Glossary of Northwest Acronyms and Terms

A Distant Thunder

by H. A. Covington

©Copyright 2004 by Harold A. Covington

Glossary of Northwest Acronyms and Terms

A Mighty Fortress Is Our God – Christian Hymn written by Martin Luther. The national anthem of the Northwest American Republic.

ASU – Active Service Unit. The basic building block of the NVA paramilitary structure. Generally speaking, an active service unit was any team or affinity group of Northwest Volunteers engaged in armed struggle against the United States government. The largest active service units during the War of Independence were the Flying Columns (q. v.) that moved across the countryside in open insurrection. These could sometimes number as many as 75 or even 100 men. More usual was the urban team or crew ranging from four or five to no more than a dozen Volunteers. After a unit grew larger than seven or eight people, the logistics of movement and supply and also the risk of betrayal reached unacceptably high levels, and the cell would divide in two with each half going its separate way. Command and coordination between the units was often tenuous at best. The success and survival of an active service unit was often a matter of the old Viking adage: “Luck often enough will save a man, if his courage hold.”

Aztlan – A semi-autonomous province of Mexico consisting of the old American states of southern and western Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, parts of Colorado, and southern California below a line roughly parallel with the Mountain Gate border post.

BATF – Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms division of the United States Treasury Department. Used by the government in Washington D. C. unlawfully to suppress many early right-wing and racial nationalist groups and individuals. Unlike its more sophisticated counterpart the FBI, BATF seldom resorted to such things as bribery, fabrication, or forgery to get convictions. All brawn and no brain, BATF simply smashed their way into the homes of dissidents such as Kenyon Bellew and David Koresh and started shooting. Many of their agents later became Fatties when the FATPO (q.v.) superceded the old ATF organization at the beginning of the War of Independence. BATF was declared a criminal organization by Parliament and any surviving members are subject to arrest, trial, and punishment if apprehended.

The Beast – Term similar in meaning to ZOG (q.v.) used initially by Christian Identity people to describe the Federal government of the United States and the Zionist, liberal power structure in general. The expression later came into more widespread use among the Northwest American Republic’s non-CI population.

Break Bad – An incident or encounter between the NVA and Federal forces or others that turns violent.

Brigade – In the paramilitary organization of the Northwest Volunteer Army, a loose combination of all of the partisan units assigned to a specific geographic area. In the larger cities of the Homeland such as Seattle, Portland or Spokane there might be as many as two or three brigades, each operating independently of the others, so that a single catastrophic betrayal or Federal assault could not wipe out the NVA in that metropolitan area. A brigade could comprise as many as two or three dozen active service units of various kinds and strengths, including technical, supply, and support teams. Some of the smaller brigades covering larger and more rural areas only had a few units. In actual practice there was always an immense amount of confusion and overlap in membership and function between units. As is the case with any conflict, nothing about the War of Independence was ever as neatly cut and dried as the Republic’s history books have portrayed.

BOSS – Bureau of State Security. The Republic’s political police. The mission of BOSS may be summed up simply in the five words of its motto: “We will never go back.” In The Hill of the Ravens Don Redmond pithily summarizes that mission when he says, “The revolution is forever. Our job is to make sure of that.”

CI – Christian Identity. By the time of writing of this book, the predominant Christian religious movement in the Republic. The faith of Pastor Richard Butler, Robert Miles, and many others among the founding fathers of the Northwest American Republic. The essence of Christian Identity is the transfer of God’s Biblical covenant from the Jewish people to the Gentile or Aryan peoples through the medium of the Christ’s Passion and the Crucifixion. In most Christian Identity sects this transfer is accompanied by a very complex (sometimes downright tortuous) theological construct whereby white people are alleged to be racial descendants of the Israelites of the Bible through the alleged wanderings of the Lost Tribes through Europe, Denmark being descended from the tribe of Dan, etc. However tenuous the historical and theological basis for Christian Identity, there can be no doubt of the spiritual strength and personal integrity which the CI faith imparts to its adherents. During the Time of Struggle and ever since, they have been the very backbone of the Northwest nation.

Centcom – During the War of Independence, Centcom was the central command authority of the American occupation forces, consisting of representatives from the executive and judicial branches of government, the FBI, Justice Department, Department of Homeland Security, etc.

Code Duello – The official protocols and procedures governing dueling within the Republic, administered by the National Honor Court. The purpose of the Code Duello is to make sure that the ultimate sanction for personal misbehavior remains available to all the Republic’s citizens, but only under very clear and formally recognized conditions. Ref. the Old Man: “One of the problems under ZOG was that there was no longer any penalty attached to being an asshole. There needs to be.”

Come Home – To immigrate to the Northwest American Republic. Since the NAR is the Homeland of all Indo-European peoples, a white immigrant is considered to have Come Home.

Daryl and His Other Brother Daryl – Defamatory term used by certain white migrants to the Homeland during pre-revolutionary times to denote white people born in rural areas of the Northwest. Considered rude, boorish, and highly discouraged by the Party both before and since the revolution.

DHS – Department of Homeland Security. One of the many overlapping Federal political police agencies created under Bush II as part of the suspension of the United States Constitution and the abrogation of American civil liberties which took place after the events of September 11th, 2001. The Department of Homeland Security seems to have done little during the time of the revolution beyond adding to the confusion.

DM – “Drooling Moron.” Defamatory term used by certain white migrants during the pre-revolutionary times to denote white people born in rural areas of the Northwest Homeland. Always frowned upon and discouraged by the Party. Several legal cases are now before the National Honor Court to decide whether “DM” is to be considered a killing word or not.

E & E – Escape and Evasion. Associated with General Order Number Eight, a.k.a. the “Feets Don’t Fail Me Now” order. When an operation went bad, or when confronted with a Federal ambush, extreme danger, or overwhelming enemy numbers, every NVA Volunteer had a personal Escape and Evasion plan, a series of refuges and safe houses etc. to which they would flee and from which they would subsequently regroup. The underlying rationale of General Order Number Eight was the ancient one of all guerrilla forces: he who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day.

FATPO – Federal Anti-Terrorist Police Organization. A body of special auxiliary police officers recruited by the United States government to suppress the revolution in the Pacific Northwest, after the FBI and local authorities had clearly lost control and it was not deemed politically expedient to use the regular military in a significant role. FATPOs were mostly recruited from discharged members of the United States military, local police departments, and from both sides of the bars within the American empire’s immense prison system. FATPOs were given a short but intensive training campaign at Fort Bragg combining counterinsurgency, commando and SWAT-team style tactics, along with heavy political indoctrination in diversity, multiculturalism, etc. Nominally subject to the Department of Homeland Security and the Justice Department, in reality the government in D. C. was far away, and a blind eye was turned. Local FATPO commanders had a blank check and more or less operated as independent warlords in their districts, above the law so long as they produced a plentiful white body count. Discipline and control from Centcom was patchy at best, accountability was nil, atrocities frequent, media reporting of those atrocities almost non-existent, and any serious military purpose or strategy quickly disappeared. The FATPOs in short order became nothing more than gangs of brutal gun thugs devoted to the bloody suppression of the NVA and any white citizen of the Northwest whom they so much as suspected might be sympathetic to the NVA. Strict policies of affirmative action and mandatory diversity were applied, and at any given time the force was only about 35% white and perhaps 25% white male. There was an unknown but significant percentage of lesbian and homosexual sadists who mainly operated in the intelligence units of FATPO as interrogators, and who earned themselves a reputation as some of the most cruel and vicious torturers in the history of human tyranny.

FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation. The American secret police. Still extant, although now less involved in Northwest affairs than their rivals of the Office of Northwest Recovery (q.v.) Declared a criminal organization by Parliament after Independence. Any member of the FBI or anyone assisting the FBI is liable to arrest, trial, and punishment under the law of the Republic.

Flying Column – During the War of Independence, an independent unit of partisans numbering approximately thirty to a hundred Volunteers. These guerrilla units were usually based in rural areas throughout the Pacific Northwest, and operated in the countryside and small towns. They were highly mobile and conducted operations against the American forces, against the means of production, and cleared their operational areas of American law enforcement, judicial, and governmental institutions to make way for Aryan courts, police, and government. Because of the activities of the Flying Columns, the United States eventually lost control of the countryside almost completely and could maintain its authority only in the cities, and there only through repressive force. There were over thirty Flying Columns during the course of the War of Independence. The most famous among them were the Olympic Flying Column (Cmdt. Thomas J. Murdock); the Port Townsend Flying Column (Cmdt. John C. Morgan); the Hayden Lake Flying Column (Cmdt. O. C. Oglevy); The Barbary Pirates (Arcata and Eureka, California district, Cmdt. Phil McDevitt); the Sawtooth Flying Column (Cmdt. Winston Wayne); the Corvallis Flying Column (Cmdt. Billy Basquine); the Montana Regulators (Cmdt. Jack Smith); and the Ellensburg Flying Column (Cmdt. David “Bloody Dave” Leach.)

Goots – Derogatory and defamatory term used by native-born white people in the Northwest for racially conscious Aryan settlers who came into the Homeland during pre-revolutionary times. Origin unknown but possibly originated with Seattle disc jockey Ray Sheckstein.

GUBU – Grotesque, Unbelievable, Bizarre, Unprecedented. Slang term used to describe most activities of the Aryan resistance movement prior to the advent of Northwest Migration concept, and regrettably for some time after that as well. Northwest equivalent of old American military term SNAFU.

GW – Kinetic energy firearms named after the renowned Texas gunsmith and engineer Gary Wilkerson, who invented kinetic energy plate wherein the bullet is not propelled by a gunpowder-charged cartridge, but by a small kinetic energy charge from a metal power grid in the receiving group or bolt assembly of the weapon. Wilkerson KE technology is the basis most NDF (q.v.) small arms.

Hats or Hat Squad – Semi-derogatory, pre-revolutionary term used by native-born white Northwesters for Aryan settlers who answered the Old Man’s call for migration. Refers to the eventual adoption of the fedora hat as the badge or insignia for Northwest settlers, at first of the Christian Identity faith, then later on the practice spread to migrants of all faiths.

Longview Conference – The conference wherein the United States agreed to withdraw from the areas of the Northwest Homeland deemed to be “administratively untenable,” i.e. effectively under NVA control. At that point in time this consisted of the states of Idaho, Oregon, Washington, parts of western Montana, and most of Wyoming.

NAR – Northwest American Republic. Established as a worldwide home for all persons of unmixed Aryan, that is to say Caucasian, non-Semitic, European descent. The Northwest American Republic presently consists of the entire states of Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming as well as hefty chunks of Northern California, western Montana, Alberta, British Columbia and Alaska.

National Socialism – The racial and political world view (Weltanschaung in German) of the philosopher, soldier, and statesman Adolf Hitler (1889-1945.)

NBA – Northwest Broadcasting Authority. State body in charge of all broadcast communications and entertainment in the Northwest American Republic.

NDF - Northwest Defense Force. The combined land, sea, air and space commands of the NAR military. All white male citizens of the Republic are required to serve in the NDF for a minimum of two years of active duty plus reserve requirements up until age 50.

NLS – National Labor Service. There is no welfare as such in the Northwest American Republic. Neither is there any unemployment. If no private sector jobs are available in a particular field or locality, the Labor Service steps in and provides employment, usually on public works of various kinds. Many Northwest workers choose to work for the NLS voluntarily.

NVA – Northwest Volunteer Army. Formed on October 22nd in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, in response to the murder of the Singer family. Predecessor to the NDF.

OBA – Old Believers Association. The official NAR organization of non-Christian religious groups including Asatru, the proto-NS Nordic Faith Movement, and some elements of Wicca and Druidic cultism.

Old Man - Early advocate of Northwest Migration and independence. Helped found the Party (q. v.) and served as a convenient figurehead for the independence movement during the War of Independence, although he always considered his role in the revolution to be very much exaggerated. Served two terms as State President and was able to stabilize and consolidate the gains of the revolution, but was effectively removed from power by President Patrick Brennan and the Pragmatic Tendency in Parliament because he was thought to be a dangerously radical relic of the past. Presently President Emeritus of the Republic and living in seclusion. Suffers from dementia praecox due to his advanced age and is generally confused and incoherent.Has issues with ducks. [See The Hill of the Ravens.]

ONR – The United States Office of Northwest Recovery. Covert agency of the United States government devoted to the long term goal of returning the Northwest Republic to the United States and Canada respectively. Regularly conducts assassinations, sabotage, and other subversive activities within the Northwest American Republic.

On the Bounce – NVA slang term for being on the run from the American police and military.

Operation Strikeout – Twelve years after the Longview Conference the United States and Canada, in conjunction with the United Nations, launched what they believed to be a surprise attack against the Northwest Republic, intending to re-conquer the Pacific Northwest and return the Homeland to American imperial rule. Due to superior intelligence on the part of BOSS (q.v.) and the War Prevention Bureau (q.v.) the attack was not the surprise that the Pentagon thought it would be. The Americans and Canadians were decisively defeated in a campaign lasting forty-six days and large sections of northern California, Alberta, British Columbia and Alaska were added to the Republic’s territory.

The Party – The fighting revolutionary Party of Northwest independence founded by the Old Man, once a sufficient number of racially aware migrants had arrived in the Homeland to effect a significant socio-political demographic change sufficient to make such a Party feasible. Although the Party was comprised in the majority of people who were native-born in the Northwest, it was made possible by the influx of racially aware migrants who listened to the Old Man’s call and heeded it. Based upon the principles of National Socialism as expressed in the Cotswolds Declaration of 1962 and the Ten Principles of National Socialist Thought, yet offering a broad program of tolerance and participation for all Aryan religious and political tendencies, the Party provided the political leadership for the revolution, while the NVA provided the military capability.

Resurrection Shuffle – NVA slang term for being on the run, escaping and evading the Federal forces.

Rockwell, Commander George Lincoln (1918-1967) – American National Socialist leader. Founder of the American Nazi Party and the World Union of National Socialists.

Shock and Awe – A customary tactic for NVA partisans lying in wait to ambush Federal troops, police, news media, or other enemy personnel. The concealed Volunteers would suddenly explode in a precisely aimed, concentrated hail of gunfire on full automatic or other rapid fire technique, using armor piercing bullets, rocket propelled grenades (RPGs) etc. The object was to inflict as much damage as possible in the opening seconds of an encounter, disorienting and disabling enemy reaction, before a rapid withdrawal under cover of smoke grenades or other stratagems. Also known as the Mad Minute.

Spuckies – Derogatory and defamatory term used by local white people in the Northwest to denote racially conscious white settlers who came into the Homeland during pre-revolutionary times. Origin of this term unknown.

SS – Special Service. The NAR and the Party’s élite military formation. Drawn from the top achievers of all the NDF branches, with naval, air, and space mobile wings. Highly trained and equipped with the most advanced equipment, the SS deliberately follows the traditions of its historic namesake of the Third Reich. The corps seeks to erase all differences and divisions of class, religion, and nationality, creating a true Aryan “Band of Brothers”. For this purpose, extensive political and racial education based on the principles of National Socialism is part and parcel of SS training and qualification.

Stukach – A Russian term meaning informer, dating from the time of Stalin and the hideous purges of the 1930s. How exactly this term entered the lexicon of the Northwest American Republic is not certain. When applied to the family or person of a citizen, it is considered the ultimate insult, along with the words “whigger” and “attorney.” All three are considered to be killing words, i.e. prima facie casus belli under the law of the Republic for a duel to the death if the parties involved cannot be reconciled by formal procedures under the Code Duello.

Take The Gap – Broadly speaking, to Come Home. To immigrate to the Northwest American Republic. In practice, to “take the gap” generally connotes an illegal entry into the Homeland from the United States, Aztlan, Canada, or sometimes by air. “Taking the gap” often involves physically running the border under gunfire and pursuit.

Tickle – An operation of the Northwest Volunteer Army against a Federal or Zionist target.

Third Section (Threesec)Intelligence, counterintelligence, security and specialoperations department of the Party prior to 10/22.Created by Matt Redmond, who served as Threesec’s first director until his death.Organizational ancestor of both BOSS (q.v.) and War Prevention Bureau (q.v.)

Volunteer – A male or female soldier of the Northwest Volunteer Army.

Whigger – “White nigger.” A defamatory term for whites during the pre-revolutionary time who aped the mannerisms and subculture of blacks. Considered to be a killing word in the NAR, i.e. sufficient casus belli for a duel to the death if no compromise can be reached between the parties involved.

Woodchuck – Originally a term with defamatory and derogatory connotations used by Aryan settlers in the Homeland to denote those who were born in the Northwest, especially rural areas. Now transmuted and claimed as a proud and honorable designation by those born in the Homeland.

WPB – The NAR’s War Prevention Bureau. A covert agency designed to prevent the necessary military, political, and psychological conditions from developing within the United States, Aztlan, or anywhere else that might lead to an existential military threat to the existence of the Northwest Republic, through the use of targeted assassination and other black ops. The WPB is also responsible for tracking down and liquidating spies and traitors to the Northwest Republic, including informers and traitors from the time of the War of the Independence. Their motto in German is “Alles bekennings wird abgerechnet” – “All accounts will be settled.”

ZOG – Zionist Occupation Government. Term originally created by the obscure National Socialist writer Eric Thomson in the 1970s. Strictly construed, ZOG means the Federal government of the United States. In actual usage it is a much more all-embracing term meaning the System, the Establishment, the generic “them” used by oppressed peoples to denote the Federal tyrant.

The Turning Wheels

The Turning Wheels

At the end of the twentieth century, there was a Japanese college professor named Francis Fukuyama. He wrote a long, intellectual, and trés chic essay called The End of History that became quite famous.

Francis Fukuyama was an intellectual whore who sold his mind for money. He was a tame academic who sucked up to the wealthy and powerful of his era, big time. He told them what they wanted to hear and he reaped their largesse. When the blank-faced white men in the silk suits said jump, Francis Fukuyama asked “How high?” When the suits said run, Francis Fukuyama asked “How far?” He politely avoided the mildly disturbing term plutocracy, and substituted a much more fashionable practice of publicly referring to the wealthy, corrupt, amoral, incompetent, discreetly homosexual Anglo-Zionist corporate ruling élite of the late twentieth century by the grotesque name of liberal democracy. It was, of course, neither liberal nor democratic, but truth didn’t matter in those days.

Fukuyama argued that liberal democracy was the final form of human government for all time to come. He claimed that the allegedly irresistible combination of liberal democracy and multinational capitalism had triumphed over all other competing systems such as monarchy, fascism, communism, National Socialism, welfare state socialism, and of course that nasty Islamic theocracy of the ignorant Arab peasants that persecuted poor little helpless Israel so. History was now at an end, Professor Fukuyama told the world. All that remained was to formalize that fact by taking care of a few little details and getting everybody on board and whipped into shape. Then once we got rid of all those picky little details like race, and religion, and culture, and morality, and the traditional nuclear family—in other words, once we destroyed all that makes humanity truly diverse in the non-politically correct sense of the term—then all the nations of the earth would boogie down in one great conga line onto the great worldwide Euro-American consumer plantation. There mankind would graze in the grass, dancing and singing and blowing dope and fucking anything with a pulse, bathed in the warm soothing glow from the television. The very flow of history itself would cease and the Garden of Eden would be reborn, but instead of a serpent in our new paradise we’d have only Ronald McDonald. The world would henceforth and forever be benevolently ruled from the corporate boardroom by pale, unseen beings in expensive suits, while at their shoulder for spiritual guidance whispered the holy rabbi Hyman Heeblebaum from Temple Schmuck-El, wearing his little blue and white knitted beanie, his heart filled with the brotherhood of man and confident in his ancient Talmudic knowledge of what is best for us all.

Wrong, asshole.

Dead wrong.

The United States of America into which I was born was all a lie. A cheap, shoddy, vicious, evil lie that deserved nothing but bloody death at the point of the sword. In the United States of America, if you had a white skin and a dick on you, if you had no money, then you were nothing. Get back, redneck! No one cared about you. No one would lift a finger to help you, and all you were good for was to fix the rich people’s appliances and toys. You were raw material for biped swine in suits to make money for themselves off your sweat and your pain. You lived your whole life like a dog, you were beaten like a dog, and you died like a dog. Well, by God, we showed those rich sons of bitches and their smart Jew lawyers and their pet monkeys that dogs have teeth! Oh, yeah. Amazing what a few well-placed bullets and a dab or two of Semtex under some rabbi’s kosher tuches can do to get the wheels of history jump-started and turning back on track.

My name is Shane Ryan. I was one of those little details Fukuyama and his kind could never quite take care of. I was a Northwest Volunteer.

This is how we started the wheels of history turning again.

Bringing Down Burger King

Bringing Down Burger King

Turn, hell-hound!...I have no words.

My voice is in my sword, thou bloodier villain than terms can give thee out!

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