Bj 10-11 Property Use for Emergency Berm Project for Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Response 1412

Student Financial Assistance, Office of

Scholarship/Grants Program, 311R, 716ER, 1110N

Chafee educational and training voucher, 1158ER, 1600N

Health care educator loan forgiveness, 1158ER, 1603N

Intersession, 490R

Rockefeller state wildlife scholarship, 915ER, 1316N

TOPS, 917ER, 1319N

Tuition Trust Authority

START Saving Program

Account deposits/documentations, 1604N

Educational savings account, 313R, 717ER, 1111N, 1161ER

Miscellaneous provisions, 1111N

Split investment, 492R


Environmental Protection Agency

Environmental Protection Agency

EPA region 4 outer continental shelf (OCS) air quality permitting actions, 704P

Environmental Services, Office of

Permit Services Division

Standard fees for solid waste transporters, 704P

Secretary, Office of the

Legal Affairs Division

Control of emissions of nitrogen oxides, 59R

Control of emissions of smoke, 1321N

DEQ notifications to state police, 348N, 1239R, 1535R

Exemption for tanks storing corrosive materials, 1605N

Fee schedule, 432N

Gasoline handling, 641N, 1534R

HW tanks—secondary containment requirements and 90 day turnover of hazardous waste, 643N, 1234R

Incorporation by reference—2009, 1607N

Miscellaneous amendments for NRC compatibility, 1112N

Organic solvents and solvent degreasers, 649N

Prevention of significant deterioration, 1322N

Regulatory permits for cement and concrete facilities, 350N, 1540R

Reportable quantity for brine from solution mining, 655N, 1241R

Revisions of the drinking water source use, 1612N

Spill prevention and control, 858N


Termination determination of CAAA §185 penalty fees―state implementation plan revision, 432P, 705P

Training requirements for underground storage tank system operators, 313R

Regulation of greenhouse gas emissions and title v applicability, 431P, 704P


BJ 09-20 Bond Allocation―Jefferson Parish Finance Authority―Amend Executive Order BJ 09-18, 1EO

BJ 09-21 Executive Branch―Expenditure Reduction, 1EO

BJ 10-01 Rescinding Executive Orders BJ 08-48 and BJ 08-52, 2EO

BJ 10-02 Support to Oklahoma, 169EO

BJ 10-03 State of Emergency—Extension of Qualifying in the Parish of Desoto, 440EO

BJ 10-04 Carry-Forward Bond Allocation 2009, 440EO

BJ 10-05 Merit Increase Freeze, 714EO

BJ 10-06 Expenditure Freeze, 714EO

BJ 10-07 Flags at Half-Staff, 912EO

BJ 10-08 Emergency Procedures for Conducting State Business, 912EO

BJ 10-09 Emergency Partial Suspension of
Certain EMT Licensing Laws, 1154 EO

BJ 10-09 Bond Allocation—Local Government Environmental Facilities and Community Development Authority, 1155 EO

BJ 10-11 Property Use for Emergency Berm Project for Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Response, 1412EO

BJ 10-12 Executive Department―Limited Hiring Freeze, 1413EO

BJ 10-13 Louisiana Intrastate Rail Authority, 1414EO


Administration, Division of

Motion picture investor tax credit program, 52R

Patient’s compensation fund oversight board

Oversight board administrative role clarifications, 355N

Racing commission, 1323N

Stables, 1324N

The veteran initiative-procurement, 507R

Architectural Examiners, Board of

Admission renewal procedure, 353N

Examiners for New Orleans and Baton Rouge Steamship Pilots for the Mississippi River, Board of

General provisions, 493R,

Public hearing―substantive changes, 150P

Boxing and Wrestling Commission

Boxing and Wrestling Standards, 108N, 354N, 756R, 992R, 1242R

Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority

Public hearing―state fiscal year 2011 draft annual
plan, 153P

Contractual Review, Office of

The veteran initiative-procurement, 507R

Crime Victims Reparation Board

Compensation to victims, 1614N

Eligibility for reparations, 919ER

Elderly Affairs, Office of

State plan on aging, 1325N

Facility Planning and Control, Office of

Percent for universal design, 1542R

Financial Institutions, Office of

Expired license reinstatement procedure, 316R

Non-depository records retention, 656N, 1243R

Group Benefits, Office of

PPO plan of benefits

Continued benefits, 1615N

Mental health and substance abuse benefits, 1616N

Prescription drug benefits: brand/generic, 1617N

Wellness benefits, 1618N

PPO plan of benefits, eligibility, medical benefits, and schedule of benefits, 1162ER

Information Technology, Office of

IT bulletins published, 705P

Office of electronic services abolition, 863N, 1544R

Law Enforcement and Administration of Criminal Justice, Commission on

Peace officer training, 355N, 992R

Louisiana River Pilot Review and Oversight, Board of

General provisions, 99N, 984R

Motor Vehicle Commission

General provisions, 864N, 1545R

Public Defender Board

Capital Defense Guidelines, 111N, 993R

Shorthand Reporters, Board of Examiners

Fees, 1114N

State Military Department

National guard death and disability benefits, 316R

State Purchasing, Office of

The veteran initiative-procurement, 507R

Used Motor Vehicle Commission

Commission name change, 657N

Recreational products regulation, 657N

Transfer of licensing, 657N


Addictive Disorders, Office of

Need and application reviews, 521R

Aging and Adult Services, Office of

Adult protective services, 759R

All inclusive care for the elderly, reimbursement rate reduction, 170ER

All inclusive care for the elderly, repeal of reimbursement rate reduction, 171ER

Facility need review―relocation of nursing facility beds, 364N, 1009R

Home and community based services waivers

Adult day health care, reimbursement rate reduction,


Adult day health care, repeal of reimbursement rate reduction, 178ER

Elderly and disabled adults, personal assistance services, 1183ER


Nursing facilities admissions, 365N, 737ER, 1010R

Personal care services

Long-term, policy clarifications, 1374N

Long-term, reimbursement rate reduction, 215ER, 673N, 1250R

Long-term, repeal of reimbursement rate reduction, 215ER

Citizens with Developmental Disabilities, Office of

Home and community-based services waivers

Children’s choice family training services, 324R

Children’s choice, reimbursement rate reduction, 178ER, 927ER

New opportunities waiver, reimbursement rate reduction, 662N, 719ER, 1247R

New opportunities waiver, resource allocation
model, 65R

Supports waiver, reimbursement rate reduction, 179ER, 928ER, 1630N

Dentistry, Board of

General provisions, 63R

Mobile dentistry; relicensure of dentists, hygienists, 1115N

Health Services Financing, Bureau of

Adult dentures programs, replacement and reline limits, 170ER, 920ER, 1327N

Adult residential care providers―minimum licensing standards―dementia training requirements, 362N, 1008R

All inclusive care for the elderly, reimbursement rate reduction, 170ER, 171ER

Ambulatory surgical centers, reimbursement rate reduction, 172ER, 172ER, 921ER, 1621N

Clinic services

End state renal disease facilities, reimbursement rate reduction, 175ER, 925ER

CommunityCARE program

Immunization, 173ER, 447ER, 1416ER

Pay-for-performance initiative, 173ER, 447ER, 1416ER, 1622N

Payment levels, 173ER, 447ER, 1622N

Primary care provider referral exemptions, 1417ER

Demonstration waivers

Family planning waiver, reimbursement rate reduction, 175ER, 926ER

Disproportionate share hospital payments

Low income and needy care collaboration, 4ER, 921ER

Mental health emergency room extensions, 717ER, 1119N, 1418ER

Non-rural community hospitals, 4ER, 923ER, 1418ER

Pre-admission certification and length of stay assignment, 65R

Radiology utilization management, 512R

Early and periodic screening, diagnosis and treatment

KIDMED services, claims filing, 128N, 759R

Dental program and covered services, 1624N

Dental program, reimbursement rate reduction, 174ER, 924ER, 1329N

Personal care services, 872N

End stage renal disease facilities, 925ER

Reimbursement rate reduction, 1330N

Facility need review

Adult day health care providers, 322R

Exception criteria for downsizing enrolled beds, 1625N

Relocation of nursing facility beds, 364N, 1009R

Family planning waiver, reimbursement rate reduction, 926ER, 1626N

Federally qualified health centers

Service limits and reimbursement rate reduction, 176ER, 718ER, 1420ER

Service limit reduction, 1627N

Forensic supervised transitional residential and aftercare facilities minimum licensing standards, 1164ER

Home and community based services waivers

Adult day health care, reimbursement rate reduction, 177ER

Adult day health care, repeal of reimbursement rate reduction, 178ER

Children’s choice family training services, 324R

Children’s choice, reimbursement rate reduction, 178ER, 927ER, 1628N

Elderly and disabled adults, personal assistance services, 1183ER

Minimum licensing standards, 1331N

New opportunities waiver reimbursement rate reduction, 662N, 719ER, 1247R

New opportunities waiver resource allocation model, 65R

Residential Options Waiver, 720ER

Supports waiver, reimbursement rate reduction, 179ER, 928ER, 1630N

Home health program

Durable medical equipment, reimbursement reduction, 180ER, 181ER, 663N, 734ER, 1185ER, 1247R, 1364N

Nursing and home health aide services,

Reimbursement rate reduction, 182ER, 183ER, 928ER, 1631N

Provider accreditation, 512R

Provider accreditation requirements, repeal, 735ER, 1420ER

Hospital licensing standards

Crisis receiving centers, 513R

Inpatient hospital services

Non-rural, non-state hospitals

Children’s specialty hospitals, 929ER

Low income and needy care collaboration, 1186ER

Major teaching hospitals, 930ER, 1188ER

Reimbursement rate reduction, 931ER, 1190ER, 1552R

Pre-admission certification, 197ER, 939ER

Supplemental payments, 935ER

Intermediate care facilities for persons with developmental disabilities, reimbursement rate reduction, 1555R

Laboratory and radiology services

Radiology utilization management, 1120N

Reimbursement rate reduction, 198ER, 665N, 939ER, 1248R


Long term care

Intermediate care facilities for persons with development disabilities, 737ER, 881N

Non-rural, non-state hospitals

Low income and needy care collaboration, 7ER, 184ER

Major teaching hospitals, 8ER

Outlier payment methodology, 519R

Pre-admission certificate, 66R

Reimbursement, 448ER, 736ER

Reimbursement rate reduction, 186ER, 190ER, 877N

Supplemental payments, 194ER

Medicaid eligibility

Express lane eligibility, 9ER, 882N, 941ER, 1555R

Medicare savings programs, 11ER, 942ER

Medical necessity criteria, 1365N

Medical transportation program

Emergency ambulance services, reimbursement rate reduction, 199ER, 666N, 1193ER, 1194ER, 1248R

Non-emergency ambulance services, reimbursement rate reduction, 200ER, 201ER, 944ER

Non-emergency medical transportation, reimbursement rate reduction, 944ER

Mental health rehabilitation program

Reimbursement rate reduction, 202ER, 451ER, 668N, 945ER, 1249R

Service Limitations, 451ER, 668N, 1249R

Multi-systemic therapy

Prior authorization and reimbursement rate reduction, 202ER, 946ER

Reimbursement rate reduction, 453ER, 670N, 1250R

Nursing facilities

Admissions, 365N, 737ER, 1010R

Emergency preparedness―electronic reporting requirements, 325R

Minimum licensing standards―dementia training

requirements, 368N, 1013R

Minimum licensing standards―Nurse aide training and competency evaluation program, 1422ER

Per diem rate reduction, 325R, 520R

Reimbursement methodology, rate determination, 203ER, 1121N, 1195ER

Reimbursement rate reduction, 12ER, 204ER, 884N, 947ER, 948ER, 1556R, 1421ER

Outpatient hospital services

Non-rural, non-state hospitals

Children’s specialty hospitals, reimbursement rate reduction, 205ER, 209ER, 949ER, 950ER, 1366N

Low income and needy care collaboration, 13ER, 740ER

Major teaching hospitals, 16ER, 954ER

Radiology utilization management, 67R, 1123N

Reimbursement rate reduction, 454ER, 671N, 950ER

Supplemental payments, 213ER, 1196ER

Personal care services

Long-term, policy clarifications, 1374N

Long-term, reimbursement rate reduction, 215ER, 455ER, 673N, 1251R

Long-term, repeal of reimbursement rate reduction, 215ER

Pediatric day health care program, 1557R

Pharmacy benefits management program

Maximum allowable costs, 222ER, 456ER, 1198ER

Medication administration, H2N1 immunizations, 22ER, 955ER, 1124N

Methods of payment, 16ER, 457ER

Restoration of the dispensing fee, 18ER, 887N, 1558

Restoration of the dispensing fee repeal, 743ER

Pregnant women extended services

Dental services, reimbursement rate reduction, 216ER, 955ER, 1370N

Professional services program

Anesthesia services

Reimbursement methodology, 956ER, 1251R, 1632N

Supplemental payments, 1199ER

Reimbursement rate reduction, 217ER, 459ER, 674N, 956ER

Family planning services, reimbursement rate reduction, 219ER, 958ER

Inpatient physician services, 68R

Physician services, reimbursement rate reduction, 219ER, 460ER, 676N, 959ER, 1252R, 1372N

Prosthetics and orthotics

Provider accreditation, 520R

Reimbursement rate reduction, 221ER, 461ER, 521R, 678N, 960ER, 1253R

Rural health clinics, reimbursement rate reduction, 223ER, 747ER

Services for special populations

Pediatric day health care program, 885N

Targeted case management

Nurse family partnership program, reimbursement rate reduction, 223ER, 1125N, 1200ER

Medical Examiners, Board of

Administrative provisions, licensure and certification, practice, 660N, 1243R

Nursing, Board of

Alternative to disciplinary proceedings, 129N, 358N, 1244R

Definition of terms—other causes, 1619N

Faculty, 130N, 360N, 1245R

Fees for fingerprint imprint, 131N, 359N, 1245R

Registered nurses

Peripherally inserted central catheter, 64R

Pharmacy, Board of

Digital imaging of prescriptions, 755R

Pharmacy interns, 755R

Prescription monitoring program, 755R

Prescription transfers, 756R

Psychologists, Board of Examiners of

Authority, 124N, 1005R

Continuing education, 124N, 1005R

Credentials, 124N, 1005R

Disciplinary action, 124N, 1005R

Licensure, 124N, 1005R

Supervised practice, 124N, 1005R

Supervision of assistants psychologists, 659N, 1246R

Supervision of unlicensed assistants, 124N


Public Health, Office of

2009 Louisiana annual beach report, 1143P

Advanced notice of rulemaking, 153P

Disease reporting instructions; perinatal HIV exposure reporting, 370N, 1014R, 1253R

Genetic diseases neonatal screening, 1661P

Maternal and child health section

Maternal and child (MCH) block grant federal funding, 1402P

Pilot testing for severe combined Immunodeficiency syndrome, 1661P

Preparation and handling of seafood for market, 373N, 1016R

Preventive health services

Water supplies―fluoridation, 72R

Preventive health and health services block grant—public hearing, 1143P

Request for comments―fish consumption advisory protocol, 154P

Sewage disposal program, 1633N

Veterinary Medicine, Board of

Continuing veterinary medicine education, 319R

Temporary registration during a declared emergency, 919ER

Wholesale Drug Distributors, Board of

Enforcement action, 321R

Fees, 158P

General provisions, 321R

Required information, 361N, 1246R

Wholesale drug distribution—exemptions, 1620N

Wholesale drug or device distributors, 322R


Commissioner, Office of the

Regulation 99―Certificates of Insurance, 374N, 706P

Health, Office of

HIPPA assessment rate, 1661P


Attorney General, Office of the

Certificates of public advantage, 376N, 1255R


Conservation, Office of

Exploration and production site groundwater evaluation and remediation―statewide order no. 29-B, 388N, 1562R

Groundwater evaluation, 132N

Ground water management, 326R

Manifest system―statewide order no. 29-B, 390N, 1017R

Orphaned oilfield sites, 154P, 433P, 706P, 1144P, 1402P, 1661P

Pit closure techniques and onsite disposal of E and P waste, 679N, 1264R

Public hearing—docket no. env. 2010-03, 1146P

Statewide orders no. 29-B and 29-B-a, 1427ER1438ER

Secretary, Office of the

Fishermen's gear compensation fund

Loran coordinates, 154P, 433P, 706P, 1144P, 1403P, 1661P


Corrections Services

Crime victim services bureau, 525R

Death penalty, 525R

Disciplinary rules and procedures for adult offenders, 1449ER, 1636N

Louisiana risk review panels, 528R

Medical reimbursement plan, 1126N

Offender incentive pay and other wage

compensation, 531R

Public information program and media access, 681N, 1265R

Regulation of air traffic, 391N, 1017R

Restoration of good time, 26ER, 533R

Sex offender assessment panels, 23ER, 534R

Gaming Control Board

Accounting regulations, 392N, 1018R

Licensees, permittees, loans and restrictions, 684N, 1268R

Video draw poker, 1376N, 1636N

Juvenile Justice, Office of

Educational and work assignment experience incentive program, 1127N

Private Security Examiners, Board of

Licensing of journeyman, 134N, 764R

Training, 72R

State Police, Office of

DNA samples, collection, submission, receipt, identification, storage, disposal, 1450ER

Explosives code, 550R

Motor vehicle inspection, 1133N

Motorcycle safety training program, 536R

Preparedness and response act, 545R

State uniform construction code, 1135N

Tow truck license plate, 462ER

Towing, recovery and storage, 546R, 690N, 1270R

State Fire Marshall, Office of the

Code enforcement and building safety

Fire protection, 687N, 1563R

Industrialized buildings, 394N, 1020R

Property protection licensing, 1379N

State Uniform Construction Code Council

Certification requirements, grandfathering, 690N, 1271R

Uniform construction code, 326R


Policy Services Division

Ad valorem taxation, 765R

Application of net operating losses
carryover to otherwise closed years, 1640N

Corporation income and franchise tax filing

extensions, 552R

REVENUE (continued)

Electronic filing requirements for oil or gas severance
tax, 691N, 1271R

Extension of time to file; waiver of interest, 329R

Income tax credits for wind or solar energy systems, 692N, 1394N

Individual income tax filing extensions, 72R

Limited local sales tax exemption for cancer and related chemotherapy prescription drugs, 1028R

March meeting of Act 442 collaborative working group, 706P

National center for construction education and research apprentice tax credits, 1137N

Natural gas severance tax rate, 1147P

Oil spill contingency fee, 1662P

Sales and use tax exemptions, 404N, 1566R

Secretary, Office of the

February meeting of Act 442 collaborative working group, 433P

June meeting of Act 442 collaborative working group, 1404P

Tax Commission

Public hearing―substantive changes to proposed rule valuation of oil, gas, and other wells, 434P


Community Services, Office of

Foster care, 73R

Guardianship subsidy program, 552R

Legal representation in child protection cases, policies and procedures, 1453ER

Residential licensing, 329R, 784R, 1029R,

Adult residential care, disqualification, 831R

Child residential care, 784R

Disqualification, 27ER, 1272R

Emergency shelter, required records, 227ER

Notice of revocation action, 696N

State central registry, 34ER, 135N, 838R, 1031R

Social services block grant (SSBG)

2010-2011 intended use report, 707P

Temporary assistance to needy families (TANF)

Caseload reduction report, 434P

Family Support, Office of

Adult residential care, disqualification, 831R

Child Care Assistance Program

Automated time and attendance

Discontinuation of job search, 40ER, 698N, 747ER, 1277R

Military child care providers, 225ER, 555R

State central registry, 137N

Child care daycare services

Child care quality rating system, 332R

Child care licensing

Disqualification, 1272R

Revocation notice, 701N, 1279R

State central registry, 41ER, 141N, 847R

Supplemental nutritional assistance program (SNAP), Iraqi, Afghani immigrant—qualified alien, 961ER

Family independence temporary assistance program (FITAP, kinship care subsidy program, 1201ER

Support enforcement, 74R

TANF initiatives, family violence prevention and intervention program, 1203ER, 1205ER

Secretary, Office of

State central registry

Criminal background and risk assessment
evaluation, 45ER, 142N, 850R


Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising regulations, 892N

Professional Engineering and Land Surveying Board

Re-examinations, experience, and licensure status, 405N, 1033R


State Employees' Retirement System

DROP excess benefit arrangement, 1398N


Secretary, Office of the

Shrimp packaging regulations, 1034R

Wildlife and Fisheries Commission

2010 spring inshore shrimp season, 963ER

Bucks-only deer hunting, 48ER

Carp, 145N

Crab traps, 77R

Elmer's island wildlife refuge, 463ER, 708P, 1280R

Fishing closure, 963ER

Portion of eastern Louisiana, 964ER

Portion of territorial seas, 1206ER

Recreational and commercial fisheries closure

Barataria and Terrebonne basins and territorial seas, 1207ER

Barataria to Caminada pass, 1207ER

Bayou Lafourche and Terrebonne, reopen territorial seas, 1208ER

Chaland pass to Barataria, west of Bayou Lafourche, 1208ER

Due to oil spill, 1208ER

Portions of Plaquemines and St. Bernard Parishes, 1455ER

Portions of Plaquemines, St. Bernard, Orleans and St. Tammany Parishes, 1455ER

Portions of state inside and outside waters, 1456ER

St. Bernard Parish, 1456

Outside waters

From caminada pass to belle pass, 1209ER

From chaland pass to red pass, 1209ER

Portion of

Barataria basin, 1210ER

Inside waters within Barataria basin, 1210ER

State inside and outside waters, Terrebonne Parish, 1211ER

St. Bernard Parish, 1211ER

Territorial seas near Marsh Island, 1211ER

Vermillion Parish, 1212ER

Vicinity of Marsh Island, 1212ER


West of Mississippi River, Plaquemines Parish, 1212ER

Opening and closing, portions of Barataria basin, 1213ER

Opening, inside waters near Cocodrie and portions of territorial seas, 1213ER

Openings, portion of state outside and inside waters, zones 1 and 2, except shrimp in zone 1, 1214ER


Recreational catch and release of finfish, 1459ER

Recreational and commercial fisheries

East of Mississippi River, St. Bernard parish, 1456ER

Inside and outside waters east of the Mississippi River, 1457ER

Inside waters south of Cocodrie, 1457ER

Inside waters, territorial seas east of the Mississippi River, Plaquemines parish, 1458ER

Inside waters, western Terrebonne Parish, 1214ER

Outside waters south of Marsh Island, 1215 ER

Portion of inside and outside waters, 1215 ER

Portion of state inside and outside waters, Terrebonne Parish, 1215ER

Portion of state outside waters, 1216ER

Portions of Lafourche and Terrebonne Parishes, 1458ER

Portions of Terrebonne, Lafourche, Jefferson and Plaquemines Parishes and closes in St. Bernard Parish, 1459ER

State inside waters in portions of Bayou Lafourche and other Lafourche Parish inside waters, 1459ER

St. Bernard Parish, 1216ER

Recreational and commercial fisheries closure, 1454ER

Recreational red snapper season closure, 1216ER

Shrimp season changes, state outside waters, zones 2 and 3, 1217ER

Shrimp seasons and fishing closures, 1217ER

Spring shrimp season opening

Portion of zone 1, 1218ER

Remaining portion of zone 1, 1218ER

General and wildlife management area hunting, 406N, 1566R

General and WMA turkey hunting regulations, 1641N

Hunting preserve regulations, 1399N

Hunting season, 49ER

King mackerel, 47ER

Large coastal shark, 229ER, 748ER

Nuisance wildlife control operator program, 74R

Physically challenged hunters permit, 1138N

Recreational harvest

Silver and Bighead Carp, 1280R

Reef fish, 47ER, 48ER, 897N

Resident game hunting season, 421N

Resident game hunting season, 1580R

Shrimp, 49ER, 143N, 230ER

Closure, portion of zone 1, including Breton and Chandleur Sounds, 964ER

Special bait dealer’s permit, 77R

Special shrimp season

Closure, remainder of Zone 1 and all of Zone 2, 965ER

Opening, portion of Breton and Chandleur Sounds, 965ER

Spring inshore shrimp season closure in Zone 2, 1460ER

Zone 2 and portion of Zone 1, 965ER

Territorial sea shrimp

Closure and portion of Zone 3 opening, 966ER

Re-opening, 966ER

Turkey seasons, 1644N

Wildlife rehabilitation program, 852R


Louisiana Register Vol. 36, No. 7 July 20, 2010

  1. Bj 10-09 Emergency Partial Suspension of Certain emr licensing Laws 1154

    Division of Administration―Office of Group Benefits―PPO Plan of Benefits―Eligibility, Medical Benefits, and Schedule of Benefits (LAC 32:III.103, 301,
  2. Introduction (129)

    A bibliography containing over 2,500 references to the literature concerning fossil and Recent species of bivalves in the genus Corbicula is presented for the period 1774 ‑ 2005.
  3. Introduction (151)

    A bibliography containing over 2,500 references to the literature concerning fossil and Recent species of bivalves in the genus Corbicula is presented for the period 1774 2005.

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