The nature of matter : physical theory from Thales to Fermi / Ginestra

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January - 2005

AC 173 .A413 1982

The nature of matter : physical theory from Thales to Fermi / Ginestra

Amaldi ; translated by Peter Astbury.

Atoms and molecules -- The atom -- Atomic physics -- Natural radioactivity

-- How radioactive particles are detected -- The atomic nucleus --

Artificial radioactivity -- Accelerating machines -- Cosmic rays --

Nuclear energy -- Sub-nuclear particles.

AE2 .Q46 H53 2002 EB 2002

The construction of knowledge in Islamic civilization [electronic

resource] : Qud*ama b. Ja*far and his Kit*ab al-Khar*aj wa-*sin*a*at

al-kit*aba / by Paul L. Heck.

AS2.5 .R64 2003 EB 2003

Conferences and conventions [electronic resource] : a global industry /

Tony Rogers.

AY 59 .U55 1952 1953

The Unicorn book of 1952 / prepared under the editorial direction of

Joseph Laffan Morse.

National affairs -- Business -- The world -- War in Asia -- Arts,

sciences, and entertainment -- People.

AZ183 .U5 E44 2004 EB 2004

Electronic collaboration in the humanities [electronic resource] : issues

and options / edited by James A. Inman, Cheryl Reed, Peter Sands.

B105 .M4 P46 2003 EB 2003

The quest for meaning [electronic resource] : friends of wisdom from Plato

to Levinas / Adriaan Peperzak.

Instead of an introduction -- Philosophia. The question : Philosophia ;

Philosophy as participation in history -- Christians who philosophize :

Faith ; Culture ; The philosophy of Christians ; Theology ; The "spirit"

of philosophy ; Integration ; Modern philosophy ; Experience ; Autonomy of

reason? ; Philosophia -- Why Plato now? Diagnosis : Pleasure ;

Authenticity and semblance ; The culture of semblance and pleasure ;

Philosophy -- Plato's ideal : Desire and desires -- The philosopher in the

city -- Platonic and Christian hope. Hope in the Phaedo -- Christian hope

-- Conversion -- Fulfillment. The question -- Christianity and Judaism --

Christianity and "Greece" : Plato's ideal ; Metanoia ; Faith and theory ;

Praeparatio Evangelica? ; Plato and Christ -- Anselm's Proslogion and its

Hegelian interpretation. Hegel on Anselm -- Anselm -- Anselm against Hegel

-- Two remarks -- Ascent: Plotinian motifs in Bonaventure's Itinerary of

the mind to God. Plotinus' travel guide to God -- Bonaventure's guidance

for the encounter with God : Creation ; History ; The one (chapter five) ;

The good (chapter six) -- Bonaventure's contribution to the twentieth

century debate on Apophatic theology. Bonaventure and Apophatic theology

-- Desire for wisdom -- The wisdom of the cross -- Life, science, and

wisdom according to Descartes. Philosophy and Christianity (An hour with

Pascal). Philosophy -- Theory and wisdom -- Christianity -- Christian and

philosopher -- Pascal's Memorial : The living God and the God of

"philosophy" -- Philosophy and belief -- Can a Christian be a philosopher?

-- Leibniz on God and suffering. Suffering -- Suffering and evil -- Why is

there evil? -- The utility of evil -- God and freedom -- The God of

Leibniz -- The battle with God -- Ignorance and acceptance -- Toward peace

-- Hegel and modern culture. Hegel's framework -- Freedom -- Culture --

Absolute spirit -- Hegel Now? -- Epilogue -- The significance of Levinas

for Christian thought. God -- Salvation and the law -- Mysticism and love

-- Death -- Resurrection and forgiveness -- Autonomy and heteronomy.

B105 .M53 W45 2003 EB 2003

Lost souls [electronic resource] : the philosophic origins of a cultural

Inventory List

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dilemma / David Weissman.

Plato's divided line -- Descartes' revisions of the Line -- Consequences

-- Descartes' heirs: ontological foundationalism and "the end of western

metaphysics" -- The cogito's demise -- Churning -- Ideas to reformulate

and save.

B105 .S55 S54 2002 EB 2002

Simplicity, inference and modeling [electronic resource] : keeping it

sophisticatedly simple / edited by Arnold Zellner, Hugo A. Keuzenkamp and

Michael McAleer.

The enigma of simplicity / Hugo A. Keuzenkamp, Michael McAleer and Arnold

Zellner -- What is the problem of simplicity? / Elliott Sober -- Science

seeks parsimony, not simplicity : searching for pattern in phenomena /

Herbert A. Simon -- A macroeconomic approach to complexity / Marcel

Boumans -- The new science of simplicity / Malcolm R. Forster -- What

explains complexity? / Bert Hamminga -- Occam's bonus / A.W.F. Edwards --

Simplicity, information, Kolmogorov complexity and prediction / Paul

Vit*anyi and Ming Li -- Simplicity and statistical inference / Jorma

Rissanen -- Rissanen's theorem and econometric time series / Werner

Ploberger and Peter C.B. Phillips -- Parametric versus non-parametric

inference : statistical models and simplicity / Aris Spanos -- The role of

simplicity in an econometric model selection process / Antonio Aznar, M.

Isabel Ayuda and Carmen Garc*ia-Olaverri -- Simplicity in a behavioural,

non-parametric context / Dirk Tempelaar -- Keep it sophisticatedly simple

/ Arnold Zellner -- Communication, complexity and coordination in games /

Mattias Ganslandt -- The simplicity of an earnings frontier / Uwe Jensen

-- Simplicity : views of some Nobel laureates in economic science /

Michael McAleer.

B105 .V54 F68 2003 EB 2003

Vision's invisibles [electronic resource] : philosophical explorations /

V*eronique M. F*oti.

B105 .W6 B76 2002 EB 2002

Women philosophers of the seventeenth century [electronic resource] /

Jacqueline Broad.

B178 .M67 2000 EB 2000

Myth and philosophy from the Presocratics to Plato [electronic resource] /

Kathryn A. Morgan.

B187 .T5 T73 2002 EB 2002

Traditions of theology [electronic resource] : studies in Hellenistic

theology, its background and aftermath / edited by Dorothea Frede and

Andr*e Laks.

B378 .A5 S3613 2003 EB 2003

Plato's Parmenides [electronic resource] / translation with introduction

and commentary by Samuel Scolnicov.

B395 .P519 2003 EB 2003

Plato as author [electronic resource] : the rhetoric of philosophy /

edited by Ann N. Michelini.

How to read a Platonic prologue: Lysis 203a-207d -- Plato's Socratic mask

-- Plato's politic writing and the cultivation of souls -- Glaucon's

couch, or mimesis and the art of the Republic -- Socrates' argumentative

burden in the Republic -- To hear the right thing and to miss the point:

Plato's implicit poetics -- Rhetoric as part of an initiation into the

mysteries: a new interpretation of the Platonic Phaedrus -- Six

philosophers on philosophical esotericism -- Subtext and subterfuge in

Cratylus -- The man with no name: Socrates and the visitor from Elea --

Metaphysics and individual souls in the Phaedo -- On the philosophical

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autonomy of a Platonic dialogue: the case of recollection -- The rhetoric

of philosophy: Socrates' swan-song.

B395 P76 2004 EB 2004

Plato within your grasp [electronic resource] / by Brian Proffitt.

B398 .L9 .R46 2003 EB 2003

Eros, wisdom, and silence [electronic resource] : Plato's erotic dialogues

/ James M. Rhodes.

1. Eros, wisdom, and silence in Plato -- 2. Modern views of Plato's

silence -- 3. Mystic philosophy in the seventh letter -- 4. Symposium :

titanic eros -- 5. Symposium : prophetic eros -- 6. Symposium : Dionysian

eros -- 7. Phaedrus : democratic tyrannical eros -- 8. Phaedrus : musical

eros -- 9. Phaedrus : the rhetoric of eros -- 10. Eros, wisdom, and

silence in the Socratic art.

B430 .A5 C7513 2000 EB 2000

Nicomachean ethics [electronic resource] / Aristotle ; translated and

edited by Roger Crisp.

B485 .H55 2004 EB 2004

Analyses of Aristotle [electronic resource] / Jaakko Hintikka.

B485 .H66 2003 EB 2003

Aristotle [electronic resource] / Otfried H*offe ; translated by Christine


Part 1: "The Philosopher"? -- Part 2: Knowledge and science -- Part 3:

Physics and metaphysics -- Part 4: Ethics and politics -- Part 5: The


B491 .R4 S37 2003 EB 2003

Aristotle on false reasoning [electronic resource] : language and the

world in the Sophistical refutations / Scott G. Schreiber.

B598 .P44 .V47 2004 EB 2004

Vergil, Philodemus, and the Augustans [electronic resource] / edited by

David Armstrong ... [et al.].

Vergil's farewell to education (Catalepton 5) and Epicurus' letter to

Pythocles / Diskin Clay -- Philosophy's harbor / Francesca Longo Auricchio

-- Vergil's epicureanism in his early poems / R*egine Chambert --

Consolation in the bucolic mode : the Epicurean cadence of Vergil's first

eclogue / Gregson Davis -- A secret garden : Georgics 4.116-148 / W.R.

Johnson -- Vergil in the shadow of Vesuvius / Marcello Gigante -- The

vocabulary of anger in Philodemus' De Ira and Vergil's Aeneid / Giovanni

Indelli -- Anger, Philodemus' Good king, and the Helen episode of Aeneid

2.567-589 : a new proof of authenticity from Herculaneum / Jeffrey Fish --

Philodemus : avocatio and the pathos of distance in Lucretius and Vergil /

Frederic M. Schroeder -- Piety in Vergil and Philodemus / Patricia A.

Johnston -- Vergil's de pietate : from ehoiae to allegory in Vergil,

Philodemus, and Ovid / Dirk Obbink -- Emotions and immortality in

philodemus on the gods 3 and the Aeneid / Michael Wigodsky -- Carmen inane

: Philodemus' aesthetics and Vergil's artistic vision / Marilyn B. Skinner

-- Vergil and music, in diogenes of babylon and philodemus / Daniel

Delattre -- Horace's Epistles 1 and Philodemus / David Armstrong -- Varius

and Vergil : two pupils of Philodemus in propertius 2.34 / Francis Cairns.

B669 .D43 I25 2002 EB 2002

Iamblichus De anima [electronic resource] / text, translation, and

commentary by John F. Finamore and John M. Dillon.

B701 .Z7 B47 2001 EB 2001

Proclus' hymns [electronic resource] : essays, translations, commentary /

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by R.M. van den Berg.

B741 .L43 2002 EB 2002

An introduction to classical Islamic philosophy [electronic resource] /

Oliver Leaman.

Al-Ghazali's attack on philosophy. How did God create the world? --

Immortality and the active intellect -- Can God know particulars? --

Reason v. revelation in practical reasoning. Are the ethics of religion

objective or subjective? -- Happiness, philosophy and society -- How to

read Islamic philosophy.

B753 .G34 M58 2001 EB 2001

Al-Ghazali and the Ismailis [electronic resource] : a debate on reason and

authority in medieval Islam / Farouk Mitha.

B785 .F434 M37 2002 EB 2002

Marsilio Ficino [electronic resource] : his theology, his philosophy, his

legacy / edited by Michael J.B. Allen and Valery Rees with Martin Davies.

B823 .C55 2003 EB 2003

Panpsychism and the religious attitude [electronic resource] / D.S.


B828.3 .M265 2003 EB 2003

Laughing at nothing [electronic resource] : humor as a response to

nihilism / John Marmysz.

B831.5 .C75 2000 EB 2000

Gender and language [electronic resource] : towards a feminist pragmatics

/ Christine Christie.

B839 .K65 2003 EB 2003

Being and some twentieth-century Thomists [electronic resource] / John


B840 .D36 2003 EB 2003

Meaning, expression, and thought [electronic resource] / Wayne A. Davis.

Speaker meaning -- Expression -- Alternative analyses -- Communication --

Reference -- Languages -- Basic word meaning -- Conventions --

Compositional word meaning -- Living languages -- Thought -- Sentences,

propositions, and thoughts -- The constituency thesis -- Ideas or concepts

-- The possession of concepts -- The acquisition of concepts -- The

association of ideas -- Objects, images, and conceptions -- The language

of thought hypothesis -- Objections to ideational theories -- Priority

objections -- Incompleteness objections.

B945 .C144 P37 2003 EB 2003

A passion for the impossible [electronic resource] : John D. Caputo in

focus / edited by Mark Dooley.

B945 .M4853 E84 2003 EB 2003

Ethics and selfhood [electronic resource] : alterity and the phenomenology

of obligation / James Richard Mensch.

Selfhood and certainty -- Empathy and self-presence -- The divided self: a

phenomenological history of ethics -- Rescue and the origin of

responsibility -- An ethics of framing -- Freedom and alterity -- Alterity

and society.

B945 .S3264 E96 2003 EB 2003

Experiences between philosophy and communication [electronic resource] :

engaging the philosophical contributions of Calvin O. Schrag / edited by

Ramsey Eric Ramsey and David James Miller.

Inventory List

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Introduction: In-between philosophy and communication studies / Ramsey


loving struggle to the struggle to love: a conversation with Calvin O.

Schrag / Ramsey Eric Ramsey, David James Miller -- PART II. PUBLICS AND

THEIR PROBLEMS -- Communicative praxis and collective decision making:

from phenomenology to the politics of experience to dialogic constitutive

practices / Stanley Deetz, Amy Grim, Alexander Lyon -- Limitations of the

public sphere: the repressive voice of modernity / Raymie McKerrow --

Transversing dualisms and situating the embodied self in organizational

theory and practice / Majia Holmer Nadesan -- PART III. ON GIVING AND

SUFFERING -- Gift of acknowledgment / Michael J. Hyde -- Awaiting the year

of the donkey / Stephen Pluh*a*cek -- On hearing the call: from the pain

of affliction toward healing / David James Miller, Michael J. Millington

-- PART IV. PHILOSOPHIZING THE IN-BETWEEN -- Feminism after postmodernity:

some places of narrative in communicative praxis / Dennis K. Mumby --

Epistemology, tropology, hermeneutics, and the "essence of language" /

Lenore Langsdorf -- Procreation in a beautiful medium: eroticizing the

vectors of communicative praxis / Ramsey Eric Ramsey.

B1649 .P64 K34 2004 EB 2004

Karl Popper [electronic resource] : critical appraisals / edited by Philip

Catton and Graham Macdonald.

B1875 .G33 2001 EB 2001

Descartes embodied [electronic resource] : reading Cartesian philosophy

through Cartesian science / Daniel Garber.

B2137 .G27 2003 EB 2003

Rousseau's counter-Enlightenment [electronic resource] : a republican

critique of the Philosophes / Graeme Garrard.

The enlightenment republic of letters -- Philosophe, madman,

revolutionary, god: the many faces of Jean-Jacques Rousseau -- Unsociable

man: Rousseau's critique of enlightenment social thought -- Rousseau's

counter-enlightenment republic of virtue -- On the utility of religion --

Dare to be ignorant! -- The worst of all possible worlds.

B2430 .B33954 G46 2003 EB 2003

The Sunday of the negative [electronic resource] : reading Bataille,

reading Hegel / Christopher M. Gemerchak.

B2430 .L484 C36 2002 EB 2002

The Cambridge companion to Levinas [electronic resource] / edited by Simon

Critchley and Robert Bernasconi.

Introduction / Simon Critchley -- Levinas and Judaism / Hilary Putnam --

Levinas and the face of the other / Bernhard Waldenfels -- Levinas's

critique of Husserl / Rudolf Bernet -- Levinas and the Talmud / Catherine

Chalier -- Levinas and language / John Llewelyn -- Levinas, feminism and

the feminine / Stella Sandford -- Sincerity and the end of theodicy :

three remarks on Levinas and Kant / Paul Davies -- Language and alterity

in the thought of Levinas / Edith Wyschogrod -- Conepts of art and poetry

in Emmanuel Levinas's writings / Gerald L. Bruns -- What is the question

to which 'substitution' is the answer? / Robert Bernasconi -- Evil and the

temptation of theodicy / Richard J. Bernstein.

B2430 .L484 C64 2001 EB 2001

Ethics, exegesis, and philosophy [electronic resource] : interpretation

after Levinas / Richard A. Cohen

B2430 .R554 K37 2003 EB 2003

Ricoeur's critical theory [electronic resource] / David M. Kaplan.

Hermeneutics. -- Narrative. -- Selfhood. -- Practical wisdom. -- Politics.

-- Critical theory.

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B2599 .M7 M47 2001 EB 2001

Leibniz's metaphysics [electronic resource] : its origins and development

/ Christia Mercer.

B2758 .A4513 2002 EB 2002

Theoretical philosophy after 1781 [electronic resource] / edited by Henry

Allison, Peter Heath ; translated by Gary Hatfield ... [et al].

B2799 .E8 K45 2002 EB 2002

Kant's search for the supreme principle of morality [electronic resource]

/ Samuel J. Kerstein.

B2799 .I48 G74 2001 EB 2001

Kant's doctrine of transcendental illusion [electronic resource] /

Michelle Grier.

B2898 .W57 2003 EB 2003

The conspiracy of life [electronic resource] : meditations on Schelling

and his time / Jason M. Wirth.

The nameless good -- Theos Kai pan -- Nature -- Direct experience -- Art

-- Evil -- The haunting -- Peru*sottama.

B2936 .Z7 H54 2003 EB 2003

Hegel's History of philosophy [electronic resource] : new interpretations

/ edited by David A. Duquette.

Hegel's method for a history of philosophy: the Berlin introductions to

the Lectures on the history of philosophy (1819-1831) / Angelica Nuzzo --

With what must the history of philosophy begin? Hegel's role in the debate

on the place of India within the history of philosophy / Robert Bernasconi

-- The dawning of desire: Hegel's logical history of philosophy and

politics / Andrew Fiala -- Hegel on Socrates and irony / Robert R.

Williams -- Ancient skepticism and systematic philosophy / Will Dudley --

The historicity of philosophy and the role of skepticism / Tanja Staehler

-- The place of Rousseau in Hegel's system / Allegra de Laurentiis --

Hegel between Spinoza and Derrida / Merold Westphal -- Systematicity and

experience: Hegel and the function of the history of philosophy / Kevin

Thompson -- Is there progress in the history of philosophy? / Vittorio

H*osle -- The "end of history" revisited: Kantian reason, Hegelian spirit,

and the history of philosophy / Jere Paul O'Neill Surber.

B2948 .F425 2001 EB 2001

Hegel and Aristotle [electronic resource] / Alfredo Ferrarin.

B2949 .L5 D83 2002 EB 2002

Hegel, Nietzsche, and philosophy [electronic resource] : thinking freedom

/ Will Dudley.

Introduction: Freedom and philosophy -- Pt. I. Freedom in and through

Hegel's philosophy -- Place of freedom in Hegel's philosophy -- Freedom of

willing: Hegel's Philosophy of Right -- Freedom beyond willing: from the

Philosophy of Right to absolute spirit -- Freedom through Hegel's

philosophy -- Pt. II. Freedom in and through Nietzsche's philosophy --

Place of freedom in Nietzsche's philosophy -- Freedom of willing:

decadence and nobility -- Freedom beyond willing: from nobility to tragedy

-- Freedom through Nietzsche's philosophy -- Conclusion: Philosophy and


B3051 .A35 F6713 2002 EB 2002

Philosophical writings [electronic resource] / Johann Gottfried von Herder

; translated and edited by Michael N. Forster.

Part I. General Philosophical Program: -- How philosophy can become more

universal and useful for the benefit of the people -- Part II. Philosophy

Inventory List

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of Language: -- Fragments on recent German literature -- Treatise on the

origin of language -- Part III. Philosophy of Mind: -- On Thomas Abbt's

writings -- On cognition and sensation, the two main forces of the human

soul -- On the cognition and sensation of the human soul -- Part IV.

Philosophy of History: -- On the change of taste -- Older critical

forestlet -- This too a philosophy of history for the formation of

humanity -- Part v. Political Philosophy: -- Letters concerning the

progress of humanity -- Letters for the advancement of humanity.

Johann Gottfried von Herder (1744-1803) is one of the most important

German philosophers of the eighteenth century, who had enormous influence

on later thinkers such as Hegel, Schleiermacher, and Nietzsche. His

wide-ranging ideas were formative in the development of linguistics,

hermeneutics, anthropology, and bible scholarship, and even today they

retain their vitality and relevance to an extraordinary degree. This

volume presents a new translation by Michael Forster of Herder's most

important and characteristic philosophical writings (some of which have

never before been translated) in his areas of central interest, including

philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, philosophy of history, and

political philosophy, as well as his general philosophical program. An

introduction sets the writings in their historical context and examines

their philosophical achievement.

B3199 .A34 S53 2002 EB 2002

Adorno's positive dialectic [electronic resource] / Yvonne Sherratt.

B3248 .G34 G37 2004 EB 2004

Gadamer's repercussions [electronic resource] : reconsidering

philosophical hermeneutics / edited by Bruce Krajewski.

From word to concept: the task of hermeneutics as philosophy / Hans-Georg

Gadamer -- After historicism, is metaphysics still possible? on Hans-Gerog

Gadamer's 100th birthday / J*urgen Habermas -- Being that can be

understood is language / Richard Rorty -- On the coherence of hermeneutics

and ethics: an essay on Gadamer and Levinas / Gerald L. Bruns -- Gadamer

and romanticism / Andrew Bowie -- Literature, law, and morality / Georgia

Warnke -- A critique of Gadamer's aesthetics / Michael Kelly -- On

dialogue: to its cultured despisers / Donald G. Marshall -- Gadamer's

philosophy of dialogue and its relation to the postmodernism of Nietzsche,

Heidegger, Derrida, and Strauss / Ronald Beiner -- Meaningless

hermeneutics? / Joel Weinsheimer -- Radio Nietzsche, or, how to fall short

of philosophy / Geoff Waite -- The art of allusion: Hans-Georg Gadamer's

philosophical interventions under National Socialism / Teresa Orozco -- On

the politics of Gadamerian hermeneutics: a response to Orozco and Waite /

Catherine H. Zuckert -- The protection of the philosophical form: a

response to Zuckert / Teresa Orozco -- Salutations: a response to Zuckert

/ Geoff Waite.

B3279 .H59 B273 2003 EB 2003

Martin Heidegger and the problem of historical meaning [electronic

resource] / Jeffrey Andrew Barash.

Foreword / Paul Ricour -- Introduction -- Toward an ontology of history:

1912-1927. The emergence of the problem of historical meaning in

nineteenth-century German thought -- Metaphysics and historical meaning in

Heidegger's early writings -- Existence and history : Heidegger's radical

turning point between 1918 and 1923 -- The theological roots of

Heidegger's interpretation of historical meaning -- Historical meaning in

the fundamental ontology of being and time -- Toward a history of being :

1927-1964 -- Anthropology, metaphysics, and the problem of historical

meaning in Heidegger's interpretation of the Kehre.

B3279 .J664 L48 2002 EB 2002

Hans Jonas [electronic resource] : the integrity of thinking / David J.


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B3317 O39 2004 EB 2004

Nietzsche within your grasp [electronic resource] / by Shelley O'Hara.

  1. A (1) indefinite article, c. 1150, a variation of O. E. an (see an) in which the -n- began to disappear before consonants, a process mostly complete by 1340. T

    a (1) indefinite article, c.1150, a variation of O.E. an (see an) in which the -n- began to disappear before consonants, a process mostly complete by 1340.
  2. Online etymology dictionary

    I began this project after I looked one day for a free dictionary of word origins online and found that there was none. You could subscribe to the Oxford English Dictionary for $550 a year.
  3. An Annotated Bibliography of the Neotropical Butterflies and Skippers (Lepidoptera: Papilionoidea and Hesperioidea)

    2003a. Studies on Neotropical Pieridae (Part 1). The holotype of "Leodonta chiriquensis tingomariae" Baumann & Reissinger, 1969, illustrated in colour (Lepidoptera: Papilionoidea: Pieridae).
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    TALENT CENTRE: Doing easily what others find difficult is talent; doing what is impossible for talent is genius.”- Henry Frederic Amiel. – What is generally thought to be impossible? – J.
  6. Better thinking – better living

    The discussion group is a small library of philosophic litterature concerning wide range of questions. It has been ment to a reader who is interested in philososphing alone.
  7. M., Dashkov & K, 2004, 2006, 2007. 608 p

    1. Each one philosophizes and each one solves vital and really philosophic problems (like attitude to the world, meaning and aim of life, occupational choice, good and evil, etc.
  8. Accidental Launch Bad (Nuclear War) 5

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