMP Windows Media Player {Microsoft}

WMpop WindowMaker Post Office Protocol

WMRM Windows Media Rights Manager {Microsoft}

WMS Windows Messenger Service {Microsoft}

WMT Windows Media Technologies {Microsoft}

WNG Wireless mobile Network Gateway

WNOHGB Where No One Has Gone Before {chat}

WNPP Work Needed and Prospective Packages {Debian}

WNT Windows NT {Microsoft}

WNTE Windows NT Embedded {Microsoft}

WOL Wake On Lan

WOLF Witless One Line Followup {usenet}

WOLK Working Overloaded Linux Kernel

wolp Wake On Lan Proxy

WOMBAT Waste Of Money, Brains And Time {usenet}

WORA Write Once, Run Anywhere {Sun}

WorDoG WORld DOmination Game

WORM Write Once Read Many

WOROW {Microsoft}

WOS Web Operating System

WOW Windows On Windows {Microsoft}

WOWF Witless One Word Followup {usenet}

WP WordPerfect

WPA Wi-fi Protected Access

WPI Worldwide Portability Interfaces

WPI Worcester Polytechnic Institute

WPM Web-based Proxy Manager

WPT Web Performance Timer

WRM Windows Rights Management {Microsoft}

WRMA Windows Rights Management Architecture {Microsoft}

WRMS Windows Rights Management Services {Microsoft}

WRS Wind River Systems

WRT With Respect To {usenet}

WS-I Web Services Interoperability group {Microsoft}

WSC Winter Simulation Conference {ACM}

WSCI Web Service Choreography Interface

WSD World Sousveillance Day

WSDK Webspere Software Development Kit {IBM}

WSDL Web Services Description Language

WSH Windows Scripting Host {Microsoft}

WSIO Web Services Interoperability Organization

WSIS World Summit on the Information Society

WSM Wan Sockets Middleware

WSRF WS-Resource Framework {IBM}

WSS Windows Storage Server {Microsoft}

WSTK Web Services ToolKit {IBM}

WT Without Thinking {chat}

WTA World Technology Award {WTN}

WTF What The F*** {usenet}

WTG Way To Go {chat}

WTG Web Technologies Group {ITUCC}

WTH What The Hell {usenet}

WTN World Technology Network

WTS Windows Terminal Services {Microsoft}

WTTM Without Thinking Too Much {chat}

WUSB Wireless Universal Serial Bus

wv WordViewer

WVTC World Virus Tracking Center {Trend Micro}

WWDC World Wide Developer's Conference {Apple}

WWL World Wide Lexicon

WWMX World-Wide Media eXchange {Microsoft}

WWN Wine Weekly News

WWW World Wide Web

WWWOFFLE World Wide Web OFFLine Explorer

WXP Windows XP {Microsoft}

WXS W3c Xml Schema {W3C}

WXSDT W3c Xml Schema Data Type {W3C}

WYP What's Your Point? {chat}

WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get

WYSIWYN What You See Is What You Need

X3D eXtensible 3D (graphics)


XAMS eXtended Account Managing Software

XBL eXploits Block List {Spamhaus}

XBL eXtensible Binding Language {Mozilla}


XCOED X windows COlormap EDitor

XCR eXtreme Computing Research group {Louisiana Tech Univ}

XDE eXtended Data Exchange

XDF eXtensible Data Format

XDM X Desktop Manager

XDMCP X Display Manager Control Protocol

XDR eXternal Data Representation {Sun}

XDR Xml-Data-Reduced {Microsoft}


XE eXtended Edition {Candle Corp.}

XED eXtended Entity Data

XFS eXtended File System

XGA eXtended Graphics Array

XGI eXtreme Graphics Innovation

XGL eXtended Graphics Library

XGML eXtended Generic Markup Language

XHTML eXtensible HyperText Markup Language

XIM X Input Method

XIP eXecute In Place

XKB X KeyBoard

xlc X LineControl client

xli X LoadImage

Xmcd X11/Motif-based CD player

XMF eXternal Message File

XMI Xml Metadata Interchange {OMG}

XML eXtensible Markup Language

XML4C XML for C++ {IBM}

XMLC XML Compiler

XMMS eXtensible MultiMedia System

XMMS X MultiMedia System

XMP eXtended Module Player

XMPP eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol

XMRM X MultiResolution Morphing

XMS eXtended Memory Specification

XMS Xml information Management System

XMUD eXtensible Multiple User Dungeon

XNC X Northern Captain

XNI Xerces Native Interface


XNS Xerox Network System {Xerox}

XNSCP XNS idp Control Protocol

xnu X is Not Unix {Apple}

XOM Xml Object Model

XOR eXclusive OR (logical operator)

XORBA Xml Object Request Broker Architecture {Rogue Wave}

XOSD X windows On Screen Display

XP Xml Protocol {W3C}

XP eXPerience {Microsoft}

XP eXtreme Programming

XPB4J Xml Processing Benchmark FOR Java



XPCOM CROSS-Platform Component Object Model

Xpdf X windows Portable Document Format viewer

XPDL Xml Process Definition Language

XPE eXtreme Programming Explained

xpertmud eXtensible PERl scripTable MultiUser Dungeon

XPG4 X/open Portability Guide 4 {X/Open}

XPI eXtreme Programming Installed

XPP X Printing Panel

XRCL eXtensible Robot Control Language

XS eXternal Subroutines {Perl}

XSD Xml Schema Data type

XSL eXtensible Stylesheet Language

XSLT eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations

XSM X Session Management

XSPP XSl PreProcessor

XSV Xml Schema Validator

XT eXtended Technology {IBM}

XUA X-windows User Agent

XUL Xml User interface Language

xUML eXecutable Universal Modeling Language

xvif Xml Validation Interoperability Framework

XVGA eXtended Video Graphics Adapter

xvile X VI-Like Editor

xvkbd X Virtual KeyBoarD

XVME Xycom Virtual Machine Environment

XXE X Xml Editor


YAA Yet Another Acronym

YaaC Yet Another Advanced Cati system

YAAF Yet Another Application Framework

YAAFA Yet Another Acronym Filled Article

yaala Yet Another Advanced Log Analyzer

Yacas Yet Another Computer Algebra System

yacc Yet Another Compiler Compiler

yacpps Yet Another C PreProcessor Simulator

YADS Yet Another Dos Shell

YAFA Yet Another F***ing Acronym

Yafc Yet Another Ftp Client

YAFFS Yet Another Flash File System

YAFP Yet Another Filter Proxy

yafray Yet Another Free RAYtracer

YAG Yet Another Goodbye {chat}

YAKS Yet Another Kde Splash {}

YALC Yet Another List Class

YALF Yet Another Linux Faq

YAML Yaml Ain't Markup Language

YAML Yet Another Markup Language

YAML Yet Another Modeling Language

YAOTM Yet Another Off-Topic Message {usenet}

YAPC Yet Another Perl Conference

YAPPA Yet Another Php Photo Album

YAPRM Yet Another PovRay Modeler

YAPS Yet Another Pager Software

YAR Yet Another Release

YARAA Yet Another Ruby Application Archive

YaSTYLE="Yet Another Setup Tool {SuSE}

YATGT Yet Another Tabbed Gnome Terminal

YAUN Yet Another Unix Nerd

YAVR Yet Another antiVirus Recipe

yaws Yet Another Web Server

YAWtb Yet Another Wavelet ToolBox

YAZ Yet Another Z39.50 toolkit

YB YottaByte (2^80 bytes)

YD Yellow Dog (Linux distribution)

YDL Yellow Dog Linux

YHBT You Have Been Trolled {usenet}

YHL You Have Lost {chat}

YHTBT You Had To Be There {chat}

YKYBHTLW You Know You've Been Here Too Long When... {usenet}

YM You Mean {usenet}

YMMV Your Mileage May Vary {chat}

YODL Yet One-other Document Language

YOS Your Operating System {Yoper Ltd}

YOU Yast Online Update {SuSE}

Youhp3 Youpee's One Unlimited Html Preprocessor

YP Yellow Pages (network user management)

Yum Yellowdog Updater, Modified

Z-DOS Zenith Disk Operating System {Microsoft}

ZAG Zope Administrator's Guide {Zope}

ZAS Zero Admin Server {Sun}

ZB ZettaByte (2^70 bytes)

ZCE Zend Certified Engineer {Zend}

ZCMG Zope Content Manager's Guide {Zope}

ZD Ziff-Davis

ZDE Zend Development Environment {Zend}

ZDM Zentralblatt für Didaktik der Mathematik

ZE2 Zend Engine 2 (php compiler)

ZIA Zero Interaction Authentication

ZIF Zero Insertion Force

ZILE Zile Is Lossy Emacs

ZINC Z-machine Including Network Capabilities

ZIP Zigzag Inline Pin

ZIP Zone Information Protocol

ZIS Zionist In Space (computer gaming)

ZMI Zope Management Interface

ZODB Z Object DataBase {Python}

ZPC Zend Php Cerfication {Zend}

  1. 1. focus on: separable and nonseparable phrasal verbs 13

    FOCUS ON: pronunciation of two-word phrasal verbs 35 break down 35 burn down 37 call in 37 find out 37 hand back 37 look at 38 setup 38 .
  2. Acknowledgment (1)

    Pamela B. Loginsky. A continuing thank you to Pamela B. Loginsky, Staff Attorney, Washington Association of Prosecuting Attorneys, for her assistance in referring cases of particular merit for this project.
  3. Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association (J. A. A. H. A.)

    Pour afficher directement la page où figure le sommaire du périodique recherché : faire Ctrl+clic, un simple ou un double clic sur le titre du périodique.
  4. North of Scotland College of Agriculture

    Preparing this volume of Proceedings has been a tricky business and time is never on the side of the production team. The Committee of AUAGA is most grateful to:
  5. Societas Rosicrusiana/Columbian League

    Themistocles - Athenian leader who orchestrated the Battle of Salamis (Cameron, H.D. Great Books 191 lecture. University of Michigan. 2-September-2008.

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