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IPENZ Transportation Group National Committee


Bruce Conaghan


3 November 2008


Draft Minutes of Annual General Meeting 2008


TSB Showcase, New Plymouth


5.15pm, 3 November 2008

Agenda item

Discussion / decisions / actions



Bruce Conaghan (Chair), Terry Brown, Matt Ensor, Roger Dunn, Ian Greenwood (of the National Committee)

Peter Croft (representing AITPM), Ian Appleton, Eliza Sutton, Andrew Edgar, Peter Doupe (representing AITPM), Angela James, Axel Wilke, James King, Glen Koorey, Shane Turner, Dennis Davis, Jon England, Justine Wilton, Michelle Lewis, Maurice Mildenhall, David Andreassen, John Foster, Brian Hodge, Prakash Ranjitkar, Fergus Tate, Alan Parsons, David Philip, Lorraine Wilmshurst, Pravin Dayaram, Colin Goble, Barry Cook, Mike Smith, Bill Frith, Steve Abley, Bill Greenwood, Don McKenzie, Andrew Macbeth, Larry Cameron.

1. Apologies

David Hutchinson, Craig Nicholson, Henriette Rawlings, Stuart Fraser, Brian Ward, Diana Munster, Alan Nicholson, Dave Gamble, Michelle Harvey.

Moved “That the above apologies be accepted”.

Conaghan / McKenzie- CARRIED

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting

Moved “That the minutes of the previous meeting on 8 October 2007 (Tauranga) be taken as a true and correct record”.

Conaghan / Appleton – CARRIED

It was noted that there was seven typographical errors which are to be corrected in the final 2007 AGM Minutes :

  • “David Wilmott” to read “David Willmott” (Pgs 2 and 5)

  • “Malcolm Douglas” to read “Malcolm Douglass” (Pgs 2 and 4)

  • “Glen Connelly” to read “Glenn Connelly” (Pg 2)

3. Chairman’s Report

Bruce Conaghan presented the Chairman’s report for 2007/08 highlighting :

  • the current membership at the end of the financial year stands at 998 is up from 930 in 2006/07 (latest figure at time of Conference is 1040);

  • submissions by the National Committee on ‘Manual for Traffic Control Devices Part 9 : Level Crossings’, “RTS14 Guidelines for Blind and Vision Impaired Pedestrians”, “Land Transport (Road User) Amendment Rule [2009] (Rule 61001/4)”;

  • the completion of the Group Rules, Branch Financial Procedures, and the development of an aide memoire for Portfolio Holders within the Group; and

  • input to the IPENZ publication “Transport : Engineering the Way Forward”

  • the National Committee will be reviewing the Strategic Plan for adoption at the 2009 AGM.

Moved “That the Chairman’s Report for 2007/08 be received”.

Conaghan / Greenwood – CARRIED

Bruce Conaghan thanked members of the Group who provided comment for the Group submission on Land Transport (Road User) Amendment Rule [2009] (Rule 61001/4).

4. Treasurer’s Report

Bruce Conaghan presented the Treasurer’s Report which showed an anticipated deficit of $28,906 for 2007/08 compared with an expected deficit of $20,000. The deficit came about as a result of the purchase of side thrust gauges and subsidy for the Group History “A Wheel on Each Corner”.

The Group reserves as at 30 September 2008 are approximately $154,000.

The draft budget for 2008/09 has an anticipated income of $57,000 and expenditure of $37,000 providing a surplus of $18,000. This surplus will arise from the sales of the side thrust gauges.

Moved “That the Treasurer’s Report for 2007/08 and draft budget for 2008/09 be received”.

Conaghan / Greenwood - CARRIED

5. Branch Reports

All Branch Reports included with the 2008 AGM Agenda.

Moved “That the Branch Reports for 2007/08 be received”.

Dunn / McKenzie - CARRIED

6. Technical Sub-group Reports

All Branch Reports included with the 2008 AGM Agenda.

Malcolm Douglass provided a overview of the TDB activities :

  • 3 major research projects - National Travel Profile (Published), NZ/UK Comparison of Trip Rates o be published), and Integrated Transport Assessments (just about completed)

  • Three workshops being held in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch

  • Thanks to Steve Abley, Ian Clark, MWH, TDG, Flow Transportation, and Tim Kelly.

Moved “That the Technical Sub-group Reports for 2007/08 be received”.

Dunn / McKenzie – CARRIED

It was noted that there was a typographical error in the TDB Report which is to be corrected in the final 2008 AGM Agenda :

  • “Steve Abley – Transportation Engineering” to read “Abley Transportation Engineers” (Pg 23)

7. Matters Arising

“Transport : Engineering the Way Forward”

This aimed to raise the profile of engineers with the politicians.

Malcolm Douglass : Did not think the document gave transportation engineers justice. It had more focus on economics and politics. From the point of view of the Group, it did not represent the role of the profession. Malcolm suggested that the National Committee look at the matter.

John Foster : The Executive (of IPENZ?) said that the Group did not want to have input. Bruce Conaghan said that this may have been in relation to the Transportation Group not providing funding to assist with the development rather than the Group not having input. The draft had been made available to all members of the Group for comment and input.

Bruce Conaghan

8. IPENZ Transportation Group Rules

Bruce Conaghan highlighted that the Rules attached in the 2008 AGM Agenda have had a number of iterations through the consultation process and Group members are to be thanked for their input.

Moved “That the Rules of the IPENZ Transportation Group as contained in the 2008 AGM Agenda be adopted.”

Conaghan / Dunn - CARRIED

9. Life Membership Awards

Representations by Roger Dunn for John Foster – citation attached.

Representation by Roger Dunn for Peter McCombs – citation attached.

Moved ‘”That John Foster and Peter McCombs be elected as Life Members of IPENZ Transportation Group”.

Dunn / McKenzie – CARRIED

10. Transportation Conference 2009 and 2010

2009 Conference is to be organised by the Canterbury / West Coast Branch. Bruce Conaghan will liaise with them in regard to location and timing.

Bruce Conaghan noted the effect of the NZIHT / NZTA Conference held a fortnight prior in Napier in that it resulted in a couple of sponsors not being available for the IPENZ Transportation Conference. Stuart Fraser had raised the thought of having a joint conference and this was opened for discussion.

Axel Wilke : IPENZ Transportation Conference is the major income earner for the Group. Lost sponsorship also represents lost income. Probably good idea but would like the IPENZ Transportation Group to remain in control.

Andrew Macbeth : Organised by local Branch Committee members and Harding Consultants (Glenda Harding). NZIHT / NZTA co-ordinate their own conference. Would need to consider who would co-ordinate a joint conference. Possibly too many conferences. NZIHT / NZTA Conference covers a broader range of topics related to transportation that it did previously.

Ian Appleton : NZIHT / NZTA Conference based on “Roading Symposium” while Group focused on traffic. Have in past tried to run streams but it was not successful.

Roger Dunn : The Transportation Group conference is about traffic engineering / planning. The NZIHT / NZTA Conference tends to be more for senior staff. Thinks the IPENZ Transportation Conference is better for younger transportation engineers / planners.

Michelle Lewis ; Bigger conference could provide opportunity for streams. Look at profession as a whole rather than separating roading from transportation. Would encourage younger engineers / planners – possibly run a workshop for them. Supports a joint conference.

Fergus Tate : 47 papers received with 28 accepted in a variety of topics. Strong interest in presenting at the IPENZ Transportation Conference. With a joint conference, there would be a risk to losing topics and young engineers / planners may miss out. Would not like to see a joint conference. Enough interest in industry to support having both conferences.

Bill Frith : Multiple conferences provide opportunities for multiple staff to attend. Conferences serve different purposes. Would like conferences to remain separate.

Steve Abley : Transportation Group conference is more informal which provides for networking. With the lost sponsorship, it would be appropriate to have the Transportation Conference before the NZIHT / NZTA Conference.

John Foster : Would not like the Transportation Conference to fail due to external matters.

Ian Greenwood : Will be looking at survey in Roundabout re the Transportation Conference.

Dennis Davis : Schedule the conferences to be further apart.

Ian Appleton : Transportation Conference already moved due to conflict with TRAFINZ Conference.


Malcolm Douglass : Practice, experience of members, modus and elements of transportation matters is important. Merging conferences will result in potential loss of values important to the Group.

Andrew Macbeth : Survey attitudes at Conference as well as crossover with NZIHT. Expects NZTA to have some input. Would like to see communication between respective committee members.

Bill Greenwood : No presentations from local government engineers. Change in focus from original format. Need to also consider TRAFINZ and how the three conferences interact.

Roger Dunn : Need to also consider ARRB and AITPM conferences and their timings.

Fergus Tate : Attending two conferences deals with CPD requirements for a year.

Roger Dunn : Too many staff at conference not desirable for some employers.

Axel Wilke : 2009 Cycle Conference co-ordination underway.

General consensus that the IPENZ Transportation Conference should remain as a separate conference but the timing is important. The National Committee requested to conduct a survey of Group members via Roundabout in regard to the Conference and timing and will conduct survey of the sponsors given their support is important to the success of the Conference.

2010 Conference : Possibility for East Coast of North Island? Query as to who will organise. Noted that there are benefits for smaller provincial towns. Possible locations Hamilton or Gisborne. National Committee to look at these possibilities.

Bruce Conaghan

National Committee

National Committee

11. General Business

Update on AITPM from Peter Croft (AITPM Representative)

    • Number of Transportation Group members at the 2008 AITPM Conference which is good to see

    • Thanks for copies of “A Wheel on Each Corner”

    • Scholarship for AITPM member to attend IPENZ Transportation Conference (Peter Croft 2008 recipient)

    • Exchange of newsletters with IPENZ Transportation Group. Recent article on passing of Arthur Sims with IPENZ Transportation Group to provide acknowledgement to Arthur’s family of his work for the industry.

    • Ongoing communication between AITPM and the IPENZ Transportation Group is encouraged and this is being looked at further (i.e. provide brief overview at each others AGM)

    • AITPM is member of the Trips Database Bureau

    • 2009 Conference is in Adelaide 5-7 August. Copy of request for abstracts to be circulated by Bruce Conaghan.

Bruce Conaghan

Bruce Conaghan

12. Election of National Committee

Moved “That Michelle Harvey, Matt Ensor, Tim Brown, Terry Brown, Roger Dunn, David Willmott, Ian Greenwood be elected to the National Committee”.

Sutton / McKenzie - CARRIED

Moved “That Bruce Conaghan be elected as IPENZ Transportation Group National Committee Chairman.”

Dunn / Abley – CARRIED

13. Closing

Bruce Conaghan expressed thanks to the Central Branch Conference Organising Committee for providing a successful conference in New Plymouth.

Ian Appleton thanked the National Committee for their work during the 2007/08 year.

Meeting closed 6.30pm

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